Married to the Male Lead’s Hidden Rich Brother

Chapter 10

As Zhou Qiaoqiao was eating, she noticed that the gaze of the person sitting across from her was becoming increasingly intense. The panna cotta on her spoon shook slightly as she suddenly stopped moving.

Zhou Qiaoqiao cautiously lifted her eyes to look at him, and indeed, Yan Wei was staring at her.
Holding the panna cotta, Zhou Qiaoqiao slowly put it in her mouth, and Yan Wei watched her intently.

Zhou Qiaoqiao, who had a good sense of self-awareness, of course, did not have any strange thoughts, and asked, “Do you want to have some panna cotta?”

Yan Wei silently averted his gaze, and Zhou Qiaoqiao pushed the panna cotta towards him and asked, “Do you want some?”

Yan Wei sneered, “Huh, I just ate some.”


Quickly taking it back, Zhou Qiaoqiao said, “I thought so too.”

Yan Wei turned to the servant next to him and said, “Bring me another serving of panna cotta.” Then he turned to Zhou Qiaoqiao and said firmly, “Desserts do not count as a proper meal.”

Zhou Qiaoqiao: “……”

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It has a rich milky flavor with a sweet taste that can make people fall in love with it. When he swallows it, the satisfaction that it brings him is something he hasn’t experienced in years.


This panna cotta is delicious, and it was delicious because he wanted to eat it. He didn’t have any other thoughts while eating it. In that moment, he tasted the food like an ordinary person.

(TL: Like he ate because he had to eat to survive before, but he had the appetite for this dessert because of watching ZQQ. Poor guy. But I’m happy for him.)

Yan Wei put down his spoon, raised his head, and stared more seriously at Zhou Qiaoqiao.

This woman is like the missing piece in his life’s puzzle.

“What’s wrong?” Zhou Qiaoqiao felt Yan Wei’s gaze on her and her hair stood on end.


Oh, she’s bald.

“It’s nothing. I just didn’t expect the pudding to be so delicious,” he looked at the empty plate and whispered, “I didn’t realize that the pudding could taste this good.”


Zhou Qiaoqiao was about to say something when a familiar male voice interrupted.

She looked up to see Yan Ye with Shan Lingtong standing by the table.

Zhou Qiaoqiao was surprised, and both she and Shan Lingtong exclaimed, “Brother?”


Zhou Qiaoqiao looked at Yan Wei and then at Yan Ye, and said to Yan Wei: “Are you his brother?”

Yan Wei smiled slightly and said, “Yes, I am his brother.”

Yan Ye also looked at Zhou Qiaoqiao strangely and said to Shan Lingtong, “He is my brother! What’s so strange about that?”

Zhou Qiaoqiao exclaimed, “You never said he was your brother!”

Yan Ye frowned and asked Zhou Qiaoqiao, “Who are you? Why should I tell you he’s my brother?”

Shan Lingtong also smiled wryly and said, “You never told me you had a brother.”

Yan Ye’s frown deepened, and he wanted to say, “What qualifications do you have to ask?” but in the end he said, “You never asked.”

Shan Lingtong just smiled and didn’t say anything.

Zhou Qiaoqiao looked at Yan Wei in shock and said, “You’re actually his brother, I thought you were…”

Yan Wei asked her, “You thought I was what?”

Zhou Qiaoqiao quickly swallowed the word “dad” and said, “His… cousin.”

Zhou Qiaoqiao didn’t know Yan Ye, and when she was in a coma, it was never mentioned that the male lead has a brother when the world’s secrets were revealed to her. Plus, everyone in the company called him “President Yan” and called Yan Ye “Little President Yan,” so although she didn’t really think about whether he was the male lead’s father, she had jokingly thought so.


After all, in “The President’s Substitute: Behind the Scenes,” the male lead’s father looks very young, only 30 or 40 years old. No one can’t blame her for thinking that way!

Does the male lead actually have a brother?

“Um, although it’s impolite to ask now, what’s your name?” Zhou Qiaoqiao asked Yan Wei carefully.

Yan Wei handed a business card to Zhou Qiaoqiao with a smile and said, “I’m Yan Wei. I’m the former CEO of Yuyao Entertainment.”

Zhou Qiaoqiao exclaimed, looking at the white business card with a silver wood grain and the embossed black characters of Yan Wei.

Yan Ye glanced at Zhou Qiaoqiao. It was rare to see someone wearing a hat in a restaurant.

He took a quick glance under her hat but didn’t seem to see her hair. He didn’t investigate any further and turned to his brother and said, “Brother, what are you doing here?”

Yan Wei gave him a disdainful look and said, “This is a restaurant.”

Yan Ye hesitated and said, “But you don’t eat… Are you here with your girlfriend?”

His brother couldn’t eat, but he was at the restaurant. Could this woman be his brother’s girlfriend???

Yan Wei smiled and said with a slight lip curl, “No, she’s not my girlfriend, but she’s your creditor.”

Yan Ye was stunned, “Creditor?”


Zhou Qiaoqiao tilted her head and asked, “Didn’t you say you were going abroad, Director Yan?”

Yan Ye looked at Zhou Qiaoqiao strangely and asked, “Abroad?”

He took out his phone and checked it. Okay! The CFO of his company did call earlier. Yan Ye clicked on the information sent by the CFO and quickly learned about the company’s situation in the afternoon and also understood who the so-called creditor was.

Yan Ye suddenly realized and said, “You’re Zhou Qiaoqiao?”

Zhou Qiaoqiao also suddenly realized, “You didn’t recognize me earlier?” He actually forgot about me???

Yan Ye smiled and said, “Isn’t it because you’ve become much more beautiful?”

Yan Wei looked at him with a gaze that even Yan Ye couldn’t understand. Yan Ye shuddered and asked strangely, “Brother, what are you looking at me for?”

What was he doing wrong?

How do I know what to do? Why is he so unhappy?

Yan Wei glanced at Shan Lingtong and said, “You’re with your girlfriend! Go eat!”

Yan Ye instantly felt a serious sense of disdain. He looked at his older brother incredulously and said, “Can’t we eat together?”

Yan Wei tapped his finger on the table, saying with a great deal of disgust, “We’ve finished eating, and I don’t want to eat with you either.”

Yan Ye: “…” He’s his own brother!

Yan Wei saw Yan Ye and his girlfriend still standing in front of him and frowned, waving his hand and saying, “Go eat! Don’t stand here and affect my mood.”

Yan Ye: “…”

Shan Lingtong: “…”.

She didn’t expect that the overbearing CEO Yan would be like this in front of his own brother.

Zhou Qiaoqiao was speechless: “…” Yan Wei is so domineering!

Sansukini: Yan Wei’s foodie journey is starting to take off. So happy for him.

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