Quitting My Studies, ‘coz I Want to Date!

Chapter 43.2: Fu Chuan’s Hobbies

As soon as Yao Yi finished sending this message, she immediately put down her phone to do her questions.

She had to date, but she couldn’t delay her studies either. She still had to take first place in the exam.

“…” Ji Yu was speechless after seeing Yao Yi’s messages that she said she was going to study. She waited a bit, but the phone remained silent.

Was this someone who wanted to date? Was the person you liked not comparable to studying? To do homework at such a critical moment!

Ji Yu firmly didn’t think it was her own curiosity, but she really wanted to see the study goddess trapped by love.


At the same time the next night, Ji Yu sat by her phone early, waiting for messages from Yao Yi.

[I’m here, can you teach me about how to successfully pursue someone?]

When Ji Yu saw this message, she was suddenly refreshed, and immediately replied: [Of course. First of all, you need to know what he likes. Only after fully understanding a person’s hobbies can you prescribe the right medicine.]

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Yao Yi looked at the messages and nodded thoughtfully: [So that’s the case, then what?]


[Then you can try to confess.] Ji Yu thought that most of the steps to pursue people should be these. However she didn’t understand it very well, it all depended on mutual feelings.

[Okay, I understand, thank you.]

Yao Yi understood it, but it was not easy to execute.

In the classroom, Fu Chuan usually did not eat snacks between classes like other students, nor did he chat with other people. At most, he would occasionally take out a book not related to school to read, and it was all in English.

Of course Yao Yi could read the titles of the books, but those were all areas of literature that she didn’t understand.

‘This is the fifth time,’ Fu Chuan thought while staring at the blackboard. This was the fifth time Yao Yi had glanced over this morning.

Yao Yi believed her looks were not obvious, but in fact, she wanted to glue her eyes to Fu Chuan.

Finally, Fu Chuan turned his head and met Yao Yi’s strange looks.

Yao Yi was taken aback, moved her eyes away in a panic, and looked down at her textbook.

“What’s wrong?” Fu Chuan approached Yao Yi slightly, and asked in a clear and slightly hoarse voice.

Yao Yi clutched her pen tightly, not even daring to breathe too much. She shook her head slightly, feeling guilty.


If he found out that she wanted to date him, and pull him down from the first place in the grade, Fu Chuan would definitely be angry.

As she was thinking, Yao Yi can’t help but feel that she was a bad kid, that one day she would actually do such a thing.

But he always got first place, it was so annoying when he pushed her down!

Anyway…Anyway, if they dated, not only Fu Chuan, but also her. Then everyone was in a relationship, and if his grades dropped, it could only be said that Fu Chuan’s determination was not strong enough. She couldn’t be blamed for being bad.

Fu Chuan had a hole stared through him by Yao Yi’s strong gaze for several days. Finally, he could only let her do as she wanted, although it was strange that her eyes stayed on him.

“The school has a new rule.” Li Ge revealed to several people the latest rule he had learned of, “Day students also need to stay in school for evening self-study.”

“What?” Zhao Qian wailed for a while, “I have stuff to do in the evening.”

Han Jiaojiao glanced at Zhao Qian: “Isn’t evening self-study good? It’s also interesting for everyone to be together in the evening.”

“When will this rule be implemented?” Qin Li somehow got into the four-person team.

Li Ge shrugged: “Not sure, anyway, it’ll start one day in this week.”

“What time does school end for evening self-study?” Zhao Qian was still very concerned.

“If it was done in the past, the sophomores would usually be released at 9:30 at the latest, but it’s 10:30 for juniors.” Li Ge knew this.


“I want to take a test for computer science!” How can I write a program while staying here?” Zhao Qian covered his head, still unwilling to believe it.

Yao Yi sat beside in a daze, and didn’t even notice Han Jiaojiao’s hand dangling in front of her eyes.

“Yi Yi, Yi Yi!”

“What’s the matter?” Regaining focus, Yao Yi looked at Han Jiaojiao with blank eyes.

“Will you still live on campus?” Han Jiaojiao felt that based on Yao Yi’s temperament, she would definitely live in the dormitory in order to save time.

“Live on campus?” Yao Yi seemed to have remembered something, her eyes lit up.

The author has something to say: Fu Chuan: Angry? I will never be angry in this life. As long as it’s Yao Yao, you have to act quickly 🙂

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