Married to the Male Lead’s Hidden Rich Brother

Chapter 12

When Zhou Qiaoqiao saw Liang Jiamin’s cute and innocent look, she imitated her expression and asked, “Jiamin, are you unhappy?”

This hotel has good business. Generally, they don’t offer big tables for small groups. Unless you’re willing to pay for their losses. Liang Jiamin saw that Zhou Qiaoqiao reserved the 20-person table in the restaurant, and all the big tables were already occupied, so she knew that Zhou Qiaoqiao was paying extra money for it.

She couldn’t help but say, “Are you stupid? It’s not convenient to eat at such a big table. Let’s change to a smaller one.”

Zhou Qiaoqiao shook her finger ☝, pretending to be like Sherlock Holmes, and said, “My mom said that a drop of water should be repaid with a gushing spring.

When I didn’t have money to eat, you ordered takeout for me every day. When I was unemployed and had no money, you brought me food every night. When my meal was bad, you often took me out to eat a better meal. I remember all of that…”


As Zhou Qiaoqiao spoke, she pretended to wipe nonexistent tears and clenched her fist, looking up at the sky. “Back then, I said I would repay you when I became successful, and I’m doing it today. I’m treating you to a big meal. Don’t you want to try the new wheat onion roasted sea cucumber?”

Liang Jiamin’s eyes were lifeless as she said, “Sea cucumber is expensive.” It costs 366 yuan per dish, and there is only one. She is not stupid, why would she order something so expensive?

“I’ll treat you,” Zhou Qiaoqiao patted her chest and said, “Don’t you want to try the Boiled seafood with lobster?”

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(MN: Ebyv y tldlaswp qaklde. Yu qakldep sdzu alxlxclale vs csaaso xsdlu cwv dlhla ryke kv cynj.(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

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Fbl alynble qsa bla byv, cwv Hbsw Ckysikys iwknjzu blze kv esod yde pyke, “Psd’v vyjl kv sqq, R’zz pbso usw plnalvzu…”

Liang Jiamin saw Zhou Qiaoqiao’s bald head shining in the bright LED light.


Liang Jiamin was shocked and asked, “You didn’t sell your hair, right?”

Zhou Qiaoqiao looked at Liang Jiamin with pity and said, “Are you silly? If my hair were worth that much, I would have sold it long ago.”

As they waited for their dishes, Liang Jiamin slowly understood the whole story and felt both heartbroken and happy for Zhou Qiaoqiao.

The dishes here are really good. This meal is going to cost around 4000 to 5000 yuan. Zhou Qiaoqiao not only ordered those expensive dishes, but also many other small seafood dishes.

Liang Jiamin sighed and said, “You really can’t spend money like this even if you are rich now!”

“Hahaha,” Zhou Qiaoqiao laughed and patted her, saying, “Don’t worry, I’ve already bought a fridge. I can pack the leftovers and eat them for a week!”

Liang Jiamin: “…” So what exactly are you planning?

While the two were eating, a man in a silver-gray suit walked towards them. Liang Jiamin frowned and suddenly exclaimed, “Qiaoqiao, look, a handsome guy!”

The handsome guy, Yan Wei, had already arrived at their table. He looked at Zhou Qiaoqiao and Liang Jiamin with a cold expression and said, “What a coincidence.”

Zhou Qiaoqiao recognized him and her eyes flickered uncertainly as she said, “Um, I remember Yuyao Entertainment is not in this direction…”

Yan Wei smiled slightly and said, “Yes, you’re not mistaken. But my home is in this direction.”

Zhou Qiaoqiao was even more uncertain and asked, “You wouldn’t be…”


Yan Wei didn’t know what she was going to say, so he looked at her with indifference. Then Zhou Qiaoqiao asked carefully, “Are you here to remind me of the meal I owe you?”

Yan Wei: “…” This girl is annoyingly perceptive sometimes.

Zhou Qiaoqiao was frightened when Yan Wei didn’t respond and asked, “Are you really here to collect the debt from me?”

