Please Continue Protecting Me

PCPM Chapter 47

Chapter 47 Duan Xiao and Nie Feizhan

Rong Mo’s heart warmed at his reply, “En, I’ll be waiting for you.”

She wasn’t really scared in reality, she was just a bit frightened.

And that period of fright was instantly incinerated the moment she heard the voice of Zhao Hui from the Long Feng Special Defense ring out.

She didn’t expect them to come so fast, and could only assume that they must’ve been bodyguards who have been following her and Chu Xiaotian all this time.

Not only mentioning the fact that Nie Feizhan was unwilling to let Lin Sa protect her alone by herself, with Duan Xiao’s desire to protect Chu Xiaotian, it was not surprising that he had directly assigned an elite bodyguard team to protect Chu Xiaotian.


When Chu Xiaotian heard Rong Mo’s voice, she gave her a surprised look. She then covered her cell phone, whispering to the other side, “I just heard Momo speaking like a spoiled child to Z, it was so cute. I think this is the first time that I’ve heard of it … “

Duan Xiao asked, “What are you doing?”

Chu Xiaotian said quietly, “I’m eavesdropping … “

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Duan Xiao said,” In my heart, you are first place in the entire world. “


“What am I first place in?”

“You’re first place in everything.”

Chu Xiaotian covered her face, concealing her slightly flushed smiling cheeks.

Rong Mo watched Chu Xiaotian after she had just hung up the phone. Using the term “Zhan gege” before had already sapped her of all her strength. She didn’t have enough firepower in her to follow how Chu Xiaotian naturally acted coquettish with Duan Xiao.

However, maybe she could learn more in the future? It seemed to be quite useful, Rong Mo thought.

Within just a few minutes, and even without Nie Feizhan and Duan Xiao’s presence, those few scoundrels could not support themselves any longer.

They targeted Rong Mo alone unafraid since she was only being accompanied by a weak girl and a bodyguard at most, but they never would’ve expected that they would encounter the most powerful and elite group from Long Feng Special Defenses.and get themselves beaten up so badly to the point the point where they couldn’t even recognize themselves in the mirror.

Not long after, a Land Rover and Maybach drove over, stopping not too far away.

The doors of the two cars were pushed open at the same time as Duan Xiao and Nie Feizhan stepped out of the car and glanced at each other in unison.

Rong Mo could see from a glance that the two had been competing to see who could reach the venue first, but they both stopped the car at the same time, opened the door at the same time, and placed their feet on the ground at the same time.

These two people, regardless of their appearance or their imposing manner, were out of the ordinary, and wherever they were, they stood out from their surroundings.

On the surface, they looked like two people who were about to have a head on confrontation, but the strange thing was that there wasn’t a feeling of conflict between them at all.


It was evident that these two people would become the best of partners given any important task.

Chu Xiaotian ran in small steps towards her hubby, and before she could even reach him, she was immediately embraced by Duan Xiao.

“Were you scared?”

“En.” Chu Xiaotian hooked her arms around his waist, and raised her head to look at him, pouting, “The baby can’t see, so it wasn’t afraid, but I was frightened.”

Duan Xiao caressed her head, “I’m sorry I came late, Don’t be afraid anymore.”

Rong Mo hesitated for a moment, but before she could even go over, Nie Feizhan strode over with huge steps, bending down and holding her face, looking up and down, “Are you alright? Did you get hurt?”

Rong Mo shook her head in his hand. “It wasn’t me who had gotten hurt, it was them.”

Nie Feizhan glanced over the direction she pointed to, and saw Zhao Hui kicking the man who was trying to get up from the ground two meters away, and scolding: “Did you eat the guts of a leopard, you dare even think about hitting our sister-in-law!”

Rong Mo originally thought that the sister-in-law they were referring to was Chu Xiaotian, but she did not expect Zhao Hui to turn his head over to them as he yelled. ”Brother Zhan, do you want us to cripple these people’s arms and legs on sister-in-law’s behalf? ”

“No, I’ll personally do it myself”

Nie Feizhan was about to walk over, but he suddenly found that he couldn’t move.

Rong Mo held his hand and looked up to him. “Don’t overdo it, I don’t want you to waste your energy and get tired.”


Nie Feizhan completely lost the desire to walk over to them anymore, and merely stroked her head in response.

Zhao Hui looked at Duan Xiao and Chu Xiaotian who were hugging together, before shifting his gaze to look at Nie Feizhan and Rong Mo, who were looking into each other’s eyes. He suddenly covered his face in embarrassment, “Oh no, sister-in-law is too cute. If she doesn’t want us to beat them up, what should we do?”

Before the person next to him could say anything, Zhao Hui suddenly dropped him and sneered, rolling his shoulders around. “In that case, we’ll naturally do it for them.”

The police eventually arrived and took them away. However, seeing their sorry figures, before they left, the police felt at a loss. They asked the beaten up people whether they would like to get an x-ray done at the hospital to see whether there was any unfortunate fellow who had their bones broken.

Long Feng Special Defense cooperated with the police all year round, so this matter was eventually resolved without any problems. Rong Mo was also only briefly asked a few questions before she was released.

