Quitting My Studies, ‘coz I Want to Date!

Chapter 4: Trousers Crotch Mystery

The copy of the Jiang X’s test paper made Yao Yi crazy. She used all of her lunch break to do the questions and hurried back to her dormitory to do draft calculations frantically.

After finishing the sixth set, Yao Yi glanced at the clock and found that it was already two in the morning, so she reluctantly put away the test paper.

Before going to bed, Yao Yi couldn’t hold back. She opened the test paper and read another question. She stood at the table and calculated the answer silently before she stopped.

It was just dawn at 5:30. Yao Yi seemed to have waited for a long time, as she quickly got up from her bed to wash up. Then, she sat upright at the table and began to do math problems.

The military training gathering was at 7:00. After the alarm clock went off at 6:40, Yao Yi frowned and turned it off. She waited till 6:50 before she ran outside the dormitory.


A minute later, Yao Yi ran back to pick up the test paper on the table and tried to stuff it into her pocket.

Unfortunately, the test paper was too long to fit in her pocket, so Yao Yi simply tucked it into her waistband. 

There was no time to eat breakfast. Yao Yi ran to the drill ground, and sure enough, almost everyone was already there.

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“…” Zys Zk pvsxrle tldvzu.

“Stomp louder! I want to hear it!” The instructor shouted in dissatisfaction, “Yao Yi, did you not eat this morning? Stomp harder!”


The test paper had already started to slide down. Yao Yi accepted her fate and stomped hard.

The instructor, who had been eyeing her in the first place, immediately realized that something was wrong, and told everyone to stop.

“Yao Yi, are you a male or female?!” The instructor stared at her bulging trousers angrily.

“… Female.” Yao Yi whispered.

“Then explain to me what this is?” The instructor looked so furious that he was about to lose consciousness.

“Oh.” Yao Yi conscientiously took out the test paper.

The big characters “Jiang X Province High School Exam Paper” blinded everyone.

That night, a new legend was released from No. 1 Middle School: During military training, the provincial champion hid test papers in the crotch of her trousers in order to save time.

“Actually, I didn’t have time to put it down next to me, and it slid down on its own. I really didn’t want to put it in my crotch. ” Yao Yi explained to Han Jiaojiao the next morning.

“Mhm, I know.” Han Jiaojiao gave Yao Yi a look, meaning that she understood and didn’t need further explanation.


Yao Yi gave up, explaining that she had not finished the exam paper because of yesterday’s disturbance.


Today, the instructor was still keeping an eye on Yao Yi to prevent her from taking anything out of it.

When the instructors gathered together yesterday, one of the instructors shared the story about a crazy student with everyone, complaining that their teaching career was tough.

“Today’s task is to march, and everyone must learn to salute step!”

The instructor began to relax his surveillance of Yao Yi. Although she was a little eccentric, she still looked very vigorous, and the crew cut fully reflected Yao Yi’s health… What the hell was that?!

“Yao Yi!!” the instructor went crazy, “You can’t even walk properly?!”

Fu Chuan looked at the person in front of him who was unusually coordinated with their hands and feet and couldn’t help but smile.

But she didn’t know that she was doing it wrong; her hands and feet were very straight, and the arc of the swing was quite high.

In the end, the instructor could only take Yao Yi out alone and let her watch others kick while thinking about it by herself.

“Stand on the spot! ” The instructor shouted, letting a group of people step forward and walking towards Yao Yi, “Are you ready now?”

“Yes.” Yao Yi nodded sincerely.

“Okay, return to the team.” The instructor asked her to go back and walk with everyone again.

Yao Yi stood at attention and began to wait for the command to start.


This time it was much better than the first time. At least Yao Yi’s aura was even stronger. She was very confident with her shun guai (TLN: This describes when someone has their feet and hands in the same motion. For example, when they step forward with their right foot, their right-hand moves instead of their left hand), which caused the instructor standing beside her to be stunned. After thinking about it for a long time, he was sure that it was Yao Yi’s fault and not the people around her that made the mistake.

“… ” The instructor could already imagine that Yao Yi was about to draw a red cross on his brilliant teaching career.

“You! Come out! ” The instructor pressed the sadness that kept rising in his heart and took Yao Yi out.

Then he looked around the whole team, picked out a person who had always performed well, and corrected Yao Yi on the side alone.

Yao Yi felt embarrassed in her heart, and apologized to the classmate who was asked to correct her: “Classmate, I’m sorry to trouble you.”

Her eyes were strange and apologetic.

This was the first time that Fu Chuan saw someone that couldn’t recognize him after seeing him numerous times. He didn’t think Yao Yi did it on purpose.

It seemed that this person had become foolish after reading too many books.

“Let’s start.” Fu Chuan dropped a sentence and stood beside her.

As soon as he made a sound, Yao Yi could tell who he was. His military training uniform required a cap, and his hair was all tucked into it. That was why she didn’t recognize that he was Fu Chuan.

“Oh.” Yao Yi immediately raised her chest and head, shouted commands, and walked up with Fu Chuan.

Yao Yi was a good student. Literally. Not only does she have good grades, but she also listens to the teacher’s words and the instructor’s words.


