Married to the Male Lead’s Hidden Rich Brother

Chapter 11

After Yan Wei strongly rejected Yan Ye, Zhou Qiaoqiao finally came back to her senses and looked at Yan Wei with admiration.

Although Yan Wei didn’t know what had happened, he was quite satisfied with being admired by Zhou Qiaoqiao.

“I’ll take you back!” Yan Wei stood up and said to Zhou Qiaoqiao.

Zhou Qiaoqiao was surprised and said, “No need, I don’t want to impose on you?”

Yan Wei pondered for a moment, looked at his watch, and then looked up at her, saying, “The bus to your home should have stopped by now.”


Zhou Qiaoqiao was stunned, took out her phone and looked at it, then looked up and smiled at Yan Wei, “I’m really bothering you. Thank you so much.”

Yan Wei: “…” This woman is really good at hitting the snake with a stick!

(TL: “用棍子打蛇” (yòng gùn zi dǎ shé) – to use unnecessary method to solve the problem when a simpler solution would have worked. — she pretended to be modest at first before accepting his offer for a ride.)

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Hbsw Ckysikys pxkzle yde nyaakle bla pxyzz cynjrynj, pyukdt, “Mbld R’zz zlyhl dso. Mbydj usw!”

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Yys Nkydt: “…R byhl ds kely obu swa cspp kp wdbyrru.”

Zyd Elk pktble yde zssjle yblye, plakswpzu ypjkdt, “Gald’v tkazp wpwyzzu hlau pbu?”

Mao Liang tilted his head and thought for a moment before saying, “I think so…?”


Yan Wei nodded and exclaimed, “Ah, she looks quite cute with a shaved head.” ღ˘◡˘ற♡.。oO

Mao Liang: “…” Where’s the cuteness? (๏็ટૄ◟๏็ )

Zhou Qiaoqiao’s apartment complex was in a new area and was considered a good location in this county-level city. She rented a single apartment, which was not small, about 60 square meters. She pressed the elevator button and looked at her phone while waiting. She wondered why Yan Wei had never shown up in the novel before.

Could it be…his family doesn’t like him? That’s why he’s excluded from any activities, just like her?

(TL: She meant her family ignored her too.)

It made sense. After graduating from middle school, Zhou Qiaoqiao went to a boarding school in high school and there was no need to go home on weekends. After college, she lived in the campus dormitory and then moved into the company’s accommodation after finding a job.

In other words, Zhou Qiaoqiao hardly lived at home after graduating from middle school, and she didn’t have much contact with her family during that time either. Except for breakfast, her stepmother sent her lunch and dinner to her teacher. When she returned home after evening self-study, her entire family was already asleep. It can be said that her stepmother played a significant role in the lack of affection between her and her father, except for the fact that her mother passed away.

It was even more impossible to go home after starting work. When she was hit by a car, she called the ambulance herself. After being taken away, she called home, but just like her first hospitalization, no one in the family came to visit her.

In addition, her money was taken by her stepmother so she had to call her mother’s brother for help. Fortunately, her eldest uncle still recognized her as a niece and came to the hospital to pay for her medical expenses that day.

Later, her eldest uncle was brought back home by his wife so her younger uncle was called to look after her. Zhou Qiaoqiao was taken care of by her younger uncle until she was discharged.

This time, when she was hospitalized, she sent photos to her family group to show what kind of good deeds Zhou Xiongxiong had done and to see if he still had the nerve to come and see her. As a result, the entire family group was silent, and no one came to visit her.

Zhou Qiaoqiao: “…” Thinking about this now, it still feels depressing.


If netizens found out about this, they would definitely say: if one person ignores you, it’s their fault; if two people ignore you, it may still be their fault; but if everyone ignores you, then it’s your problem. Have you thought about whether there’s something wrong with you?

What’s the problem?

The only problem is probably that her mother’s death affected the Zhou family! I heard that at the time, it scared Zhou’s grandmother to the point of falling ill. The funeral arrangements for Zhou’s mother were rushed and disorganized.

“Beep,” the elevator opened. Zhou Qiaoqiao entered and stared blankly at the numbers above.

Her life has only just begun…

Zhou Qiaoqiao stared at the screen, her hand trembling as she pressed the last letter of the password. The options displayed were: deposit, withdrawal, balance inquiry…

Zhou Qiaoqiao closed her eyes, reached out and pressed balance inquiry. When she opened her eyes again, the screen read 529146.

“Ah!!!” Zhou Qiaoqiao exclaimed, startling the people in the line behind her.

Zhou Qiaoqiao covered her mouth and apologized to them. She withdrew 300 and put it behind her phone, then happily put the card back into her purse.

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!! ($0$)

I have money! I have money! I have money!!!

Zhou Qiaoqiao jumped excitedly in place for two times, suppressing her voice and saying, “Yiyayiyaya, I want to spend some money to vent.”


Zhou Qiaoqiao turned around in place and then sent a message to Liang Jiamin, asking, “What time do you get off work? Huh?”

Liang Jiamin quickly replied with a message saying, “I get off work at 5 pm today.”

Zhou Qiaoqiao responded with an “Ok” and said, “I’ll treat you to dinner tonight. You’ve treated me so many times before, so it’s my turn to treat you. Just pick any restaurant you like and don’t be polite with me.”

Liang Jiamin’s message was, “Aren’t you the one who just got cheated by your stepmother out of money? Let me treat you instead!”

Zhou Qiaoqiao laughed and said, “I got hit by a flowerpot at the entrance of a nightclub two weeks ago, and the person who did it compensated me for the damages.”

Liang Jiamin: “…” So, you can only rely on getting injured to earn compensation fees?

In the evening, Liang Jiamin didn’t even have time to change out of her work uniform and rushed to the restaurant where she had agreed to meet Zhou Qiaoqiao.

This seafood restaurant was where she often treated Zhou Qiaoqiao to dinner. She had been impressed by the dishes when she came here for a relative’s wedding banquet. So, she often brought Zhou Qiaoqiao here to eat.

Upon entering the restaurant, Liang Jiamin saw Zhou Qiaoqiao sitting alone at a very large table. What does “very large” mean? It means they were supposed to have a dinner for two, but this idiot reserved a 20-person table for what purpose?

Liang Jiamin quickly ran to her and asked, “Qiaoqiao, did you invite other people too?”

Zhou Qiaoqiao smiled proudly and said, “Jiamin, this is a candlelit dinner for just the two of us.”

Liang Jiamin asked, “Then who are the 18 extra seats for?”


Zhou Qiaoqiao laughed out loud, as a domineering CEO, and said, “Jia Min, look, all these seats are booked for you by me!”

Liang Jiamin: “…” This idiot! Did she become crazy from being hit by a flower pot?

Sansukini: Yan Wei has a weird aesthetic. Hehehe. My image of ZQQ at this point is still the Kappa from Yokai Watch. That character is cute and confused too. Totally ZQQ.

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