Quitting My Studies, ‘coz I Want to Date!

Chapter 3: Am I wrong for having tanner skin?

The instructor ran over with a roster and stood in the middle of Class One and Class Two. He then announced that the two classes would be joined together to form a team.

The people in Class One didn’t respond much, but Class Two suddenly burst into an uproar.

“I think my heart is about to beat out of my chest right now. Xiao Pang, do you have any quick-acting heart-saving pills? ” Han Jiaojiao patted Li Ge’s thick shoulder and asked.

Li Ge was probably used to being called “Xiao Pang” (TLN: A reason why Li Ge might find the nickname offensive is that it means “little fatty” or chubby) and didn’t mind the nickname. Le Diandian said, “I estimate that one bottle is not enough for our class.”

The only person in Class Two who was not in a state of excitement was probably Yao Yi. Everyone around her seemed to have their faces pixelated. She couldn’t even see other people’s expressions at all. She could only judge from Han Jiaojiao’s voice that the girls were extremely enlivened.


“Is Fu Chuan really that good-looking?” Yao Yi whispered to Han Jiaojiao in front of her.

Han Jiaojiao gave an “mhm” and turned to look at Yao Yi, “Why do you ask that?”

“I can’t see his face very well.”

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The instructor asked the girls and boys from Class One and Class Two to stand separately and line up in order of height.

“Hey you! Lad, did you not hear me? Boys stand together in a row. You are so much taller than other girls. Aren’t you embarrassed to stand with them?” The instructor pointed to the last row of girls and exclaimed angrily, “I’m talking to you! “

The instructor strode over to Yao Yi with a dark face.

“Instructor, she’s a girl.” Han Jiaojiao turned around and raised her hand weakly.

“…” The instructor was silent for a while, then calmly said, “Are you a girl?”

“Yes.” Yao Yi turned to look at the tallest girl in the same row, who was still a head shorter than herself.

“What’s your name?” The instructor flipped through the roster.

“Yao Yi.”

“Stand aside and wait.” The instructor stepped back and shouted at a boy, “Get the team organized quickly!”

The number of people was just right, but the ratio of males to females was not. There was a row of boys that was short of one person, and there was a row of girls with a girl that was so tall that 

she looked like a boy. She stands out a lot.

“Yao Yi, stand here.” The instructor pointed to the vacancy in the penultimate row of the boys.


The instructor noticed Yao Yi standing still and then looked at her carefully. He was hesitating to say anything.

A girl could have tanned skin, but to have a crew cut as well? He must be lagging behind the times, not understanding how young people think these days.

Attention! ” The instructor blew his whistle and shouted, “At ease!”

Fu Chuan stood in the last row and stared at the person in front of him. He pursed his lips and forgave what had happened before.

This Yao Yi thought of him as a girl, and he thought of her as a boy in his heart, so it evened out.

The drill ground had no shade and was completely exposed to the sun. There were several large, shady areas outside the drill ground. The instructors stood together for a discussion and decided to let more girls stand there.

Class One and Class Two were combined, but unfortunately, there were more boys.

They stood there all morning in the sun, and the instructor did not let them disband until it was almost time for lunch.

Yao Yi glanced at the crowded cafeteria, and after thinking about it, she walked outside the school.

“Yao Yi, Yao Yi!” Han Jiaojiao was standing on the platform at the gate of the school, waiting for the bus. When she saw her, she immediately shouted, “Why did you come out?”

“There are too many people in the cafeteria. I will eat later.” Yao Yi explained.

“Do you want to go eat with me at my house?”


Yao Yi shook her head, “No need, I’m going to Fengyang Road to buy books.”

The bus stopped in front of the two of them. After getting on the bus, Han Jiaojiao asked strangely, “Isn’t there a bookstore across from the school?”

“Yeah.” Yao nodded, “But that bookstore only sells exam papers from M province, not from Jiang X province.”

“…” Han Jiaojiao, who was once considered a super scholar, completely conceded defeat. So was this the difference between a first place in the province and a top ten in the province?

Han Jiaojiao didn’t want to continue this heinous topic, so she changed the topic: “My mother prepared a dozen sunscreens for me, just in case I get tanned. I’ll bring some for you in the afternoon.”

In her opinion, although Yao Yi had tanned skin, she was not ugly. She looked heroic, and her crew cut didn’t affect her features.

“No thanks. It’s too much trouble. ” Yao Yi didn’t like these kinds of things to smear, “My skin will become whiter over time.”

“Oh, ok.” Han Jiaojiao replied.

After saying that, Yao Yi pulled down her collarband.

Han Jiaojiao stared at Yao Yi’s pale and satiny skin on her collarbone and was shocked: “You, why is your face so tan? Did you go to Africa for a two-month vacation after the exam? “

“Oh, no.” Yao Yi lowered her head and pulled her collar up, “I went to Lugu Mountain to sell watermelons.”

Hearing this, Han Jiaojiao immediately imagined a scene where children of poor families were in charge of the household early on.


“Doesn’t Lugu Mountain have cool weather?” Han Jiaojiao thought about it for a while and felt that something was wrong.

If someone asked which location in Yan City is the most famous, it would be Lugu Mountain, a popular summer resort. It can be said that Lugu Mountain is more famous than Yan City itself.

