Please Continue Protecting Me

PCPM Chapter 46

Chapter 46 Zhan gege, there are several people who wanted to kidnap me, I almost got scared to death.

Linda had surrendered herself.

This woman originally joined the Rong Corporation right after Rong Xun had returned to China, and this ordinary employee who started from the bottom gradually rose through the ranks in the span of merely 2 short years.

Although Rong Mo was only a nominal shareholder who couldn’t care less about the company, she had been learning how to manage the company with Rong Ji ever since she was eighteen, so she was very clear about the personality and abilities of each person in the Rong Corporation’s senior management, and this woman was very astute. In the beginning, nobody was aware of the relationship she shared with Rong Xun. It wasn’t until the Rong’s Corporation was under investigation that her fox tail was exposed.

As an important witness and suspect in this case, she had disappeared completely a few months ago, leaving behind no traces. Rong Mo had been seeking help in order to chase her trails, reaching all the way to her hometown, but there was no movement at all, so she always wondered whether this woman had been hidden by Rong Xun, or if she had escaped far far away, or perhaps in the worst case, she had been silenced by Rong Xun forever.

Rong Xun appeared elegant and refined on the surface, but in reality, he was a complete and utter scum. Nobody knew if he could really carry out such a terrible thing.


She did not expect that after a few quiet months had passed, this woman would turn herself in.

She held a lot of incriminating evidence that Rong Xun had framed Rong Ji as well as proof of other atrocities done, and she had handed all of them over. But today, she specifically requested that she had wanted to meet with Rong Mo.

When Rong Mo heard this news, she was a little hesitant, “Why would she want to see me?”

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“Jwv …”

“Rv’p ralnkplzu clnywpl sq vbl qynv vbyv pbl’p yqayke sq xl vbyv R oydv vs pll bla lhld xsal.” Kwpv vbkdjkdt ycswv obyv vbkp osxyd yde Ssdt Dwd bye esdl aktbv wdela bkp dspl yzz vblpl ulyap xyel Ssdt Kk’p qynl vwad wtzu. “R’e zkjl vs pll obyv lzpl pbl oydvp vs pyu vs xu eywtbvla.”

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Gqvla Ssdt Kk zlqv, Ssdt Ys oldv kdvs y eygl.

“Ykpp, obyv yal usw vbkdjkdt ycswv?”

“I’m just thinking that … I seem to have wasted a long time.” She looked down at her legs covered under the blanket, and said, “If I had made up my mind sooner, then perhaps …”


Perhaps she could have already been standing by now, she could’ve already gone to meet her lover and could’ve helped her dad solve his worries instead of being a liability who needed to be taken care of.

Lin Sa said, “As long as you make up your mind, it won’t ever be too late.”

No one knew better than Lin Sa about how much Rong Mo had yearned to use her legs again.

In the past, she couldn’t stand up partly because the injury was far too serious, and partly because she was affected too heavily by psychological reasons.

When the Rong family had gotten into trouble and Rong Ji was taken away for investigation, Lin Sa heard Rong Mo woke up from a nightmare one night. When she came over to take a look at what happened, she saw that Rong Mo had fallen under the bed and was trying to get up from the ground while crying, in the end, she had an emotional breakdown because she couldn’t muster any strength from her legs, and started ruthlessly beating her own legs.

That was the first time Lin Sa had ever seen her breaking down. She knew that Rong Mo must have dreamt of many bad things which caused her to act this way, so she didn’t ask anything back then, but she held her firmly in her arms until she became emotionally stable again, and placed her back in bed.

The next day, Rong Mo did indeed return back to normal and began to calmly handle everything.

She must have wanted to stand up again since long ago, but it was Nie Feizhan who truly gave her the courage and strength to make her resolve.

In the past few years when Nie Feizhan was away, she had never once felt genuine happiness.

Now that the situation had finally turned out for the better. The loss that two people had noiselessly felt for so many years had finally been put to an end.

Rong Mo thought that only a few people knew about the matter of Nie Feizhan proposing to her. She did not expect that after Luo Qingqing excitedly called and talked to her for two hours, even personally coming by to give her a gift in person, Chu Xiaotian would also follow suit.

Chu Xiaotian had already been pregnant for almost four months. Her figure was petite, but apart from her face that had turned round, her belly didn’t look too prominent. Instead, she looked like a little girl in her early twentie, her beautiful face looking extremely supple.


“Momo, I really liked all the gifts that you sent me. I’ve already placed all of them in my baby’s room. By the way, why don’t you come visit my house some day, so I can show you our newly refurbished baby room.”

“Alright.” Rong Mo nodded with a smile.