But unfortunately, the impression left behind was that she was a thorn.

Maybe it was because she doesn’t look as delicate and frail as southern girls. With a crew cut, her entire person gave off a heroic vibe.

It just felt like she was not a person to mess with.

The two walked less than 50 meters together, and Yao Yi began to shun guai again. Fu Chuan stopped, frowned, and said, “You’re counting the beats, so why are you still doing it wrong?”

Yao Yi’s beats were very sonorous and powerful, with a clear rhythm, so even the person speaking the entire command next to her couldn’t block her voice.

“I…” Yao Yi was embarrassed. “I don’t know.”

Facts have proved that shun guai was one of the most intractable problems in the world.

Yao Yi walked for less than a minute and then naturally started her own strange pace again.

As a result, the two frequently stopped. Fu Chuan no longer walked with her, but stood in front of her and watched her go.

“Wrong, change hands.” Fu Chuan instructed Yao Yi while stepping back.

His originally indifferent face became even colder, with his good-looking eyebrows tightly twisted.

After practicing for a while, Fu Chuan tried to walk alongside Yao Yi again.

Yao Yi knew that she was causing trouble for others, so she forced herself to at least not be so quick with her hands and feet.

Originally, the two of them were separated by half a meter, but after every two steps, Yao Yi got closer to Fu Chuan and hit his hand.

Without talking about whether it hurt or not, if Fu Chuan didn’t think in his heart that Yao Yi had become foolish after reading too many books, he would have long thought that she was one of those girls who deliberately attracted his attention in the past.

Fu Chuan sighed deeply and stopped. He simply went to tell the instructor that he was powerless and that he couldn’t understand the world of shun guai. He couldn’t help.

“Return to the team first.” The instructor came back after a round of training and did not give Fu Chuan a hard time.

Standing under the scorching sun, Yao Yi quietly saw the “orphans” picked out by each team in the drill ground, and felt a kind of family love in her heart.

They were all children chosen by God.

“What are you looking at?” The instructor shouted at Yao Yi with a dark face, “If you don’t practice it properly, don’t even think about returning to the team.”

The instructor was about to explode. All the normal students who were taken out of the team on the drill ground would cringe and have red faces. They would feel embarrassed.

Only she, Yao Yi, was arrogant from beginning to end. She didn’t have the slightest sense of being wrong.

“…At least two minutes.” The instructor said blankly, “Just walk past the rostrum.”

“Oh.” Yao Yi nodded seriously, indicating that she had listened.

As for whether she can do it or not, she can’t control it herself.

After the dismissal in the afternoon, Fu Chuan did not go back to the apartment directly but walked to the principal’s office with the document bag.

Although the procedures for transferring from the capital were simpler compared to other places, the necessary student documents still had to be transferred.

Originally, he didn’t need to come over for military training. His mother always thought that he needed more recuperation before and that there was no need to participate in such meaningless activities. His father and mother had only agreed for him to come over after a dispute.

Fu Chuan didn’t care too much. But it was his first time away from his parents’ control, which gave him a sigh of relief.

“Student Fu Chuan, you can let me know if you have any questions in the future.” The principal’s round face was very kind and looked satisfied.

How could he be dissatisfied? This year, the provincial champion came to No. 1 High School, and it was a provincial champion who hadn’t gotten second in any exam.

Then a student with fairly good grades transferred from the capital. He gained a good student without having to do anything, and the principal valued Fu Chuan very much.

“Principal?” Yao Yi stood at the door and knocked on the door.

“Hello, Yao Yi, come here.” The principal beckoned for her to come in.

Yao Yi walked in slowly.

“What’s wrong?” the principal asked kindly.

“Well… can you do the normal power-off procedure for my dormitory?” When Yao Yi said it, her heart ached.

“Why is this?” For a moment, the principal was taken aback. The dormitories where only one student lived were separate from the other students’ dormitories.

Yao Yi euphemistically said, “My parents strongly demanded that we follow the normal power-off procedure, saying that nothing special could be done.”

In fact, after her parents learned about the school’s policy, they were furious and asked Yao Yi to go home and live with them. She had to persuade them for a long time for her to be able to stay on campus.

“You can live on campus, but you can’t have electricity 24 hours a day. You can’t do your homework until midnight, and you can’t get up in the early morning to solve questions. ” Her father gave a strict order on the other end of the phone, “Or else you will return back home!”

“Is this okay? Your dormitory has a separate power line. I’ll ask later if there are any open dormitories. You can move there. ” The principal agreed.

Some parents had a stronger desire to control their children, especially children like Yao Yi, who do well in school,

When they went to the Yao family to talk, her parents happened to not be home, so they discussed it with Yao Yi directly.

“Thank you, principal.” The last glimmer of light hidden in Yao’s eyes dimmed.

She… would not be able to solve problems until midnight in the future.

For her, the meaning of living on campus had already disappeared.

“By the way, this is Fu Chuan. Get to know each other.” The principal pointed at Fu Chuan next to him and smiled, “After the second semester of high school, if you both choose the same major, you may be in the same class.”

Yao Yi and Fu Chuan looked at each other and greeted each other politely.

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Yao Yao is not silly, she just loves learning too much.

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