“The area where tourists usually go is quite cool. This year, a new tourist spot is being built there, and that route is relatively dry.” Yao Yi scratched her head. She had spent two months in the sun.

Carrying an umbrella was troublesome, and sunscreen was too sticky. Yao Yi simply didn’t bother with it, and the result was that her skin became tanner.

“You sell fruit at Lugu Mountain… Are you a local? ” Han Jiaojiao suddenly lit up.

Yao Yi shook her head: “No, my parents bought a house there, and sometimes they would live there for a while.”

“…Bou-bought a house?” The image of a poor family that Han Jiaojiao had just built in her mind was instantly shattered.

Lugu Mountain real estate was very popular. It was a paradise for the elderly. It had good scenery and good air that was suitable for health preservation.

The corresponding price was not low.

Han Jiaojiao lowered her head and stared at Yao Yi’s shoes, which were still covered with 

yellow mud. Suddenly, she realized that her shoes were not cheap.

Such a mysterious person… The provincial champion was a different type of mortal.

“I’ll get off the bus first.” Yao Yi waved goodbye and got off the bus in two to three steps.

Last time, before school started, Yao Yi found Jiang X’s test papers in the Fengyang Road bookstore. However, she had not brought any money. She stood at the door of the bookstore, looking at the set of test papers for a long time before she reluctantly put them down.

She hadn’t finished the third set of exam papers yet.

“Owner, do you still have the set of test papers that I asked you to keep last time?”

“Over there.” The bookstore owner raised his head from the computer and pointed to a corner.

Yao Yi picked up the books and blew off the dust. She asked after paying the money, “Owner, will you still get this province’s test paper next time?”

“Why should I get this province’s test papers? No one wants it. Besides, the high school exam is a test paper from our province, which is different from this province. I accidentally got the wrong one last time. “

Yao Yi was a little disappointed.

“Why? Do you want it? ” The owner curled his lips, “I can get it when I buy more test papers.”

“Thank you!” Yao Yi took the test paper she had just bought and walked out happily.

As soon as she stepped out of the bookstore door, her stomach rumbled.

Yao Yi touched her pocket and found five dollars left. Looking around, she saw a breakfast stall that sold mixed noodles, but they were packing up.

“Auntie, do you still have any rice noodles?”

“Yes!” The owner of the stall took out the seasoning again and mixed a portion for Yao Yi.

The stalls were mobile, so there were no seats to sit on. Yao Yi walked and ate while holding the meal box. On the way, she finally couldn’t help but open the set of test questions that she hadn’t gotten to read the last time.

Fascinated by the content, Yao Yi read the content while holding the meal box. She even forgot to chew the noodles in her mouth. Looking down at the test paper, all she could think about were the calculation steps.

This was the sight that greeted Fu Chuan when he went downstairs to buy a book.

“Yao Yi.” Fu Chuan walked over and nudged her, “You’re in the way.”

The driver of the private car had been honking its horn for a minute and was about to come out to scold someone.

“I’m sorry.” Yao Yi bowed to Fu Chuan on a conditional reflex.

Fu Chuan listened to the honking of the car behind him and bluntly carried Yao Yi to the other side of the sidewalk.

“Please pay attention to where you are and be careful.” After leaving a light sentence, Fu Chuan left on his own.

Yao Yi straightened her neck and turned around to see the familiar slender back.

It was that male student named Fu Chuan.

He should be a good-looking and kind person… mhm, boy.

In fact, the apartment had everything that it should have had. His mother had come to Yan City last year to renovate the room, and his school supplies had also been placed in the study alone.

Fu Chuan just wanted an excuse to step out and get some air, and luckily his nanny didn’t bother him.

Yan City was both unfamiliar and familiar to him. In the previous winter and summer vacations, he always went to Lugu Mountain to recuperate. However, this was the first time he came to the city.

Compared with the capital, the urban areas here were like the countryside. Even though there were many high-rise buildings here, there was always a feeling of dullness.

Whether it was the traffic or the pedestrians on the road, it made him feel a sense of incompatibility.

He casually found a convenience store and bought a book. Fu Chuan stood at the cash register and listened to the store owner’s phone call in non-standard Mandarin. Her words were full of pride.

“My son was admitted to the first high school. The one where the Yao something, the champion of the province… Yes, Yao Yi is in it. You should quickly find someone to let Xiao Dong in. Don’t scold him, you… five yuan. ” She raised her hand and faced Fu Chuan.

It was Yao Yi again. Fu Chuan lowered his eyes and thought to himself, “Just the rankings on one exam could be spread all over the place.”

Her name was the most frequently heard word that surrounded his ears these days. On the first day of school, the principal told him that the headteacher of Class One had talked about Yao Yi to encourage the class. They kept running into each other too.

It turned out that Yan City was just so big?

When Fu Chuan walked down the street, there were always people who saw him and either turned back to whisper or stopped to whisper.

He had a slender figure and handsome facial features that were enough to attract the attention of passers-by, not to mention he had long, shiny black hair.

Fu Chuan was used to it. Back then, a master told his parents that he should grow long hair for long life. From then on, his hairstyle was no longer up to him.

The author has something to say: Although our Yao Yao looks poor, she is actually rich? 

( ̄▽ ̄*)?

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