Regardless of what, Chu Xiaotian was like a little sun. At first glance, sunlight seems to be shrouded on her whole body, making people who were around her feel comfortably warm.

Who would have expected that such a lovable girl was actually a famous horror writer who wrote horror novels?

“The weather today is so good, why don’t we go out for a stroll?”

Rong Mo thought for a while before nodding, “Alright.”

She initially didn’t want to stay at home today and if it weren’t for Linda’s matters, she and her dad would’ve been on their way to the hospital.

Chu Xiaotian originally arrived here with a driver, but considering Rong Mo’s convenience, they took Rong Mo’s car instead with Lin Sa following them.

Inside the car, Chu Xiaotian’s head was lowered while she was typing on her mobile phone. Rong Mo could immediately tell just from her expression that she was chatting with Duan Xiao.

Chu Xiaotian suddenly raised her head and smiled at her, saying, “Do you know who my husband is with now?”

Rong Mo’s heart skipped a beat, “Is it Nie Feizhan?”

Chu Xiaotian nodded with a smile, “Yup, they are discussing matters over tea right now. “


She showed Rong Mo the screen of her phone, revealing a photo sent by Duan Xiao. The photo was of Nie Feizhan sitting across Duan Xiao with his long legs raised and a hand resting on the sofa holding a cigarette. He was staring at the camera from a top angle, looking slightly upset at being photographed.

This posture looked really arrogant.

Rong Mo felt it a little funny. She had never seen the expressions Nie Feizhan would show in front of his fellow brothers and friends. She only knew that he and Duan Xiao were good brothers, but she did not expect him to behave so at ease and arrogant in front of Duan Xiao.

Duan Xiao seemed to have sent another message, making Chu Xiaotian burst into laughter, “Ahaha, I didn’t expect Z to have such a side to him.”

“What is it?” Rong Mo asked.

“Just when my husband took a picture of him, he didn’t know he would show it to you, so his expression looked fierce, but then my husband told him that you also saw the picture, so he immediately asked my husband to take another one and didn’t allow him to refuse. My husband told him to take a selfie by himself, and he replied, saying that a selfie would look too obvious. It would make him look bad in front of you, hahahahaha.”

In the end, Chu Xiaotian looked at the photo and laughed again, holding her belly. Rong Mo leaned over to take a look and it turned out that Duan Xiao had taken another photo of Nie Feizhan. Nie Feizhan had his legs slightly apart, his elbows resting on his knees, his hands resting on the inside of his legs, and his eyes stared straight into the camera. His posture looked relaxed and aggressive but his gaze and smile was soft.

Rong Mo couldn’t help but start laughing as well.

She knew that Nie Feizhan was using this method to tell her that he was thinking of her.

“My husband told both of us to have fun, and to buy whatever we want to buy, he’ll pay for my share whereas your husband … no, your fiance pays for yours.”

It was apparent that Chu Xiaotian had gotten used to using the term ‘husband’ outside, so when she referred to Nie Feizhan as Rong Mo’s ‘husband’, causing Rong Mo to blush immediately.

It would’ve been better for Chu Xiaotian to not have said those words, because after she did, Rong Mo then realized that she and Nie Feizhan had already been regarded as an unmarried couple.


In the future, they would also get married and have their own children.

“Your ring looks so beautiful.” Chu Xiaotian looked at the diamond ring on her finger and sighed, feeling touched. “Z specially asked someone to make it for you. There is only one of this in the entire world. I even heard that he had also given this diamond ring a name. It’s called ‘The Only One’.”

Rong Mo was stupefied,”Are you for real?”

“Didn’t you know?” Chu Xiaotian said, “Hadn’t Z told you yet? When he was in Country J, he put a lot of effort into it. I heard my husband say that he used all the money he had to make this ring, so when he first returned to China, he was destitute. He had even taken up a lot of work that my husband didn’t want to do … ” Chu Xiao Tian covered her mouth and playfully stuck her tongue out. “Ah, I seemed to have revealed too much information.”

Rong Mo stroked the lustrous ring and felt an indescribable happiness seep into her heart.

She knew that Nie Feizhan had done a lot for her in these years, and there were probably a lot more that she didn’t know about, so she planned to slowly ask him about it in the coming future. 

Chu Xiaotian was obviously in a good mood too. She first took Rong Mo to her favorite western restaurant, and after having dinner, the two people went shopping, each holding a cup of milk tea in their hand.

During this period, Chu Xiaotian was mostly engrossed in shopping for baby items, so the two went to the mother and baby area first, and picked out a lot of stuff. Both the two girls regarded everything they saw as cute so they may have splurged a little bit. In the end, Lin Sa had to call for people to take some of the things away first as they couldn’t handle carrying that many stuff. 

