Passion on the Bus

Extra I: Call Me Husband (H)

“Hmm… Uncle… Oh… Slow… Slow down…” The two who were passionately rolling on the bed were Xiao Nan and Xiao Ning.

Xiao Ning’s sturdy and dark body had no excess fat. His entire body was covering the slender and fair youth under him. The youth’s white legs were placed on his strong shoulders, his buttocks were lifted up high, and the purple-black object was thrusting in and out of the chrysanthemum point. The tender flesh at the mouth of the hole was brightly wet due to the kinky fluid being mixed with the semen that was rubbed into a ring of froth by the huge di*k.

Xiao Nan’s insteps were stretched straight, his round toes were curled up, and waves of pleasure were surging in his brain.

Xiao Ning’s movements were fierce and fast. He hadn’t seen him in three months. It wasn’t that he didn’t want him, but that he was too busy during this time. He truly wanted to be with the youth all the time. Yesterday, he finally managed to finish his work in the city where the youth was. Today, he immediately rushed into the youth’s house. As soon as he saw the youth’s drowsy and lovely appearance, he couldn’t help it anymore. Everything he wanted to say turned into action…

 “Baby, just bear it, Uncle is coming soon, eh~” He strongly moved his waist. He thrust quickly for a while, then finally, releasing a stream of essence that he had endured for a long time. The youth’s lower abdomen seemed to bulge due to the ejaculation of semen. Xiao Ning leaned over the youth contentedly and dropped a close kiss on the red lips. His resolute face was full of smiles and his strong lower abdomen was rubbing against the youth’s. He said, “Haha! Baby seems to be pregnant with a little baby.”


Xiao Nan, who just vented and was currently lying limply, could only glare at the man fiercely. However, in Xiao Ning’s eyes, he was enticingly seducing him, and his huge sexual organ that just released gradually swelled again. The man propped up his body and moved slowly.

“Ah… No more, uncle, let me take a break…”

 “Okay.” The man responded simply, holding the youth in his arms and changing positions, turning him into the youth on the top and him on the bottom.

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“Bow…” Mbl uswvb eked’v prlyj cwv bl bye yzalyeu qlzv bsv yde wdclyayczl.

Mbl xyd blze Dkys Lyd’p oykpv vktbvzu, xyjkdt vbl uswvb wdyczl vs calyj qall, yde bl nswze sdzu ryppkhlzu okvbpvyde lynb yde lhlau ellr yvvynj.

“Boww… Bdnzl… R… R nyd’v nyzz kv…”

Dkys Lyd nakle. Tl nswzed’v blzr cwv clt qsa xlanu qkapv. Tsolhla, Dkys Lkdt schkswpzu eke dsv oydv vs pvsr vblal yde plewnle, “Pyazkdt, kv’p lypu. Yu okql~”

The youth’s heart was stunned and then beat violently when he suddenly heard the man endearingly call him that. For a moment, he couldn’t say anything. The small pink stem gradually raised its head and secrete more fluid.


Seeing that the youth’s little mouth was still stubborn, Xiao Ning violently thrust his lower body and began to hit the youth’s sensitive points.

It’s not easy for them to meet each other. Evidently, it was not enough. During the summer, he took the boy to the army for more than a month. This trip was known more as exercise. In fact, it was selfishness. He tied the youth to his side and cultivated his feelings. The days were all sweet and warm, but sweet times passed quickly after all. He was then delayed for three months because of important military affairs before he was able to see the youth. He endured for so long to see the little lover he was always thinking of. Naturally, it’s not enough. He wanted to be more intimate with the youth. He leaned close to his ear and coaxed him…


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