The real trouble lied with the people who acted behind the scenes.

In fact, one didn’t have to ask Rong Mo to figure out that they were people sent by Rong Xun.

Rong Xun tried looking for her several times before, but Rong Mo had only met him once.

Rong Xun also knew that although she was weak and crippled, she was unmoved by force or persuasion, especially in the face of an enemy.

After parting on bad terms, Rong Xun no longer bothered to find her, and fortunately, since Lin Sa had contacted Long Feng Special Defenses several times for help, Rong Mo was no stranger to these people.

Now that she was seeing this scene, she realized that the reason why Duan Xiao came to help was not only because of the relationship he shared with the Rong family, but also due to the friendship he had with Nie Feizhan.

After being told of this matter, Rong Ji became furious


Rong Mo listened to her scholarly father curse Rong Xun without restraint, and comforted him, “Father, it’s not worth getting angry over this kind of person. Don’t get angry or your body will suffer.”

Back then, because Rong Ji had found out that Rong Xun was dealing with shady businesses behind his back, he got hospitalized from high blood pressure, so she didn’t want to see him get sick again.

“Momo, Father still has something to tell you.”

“What’s the matter?”

Rong Ji seemed a little hesitant, saying, “Let Nie Feizhan bring you over.”


Zhao Hui and the others said goodbye one by one and Rong Mo also thanked them.

“Hey, don’t worry about it, sister-in-law’s matters are also our matters. Whomever dares to bully our sister-in-law in the future, we will be the first to take revenge …”

“The first person to take revenge will be me.” Nie Feizhan interrupted them before bending over and picking Rong Mo up from her wheelchair.

Rong Mo was suddenly caught off guard being carried by him, and blushed in front of so many people, “What are you doing?”

“Carrying you.” Nie Feizhan said in a matter-of-fact way..

“Wow.” Chu Xiaotian covered her face while looking at them. She was watching them with relish before she was also carried by the person beside her.

Duan Xiao looked at Chu Xiaotian: “Are you still jealous?”

Chu Xiaotian flushed and buried her face in his shoulder. “No … I’m not jealous anymore.”

Zhao Hui covered her eyes and sighed: “My titanium-alloyed dog’s eyes are about to be blinded.”

Cheng Rang kicked him, “You’re the only one who’s single, so you’re the only one who has dog eyes.”

On the road, Rong Mo asked Nie Feizhan: “What did Father want to tell me?”

She faintly felt that it was a very important thing. Nie Feizhan seemed to have an idea of what it was but she didn’t.

Nie Feizhan put an arm around her shoulder and said, “It’s not anything good.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

Nie Feizhan looked at her with a complicated gaze. Rong Mo thought for a while and asked, “Is it related to me?”


“I’m not afraid.” Rong Mo held his hand. “No matter what it is, I can accept it. With you and father by my side, I have nothing to fear.”

The only thing she was afraid of, was if one of these two people were to leave her.

As long as they were there, she was not afraid of anything.

The courage they gave her was enough to conquer every obstacle in her path.

“En, don’t be afraid.” Nie Feizhan took her into his arms and kissed her forehead. “No matter what happens, I’m right by your side.”

Rong Mo didn’t expect to see Rong Xun under these circumstances.

And he was in such a sorry state too.

He obviously offended people who he shouldn’t have offended as his original refined appearance at this moment, was no different to a miserable prisoner. Sweaty damp hair stuck close to his head in a disarray. His face was pale, there was blood on his lips, and both his cheekbones and eyes carried bruises while he covered his stomach with both hands.

Rong Mo watched him across the screen.

After a while, Rong Ji came in and sat next to her.

“Who beat Rong Xun up like this?”

“I wanted to do it myself.” Rong Ji said, “But without this father of yours even doing his share, your bodyguard had put him in order like this. This is already a pretty light sentence.”

Her bodyguard? It was definitely not Lin Sa. Lin Sa has been following her all this time, which meant that the bodyguard was probably referring to Nie Feizhan.

“Father, he is not merely my bodyguard, he’s your future son-in-law.” Rong Mo emphasized.

Rong Ji didn’t say anything, his attention was evidently attracted by Rong Xun.

Then Rong Mo’s attention was also attracted to the screen, because Nie Fei Zhan had gone over.

Once Rong Xun saw Nie Feizhan, it was as if a little mouse had encountered a large strong animal, he was so terrified he had fallen off his chair, horror brimming in his eyes, “What else do you want to do?”

Rong Mo could only see Nie Feizhan’s profile, but she could see that he had put on a disguise, and changed his clothes. His chin was covered with stubbles, his eyes were cold, as if he had become an entirely different person.

——But this unfamiliar appearance of his reminded her of someone she was most familiar with.

Because the man who rescued her in the past wore this kind of appearance, and no matter how many disguises Nie Feizhan wore or how big the changes were, she still remembered this appearance of his very clearly..

Even though he seemed gloomy and cold, no different to a villain, he was the hero who had saved her from hell and had protected her countless times in her dreams.

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