Please Continue Protecting Me

PCPM Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Can we not let Nie Feizhan know about this first, because I want to…

Rong Mo did not expect to receive a marriage proposal so she was completely caught by surprise.

And it wasn’t limited to her alone. Everyone around her, including Rong Ji, did not expect that Nie Feizhan would propose to Rong Mo so quickly.

But some people were not surprised at all. Take He Wei for instance.

As Nie Feizhan’s sole longest cooperative partner, He Wei knew best how long Nie Feizhan had been preparing for the proposal.

When he left Rong Mo five years ago, he had already made up his mind that he would definitely return.


He had promised that he would return back to her side and protect her.

In fact, the reason why he had put in so much effort in the past few years was all for this day.

How many men in this world would do their best for the sake of the girl that they liked? How many of them would spend a few years just to build an identity that was worthy of reappearing in front of her?

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“Father, why do they like talking about such nonsense…” Rong Mo couldn’t help but ask, “I’m really astounded. Since when did I hit the verge of desperation and sell my old house?”


She participated in that auction and said that she would sell the old residence, but it was just a makeshift stratagem to lure Rong Xun and Linda out. Yet she did not expect that Nie Feizhan would interject in the middle. Bai Lu had also appeared out of nowhere, whereas the other two did not make any appearances or take action at all.

Rong Xun’s ambition was massive. He had repeatedly attempted to obtain the Rong Residence several times before, because he was eager to know how many hidden assets and unknown secrets the Rong family had hidden.

However, in reality, with the exception of Rong Ji’s freedom being restricted which gave Rong Mo heavy pressure, Rong Mo was not too worried that the Rong family would collapse.

For a family business that had already been existing for so many years, just because her father was being wrongly accused again, how could the Rong family topple down so easily?

Rong Ji asked her: “Was it true that a lot of people bullied you before?”

Rong Mo shook her head. “It’s only a few fellows who like to speak cynical words.”

Rong Ji patted her hand: “When Father was away, you must’ve suffered a lot.”

“No, father, I didn’t suffer a lot. “

Rong Mo seemed to have thought of something, as her face turned quiet.

“Because someone was there to protect me,” she whispered.

With just one look, Rong Ji immediately knew who she was thinking of, and couldn’t help but sigh. His darling daughter had really grown up.

He knew clearly that no matter how strong Rong Mo looked, she was still a little girl who needed to be protected. 


When he wasn’t there for her, only Nie Feizhan was able to stand beside her so resolutely.

Nie Feizhan was also the only person he could be rest assured of, and Rong Ji only realized this point when the Rong family had gotten into trouble. 

Therefore, although he was dissatisfied towards learning that Nie Feizhan had proposed marriage to Rong Mo so soon, he accepted the matter gladly.

After all, he wouldn’t want to keep his daughter waiting for him for several years, right?

If that was the case, he wouldn’t be so sure that he was going to allow him to be his son-in-law.

Rong Mo assumed that he still hadn’t heard of any news about Nie Feizhan proposing to her, so she asked carefully: “Father, what do you think, um … about my intern bodyguard?”

“His figure is alright, fits the requirement to be your bodyguard.”

“Then … then should I give him tenure?”

Rong Ji sipped his tea, “If you feel so, I have no problem.”

Promoting a bodyguard to become a full time was not difficult, but allowing him to propose marriage on the other hand was a different matter altogether…

Rong Mo tried to summon her courage for a long time before she finally spoke up with much bashfulness. She looked up at Lin Sa who immediately raised her fist and made a calm, cheering gesture.

In fact, Rong Ji had already known for a long time, but it was more meaningful for Rong Mo to announce this matter by her own will. 


Rong Ji assumed that she was still doing mental preparations, so he was still drinking his tea, waiting for her to speak until he suddenly heard her earnest proclaim: “So how do you feel about promoting him from official bodyguard to being your son-in-law??”

Rong Ji spat out his tea at once.

Rong Mo looked at Lin Sa innocently and mouthed: “Was I too direct?”

Lin Sa nodded solemnly. Yes, miss, you were too direct.