“Our little Patton has just started receiving training. I’ve only watched a video of him two days ago, and I am already missing him.”

“Why don’t we go visit him at the base then? I also coincidentally wanted to go and pick Karl up.”

Karl was the guard dog Duan Xiao personally trained, at the same time, she was also Chu Xiaotian’s guard dog.

Rong Mo looked at the time, “Sure, we’ll go in a bit.” 

The dog training base was at Duan Xiao’s company so it was also a good opportunity to go meet Duan Xiao and Nie Feizhan as well.

Lin Sa suddenly frowned and looked around.

But neither of the two people noticed her expression. Chu Xiaotian was sipping on her milk tea when she said with a smile: “All right, we’ll go see Karl and Patton in a while since we might as well check up on how they’re doing.”

Rong Mo nodded, “Yup, might as well.”

However, they did not expect that they would be involved in an accident as soon as they were leaving the mall.

Lin Sa was in the middle of carrying the snacks they bought to be loaded into the car when she suddenly became alert and looked at the opposite parking lot. 

“Sister Sa, what’s wrong?”

“Someone is watching us.”

Actually Lin Sa had just noticed this, but Chu Xiaotian and Rong Mo’s appearance were too eye-catching and had attracted too many gazes, and she was not sure what the other party was intending to do.

Until this moment—

“Miss Chu, quickly get into the car.”

Lin Sa said while picking Rong Mo up, and putting her in the car.

Suddenly a car quickly drove towards them.

Lin Sa turned around, putting Rong Mo back onto the wheelchair again. She then pulled her wheelchair with one hand and pulled Chu Xiaotian behind her with the other.

Chu Xiaotian cried out in fear, before quickly helping Lin Sa pull Rongmo’s wheelchair.

The car didn’t seem to care regardless and dashed towards them, colliding with another car in front directly!

Fortunately, there wasn’t a driver inside the car, otherwise he would have been gravely injured!

“Ms. Chu, help me take care of the lady!” Lin Sa handed the wheelchair over to Chu Xiaotian.

After the car stopped, five men got out of it. They all had their faces covered with masks and caps. One look and you could immediately tell that they harbored malicious intentions.

There were originally only a few people around the parking lot, but once they saw this odd situation, the few people instinctively quickly ran away.

Yet these people in front of them were obviously very daring. They all had weapons in their hands, and they apparently didn’t care whether other people reported them to the police as they continued to walk towards them.

One of them lowered his voice and said coldly, “Ms. Rong, we are here to find you.”

Rong Mo raised a brow. “Did you make an appointment?”

Lin Sa clenched her fists. She didn’t seem to be the least bit afraid of confronting five wicked evildoers.

Just before she yelled, Chu Xiaotian took out her mobile phone and called Duan Xiao—

Suddenly, an off-road vehicle drove over aggressively, and a man’s head popped out of the window as he shouted : “Don’t be afraid, sister-in-law, we’re here!”

Rong Mo looked behind the off-road vehicle, and saw two identical black off-road vehicles following behind.

They all carried logos of Long Feng Special Defense. When the car in front stopped , three men jumped out from the car, each of them were about 1.85 meters tall. They appeared sturdy and imposing in their black uniform.

Rong Mo recognized that it was Long Feng Special Defense’s uniform.

“Ah, why are they all here?” Chu Xiaotian was amazed.

“Are they all your bodyguards?”

“No, but when I usually go out, my husband would always feel restless, so he asked several bodyguards to follow me, but I usually don’t ever see them, and I didn’t even know who was following this time around.” Chu Xiaotian said: “They are all elites of Long Feng Special Defense. The one in front is called Zhao Guangjun …sorry, it should be Zhao Hui. Zhao Guangjun is his nickname. He and Cheng Rong who’s next to him, are the instructors of the special bodyguard team.”

After Chu Xiaotian explained to Rong Mo, she answered the ringing phone.

Rong Mo heard her sob in an aggrieved tone, “Hubby, someone wants to bully me, our baby, and Momo, I almost got scared to death.”

Rong Mo thought for a while and also picked her mobile phone up, intending to give Nie Feizhan a call when suddenly Nie Feizhan’s call came first.

She answered the phone and didn’t wait for the other side to speak. “Zhan gege, there are several people who wanted to kidnap me, I almost got scared to death.”

There was a pause on the other end before Nie Feizhan’s calm voice sounded.

“Don’t be afraid.” He said, “I’m coming over to slaughter them.”

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