Yan Wei pulled out a chair and sat down, saying, “I just happened to be passing by. Since you brought it up, let’s have a meal together!”

Zhou Qiaoqiao said, “…”

Liang Jiamin saw the handsome guy sitting down and her heart started racing. She asked Zhou Qiaoqiao, “Who is he?”

She immediately exclaimed, “Is he the one who hit you with a flower pot with his girlfriend?”

Zhou Qiaoqiao waved her hand and said, “No, it was his brother who hit me.”

Liang Jiamin then covered her mouth and whispered, “He’s not bad! He looks good and has money.” Then she winked crazily at Zhou Qiaoqiao, with her left eye indicating the word “上 (up)” and her right eye indicating the word “啊 (ah)”.

“上 啊!!!” (TL: LJ is basically teasing ZQQ through her winking, encouraging her to make a move on the handsome guy YW.)

Zhou Qiaoqiao, however, calmly replied, “The key is that I’m not good-looking and I don’t have any money!”

Liang Jiamin suddenly realized and said, “Right, right, right.”


Then the two of them looked at each other and burst out laughing. When Yan Wei heard the laughter, he looked up and saw Zhou Qiaoqiao’s bright smile and radiant face, shining in the light.

Her originally round eyes curved like a crescent moon when she laughed, and her whole face was adorned with a brilliant glow.

Yan Wei lowered his eyes and watched the turntable in front of him. Dish after dish of delicious food slid by, making his mouth water.

“Eat up!” Zhou Qiaoqiao picked up her chopsticks and ordered two servings of sea cucumber. A thick scent of green onions wafted out. Zhou Qiaoqiao picked up one with her chopsticks and took a big bite.

The sea cucumber was tender and delicious. It was Yan Wei’s first time trying it, and while she couldn’t quite describe it as stunning, she enjoyed it immensely.

Yan Wei watched Zhou Qiaoqiao’s slightly narrowed eyes and the corners of her mouth that curved up slightly. He picked up his chopsticks and took a bite out of the other sea cucumber on the plate.

The taste was good, a top-quality Liaodong sea cucumber, fresh, soft, and smooth.

“That was Jiamin’s,” said Zhou Qiaoqiao, using her chopsticks to grab the remaining half of the sea cucumber and crying outfor the one that had been eaten.

Yan Wei’s hand trembled slightly. He cursed in his heart: how could this woman be so oblivious? I’ve already eaten it, do I really have to spit it out?

Liang Jiamin covered her face and kicked Zhou Qiaoqiao below the table.

Zhou Qiaoqiao hesitated for a moment, then looked at Yan Wei and said, “I mean, even though it’s Jiamin’s, you can eat it if you like. I have some new sea cucumbers coming.”

She wasn’t refusing to let him eat it! She ordered him a new one…


Sorry, she blurted it out. She and Jiamin were used to being alone…

Yan Wei looked at the sea cucumber in front of him and said lightly, “It’s okay, I’ll pay for this meal.”

Zhou Qiaoqiao gasped and said, “How can I let you do that?”

Yan Wei looked at Zhou Qiaoqiao and said, “Well then, you can pay for the next two meals, and then we’ll be even.”

Zhou Qiaoqiao tilted her head and thought for a moment. Yan Wei’s words seemed to make sense. He would pay for this meal, and she would pay for the next two meals to even things out.

Zhou Qiaoqiao turned to Yan Wei with a smile and said, “Okay, I’ll treat you next time.”

(TL: She’ll never be able to pay back the meals, ever. This guy is so tricky!

Sansukini: Left eye上, Right eye 啊 – these chinese characters are supposed to be the shapes of the eyes when you’re winking. It literally means 上 (Up) 啊 (Ah) but the point here are not the words itself but the shape of the eyes. I searched for a long time till I gave up and asked chatgpt.

I also asked my Chinese friend what 上 啊 is used for. She said that it is used for mmorpg type of games where somebody in a group invites you to start the game.

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