Rong Ji put on a complicated expression., “Momo, have you thoroughly thought about it?”

Rong Mo nodded, “Yes Father, I’ve already finished thinking it over. I want to marry him.”

Rong Ji sighed, “As long as you are happy, I’ll accept it.”

Rong Mo froze in shock.

Did her father just agree? Had he just given his consent this easily?

She was originally a little apprehensive. Although Rong Ji was not like the elders in other families, he was always worried about her daughter’s life-long affairs, but as a father, who wouldn’t want a man to continue to love his daughter dearly on their behalf as they continue to age?

But Rong Mo soon realized.

If Rong Ji agreed so easily, it must have meant that he had already considered this a long time ago.


Or rather, he had already known the fact that she and Nie Feizhan had already confirmed their feelings for one another.

“Then Father, if I agreed to his proposal, you wouldn’t be angry, would you?”

Rong Ji picked up the teapot, slowly poured her a cup of tea, and placed it in her hands, saying meaningful and heartfelt words: “Ever since you were young, you haven’t asked your father for anything, and you didn’t like a lot of things either. You also weren’t interested in what other little girls your age liked, so father never knew what else he could give you.”

Rong Mo had wanted to speak, but Rong Ji patted her hands and interrupted: “I have already met Nie Feizhan four years ago.”

Rong Mo was stunned.

Then, Rong Ji started recounting the matters beginning from the time Nie Feizhan accidentally tipped off the security alarm of the Rong family four years ago just to see her, to everything that Nie Feizhan did in the past four years.

“I didn’t really think this kid was going to succeed. I told him before that the business world is like a battlefield. Sure he had been on a real battlefield before, but the business world is different from the real battlefield. In the beginning, I didn’t intend to help him, but I didn’t expect him to have worked hard all these years, and actually succeed.”

With Nie Feizhan’s temperament, it was better to put him on the battlefield than allow him do business, but he stubbornly changed his own path and walked the whole road until he arrived to where he was today.

“He did all of this for you.”

“Father, you …” Rong Mo’s eyes remained as wide as saucers for a long time before it turned red and with a tone of disbelief, she said: “You’ve always known these?”

Rong Ji nodded.

Rong Mo raised her fist and smacked his palm. “Then why didn’t you don’t me?”

She threw out a tantrum just like she did when she was younger. Rong Ji grabbed her hand helplessly. “Father was just afraid that his special circumstances would not only hinder him from protecting you, it would’ve also brought trouble to you.”

Rong Mo couldn’t point out what she was feeling.

The two men who loved her the most in her life had actually always been silently worried for her, spending a lot of effort behind the scenes.

She took Rong Ji’s hand, placing it gently on her face, and remained reticent for a while before she said to him, “Father, I want to …”

“I want to stand up again.”

She wanted to stand up once again.

She had actually long been keeping this desire in her heart, and she had been hiding it for a very very long time.

After the accident that year, she could not move her legs freely and was bound to sit in a wheelchair.

But in reality, only a few people were aware that she was not actually severely injured. A part of the reason why she couldn’t stand up was because of the injuries, and the other half was due to psychological reasons.

Unable to completely accept her mother’s death, Rong Mo’s body and spirit had been completely crushed. For a long time, she was taken care of like a half-dead doll, spending each of her days in extreme suffering.

Even the doctor had told her that it was possible to stand up if she was to be properly treated in rehabilitation.

But she had completely lost all hope.

After all these years, it was as if her legs had lost all sensations, but she knew in her heart that she could…… as long as she made up her mind.

This didn’t come as a surprise to Rong Ji for he had already been waiting for a long time for her to say this.

He was ecstatic to hear her say this and replied, “Alright, father has already found a good doctor for you, and I will take you to see him tomorrow.”

“En, also can we not let Nie Feizhan know about this first, because I want to……”

Lin Sa asked, “Give him a surprise?”

“I hope that one day, I can wear a wedding dress and stand in front of him.”

Rong Mo was originally going to see the doctor with Rong Ji right after the day this resolution was made, but she did not expect that something would stand in the way of their plans.

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