Passion on the Bus

Chapter 2: Domineering Kiss

“Don’t… Oooh… don’t…” Xiao Nan shook his head and whispered with his eyes closed. His body was gently shaken and he seemed to hear his grandma’s voice.

“Baby, wake up. This child must be having another nightmare again…”

Grandma called him and then talked as if he was still talking to someone. Xiao Nan opened his eyes in a daze and saw his grandmother’s loving face. He coquettishly called “Grandma~” and for a while, he hugged her aggrievedly and started crying.

The youth was still ignorant of lust. It was difficult for him to tell someone when he encountered such a thing. Even though he was already a grown-up, his tears couldn’t help but fall.



 There seemed to be someone laughing.

Xiao Nan quietly looked from her grandmother’s arms. This glance made him stiff, “This is your uncle, don’t you recognize him?” Grandma said with a smile, “He even held you when you were a child. At that time, he spent more time at home. You often pestered him to play with you. It’s true that you can’t fully take care of yourself when you study, you didn’t wake up even after you fell asleep on the bus. Thanks to your uncle who came back to fetch you this time and took you back. Look at you, you slept all afternoon and didn’t even eat lunch.” She fondly stroked the youth’s head, “It just happened to be time for dinner. The soup was already cooked. I’m going to fry two dishes. You, uncle and nephew, have a good chat. I’ll cook first and will call you later. “

“Grandma, don’t go!” He was so scared. It turned out that this man was his uncle, but why did he do that to him? The youth’s face flushed out of fear and uneasiness.

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The tips of their noses were close to each other and their beautiful lips were close at hand.


Xiao Nan didn’t dare to move. His eyes were filled with mist as if they would overflow in the next moment. His delicate appearance made the man’s eyes red and he didn’t hesitate to press his upper lip and sucked it hard. The youth’s body had just encountered its first taste of lust.  How can the man be contented with just this? His tongue hurriedly swept all over his mouth while his palms also went into the youth’s smooth body, lingering at the base of his thighs.

“Woo… Don’t!” Without the man’s big palm to hold the back of his neck, Xiao Nan leaned away from the man’s lips, clutching the sheet over him with both hands, but the man’s sturdy body was still close to him.

“Why, don’t you really remember me?” The man looked down at him and finally spoke. His low and deep voice full of desire made Xiao Nan tremble. He was still in kindergarten when he was on his grandma’s side. How could he remember it? Under the man’s scorching gaze, he instinctively shook his head.

The man’s tone was tough as he often trained in the army. As a soldier, his voice was strong with an associated powerful commanding tone.

“Well…” The man sighed softly and said, “You were still so young back then and you loved to follow me every day, calling me “Uncle Ning” very sweetly and crying. When you were a child, I had to hug you for you to fall asleep. Every time I return from the army, Ma always said that you stayed at the door and waited for me to come back. Someone was looking forward to seeing you so much that it’s difficult not to be warm-hearted, but I can only come back once a year. Whenever I come back home, I looked at the photos you sent here and smiled. I got close to them and had always taken a look. My heart was warm and your familiar smiling face was rippling in my heart. Afterward, the first thing I did every time I came back was to look at your photos and it gradually became a habit. I didn’t understand what it was like, I just felt that every time I think of seeing your photos, I’m so happy. Until one time, I saw you smiling shyly standing next to a girl, and you were blushing while peeking at that girl.  I suddenly felt bad in my heart. It’s like the thing that belongs to me are going to be gone. My baby Nan is getting farther and farther away from me…”2[T/N: I did my best but there might still be inaccuracies in the translation of this confession, but you get the gist. I’m sorry.] The man was already lying next to the youth, holding him in his arms.

“Only then did I know that I actually have different feelings for you. It’s not an uncle to a nephew, but a man who has a possessive desire for someone he likes. I want to see you, but I am afraid of seeing you, afraid of my impulsiveness, and might hurt you. I have thought that this is immoral, how can I treat you… So I suppressed it and I didn’t even come back once in two years. Later, Mother asked me to go back and saw the photos again. I watched you grow up. Seeing you smiling at the camera— you smiled sweetly and the warm current in my heart broke through the dam. Now finally waiting for your graduation, I went to your house to find you, but only met my older brother and sister-in-law. Just when I heard that you were coming here, I said goodbye to them and went to the bus station to find you. However, you didn’t recognize me at all. Suddenly, I was confused and lost… What I wanted to say, I could only swallow it back. Seeing you sleeping on the bus, I couldn’t help but be fascinated.  I just wanted to have a taste and that I can’t scare you, but even that kiss taught me that I couldn’t bear the restlessness in my heart when it comes to you. In the end, I wanted you right there and then on the bus.” 

The man lifted Xiao Nan’s chin and looked at him affectionately. He said, “Xiao Nan, I like you.”

Xiao Nan’s reaction was a little slow. After listening to the man’s long confession, he gradually realized that he was confessed by his uncle. Unexpectedly, his uncle liked him… His childhood memories flooded in dimly. Mom and Dad were busy before, they wouldn’t even hold him to sleep. Only a warm and generous embrace…

“It’s time to eat~” Grandma’s voice came from the kitchen.

“I’m going to get up. Hmm~” Xiao Nan didn’t dare to look at the man and whispered to get up. Unexpectedly, the man suddenly kissed him. He never had experience kissing before. He was bullied by the man and made him seem to lose his breath every time.

 “Little fool, breathe through your nose.” The man laughed lowly.

“Bad uncle…”


Xiao Nan whispered but was heard by the man. The familiar cry was not the soft and cowardly voice from before, but a young man’s clear and slightly magnetic voice.

“Bad uncle, always sneaking away every time~” When the man came back, the little boy was crying and complaining. He was so pitiful, the man felt distressed, and before putting down his backpack, he would pick him up and patiently comfort him until the little youth burst into tears and laughed.

Thinking of the past, the man bit the youth’s small chin with a bite. His generous tongue followed the beautifully lined neck and trailed kisses. He held his small throat and gently licked it.

“Um… Uncle… Don’t…” Xiao Nan couldn’t help moaning. He felt empty on his back hole. It was filled with a foreign object before but there was only air rushing now. He felt so ashamed.

The youth’s voice was undoubtedly adding fuel to the fire and the man couldn’t wait to eat him right away. However, their old woman was outside urging them again. If they didn’t go out, she might personally come in to call them. The man could only bear his lust and help put on the youth’s trousers.

As for why the youth was naked, of course, the man took his clothes off. As soon as he came back, he cleaned him and only covered him with quilts and a shirt.

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