Passion on the Bus

Chapter 3: Taking a Walk After a Meal (H)

After dinner.

The old woman told the two to go out for a walk, although the old woman herself would not usually go for a walk at night. It was rare for them to come back together, so they were advised to breathe more fresh air in the countryside and relax.

Xiao Nan was reluctant. Uncle kept doing strange things to him when they were alone and he couldn’t hide in time, but grandma always created opportunities for them to spend their time together.

The man smiled happily while Xiao Nan had a troubled face.

  “What’s the matter? Let’s go!” The man seemed to like giving orders again.


He only got used to listening to the teacher at school as he always listened closely to the lesson. As a result, when they went out together, he was annoyed and upset. Why did he always order him like this? Xiao Nan pouted and muttered in his heart.

After doing too much in the afternoon, his footsteps were a little heavy and his nerves were tensed. After all, Xiao Nan’s whole body was still sore and weak after experiencing such a violent affair for the first time, especially the foreign sensation in the backyard was always lingering. He could feel that it must be red and swollen.

The tall figure of the man walked ahead of him and said in a deep, magnetic voice, “Do you hate me?”

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“Rq usw osd’v ydpola, kv xlydp usw ytall.”

The man gently kissed his fresh and tender lips— the four petaled lips were softly touching each other. Suddenly, the man said—


“Be with me.” 

The man’s tone was flat. Where was he asking for acknowledgement? The corners of Xiao Nan’s eyes reddened and did not dare to look at the man’s aggressive and possessive gaze. The back of his neck was held, their lips were almost touching, his face blushing and stiff.

The man gazed affectionately at the dodging eyes and once again said domineeringly, “If you won’t answer, it means you agree.” Xiao Nan looked at the man in surprise. When he was about to open his mouth, the man suddenly kissed him, blocking all answers.

It was undeniable that Xiao Ning did not dare to listen. 

He was afraid. 

He was afraid that the youth he loved would reject him.

Their lips were tightly sealed, his big palms rushed into the hem of the youth’s shirt, and found the soft and small nipple, rubbing and pulling them.

 “Hmm~” The youth moaned. His sweet nasal sound increased the man’s lust.

He grabbed the youth’s buttocks with one hand to make their lower body closely fit. The man’s arms were extremely strong and he was tall. Xiao Nan had to stand on tiptoes to barely stabilize his body. The hot rod was pressed against his belly through the clothes. He knew what it meant. His body was trembling. He was afraid but also had a faint expectation.

The big palm on his chest arbitrarily kneaded his chest and his nails twiddled with the soft nipples. Xiao Nan’s lower abdomen gradually condensed with heat. He did not expect that his body was so sensitive that by just playing with his nipples, his body would gradually soften and could only rely on the man’s strong arm to remain standing.

The youth’s cheeks were flushed and the man could no longer bear it. He just put the person down on the grass to bully him, lifted his clothes, and opened his mouth to hold the kneaded soft milk grains— it was really beautiful as he imagined.

“Mhmm~” The tip of the man’s tongue licked around the areola and he suddenly sucked on his nipple. Xiao Nan only felt that there was an electric current running through his chest. His whole body became so numb that he couldn’t stop him, however, he also felt extremely comfortable.


The big palm kneaded the sensitive and slender waistline, the rough fingertips were scratching the small sunken belly button, and the burning palm hovered in the sensitive lower abdomen.

Xiao Nan felt a burst of heat rushing down, and desire seemed to devour him.

The man’s sturdy arms propped on both sides, his lips and tongue were licking down, the nipple and belly button were dyed wet and bright, and the sparse pubic hair was skipped. His gaze stayed on the beautiful pink stem that was raising its head and secreting sticky fluid. He opened his mouth to swallow it.

“Ah──” Xiao Nan only felt that his lower body was burning and the desire that had been teased to the peak could no longer be stopped from releasing.

The man was taken aback, swallowed the youth’s semen with a grunt, and suddenly laughed muffeldly.

Xiao Nan was extremely ashamed. His white arms covered his eyes and he cried silently.

The man kept paying attention to the youth, leaned down and looked at the youth, took his arm away, kissed his blushing wet eyes, and then kissed his seductive lips. His fingers extended down the back hole, leading the youth into the next wave of lust.

“Ah… hah…” Xiao Nan forgot his shame and was immersed in another lust. The bright red tender hole swallowed the man’s ferocious and huge desire. It entered the deepest part of his body again and again— repeatedly hitting his sensitive points. His penis stood up straight but could not vent. The man took out his handkerchief and wrapped it around his co*k… “Uncle… Uwu 1[T/N: *sound of crying*]… let me go…”

“Baby, wait, let’s come together.” The man fiercely swung his strong waist. The giant beast kept breaking into the soft and moist tender cave. Waves of pleasure swept through the two. The man let out a low growl and the hot semen was ejected into the depths of the cave, not forgetting to stretch out his hand to untie the youth.

“Ah──uh… Ah…” Xiao Nan’s slender body could not stop shaking, his lower body tightening, his mouth unconsciously producing sweet moans, and finally could not help falling unconscious…

Xiao Ning picked up the sleeping youth who was breathing softly on the side of his neck. He turned his head and looked at the youth’s sleeping face, and said softly, “No matter what happens in the future, I will always guard you. No matter how the family members object, I will never give you up… For the rest of my life, there will only be you…”

Under the soft moonlight, the shadows of the two gradually elongated and merged into one…


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