Chapter 6: His Brother, Duan Lin

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“Little beast, get out of here! Have you gone out in the middle of the night? There’s water everywhere in the living room!” The solid wooden door was kicked with a “kwang kwang” sound, it was almost as if it was going to fall the next second.

Yan Rui looked at his leg, in just a few hours the wound had already healed. However, his flesh could not be restored to its former state, leaving behind an ugly patch. 

Yan Rui’s heart was filled with an unspeakable misery. He got up and wrapped himself with a bath towel then took out an army green cotton jacket from his closet. Only after putting it on, did he limped towards the door.

Before he even got close, he heard the scoldings outside. There were all kinds of unpleasant vulgarities. Yan Rui’s expression did not change, it seemed that he had long been used to such situations. He unlocked the door and routinely took a big step backwards. The edge of the door swung past the tip of his nose, creating a gust of wind before slamming onto the wall and shook.

Yan Rui raised his eyes to look at the man in front of him. He had handsome features, blonde hair and ears pierced with a pair of silver earrings.

Duan Chen had a younger brother who just returned from abroad. He turned twenty this year and was called Duan Lin. They looked fairly alike but they were nothing like each other in terms of character. Duan Chen was always gloomy and introverted while he was domineering and untamed.

Yan Rui stared back at him with his dark and sparkly eyes. His pale white face from before now turned slightly rosy after the bath. The tip of his hair was still wet and dripping with water down from his slender neck to his two delicate collarbones.

How seductive!

Duan Lin subconsciously gulped and questioned in a deep voice: “Little beast, where did you go in the middle of the night, only to return at this hour, and also showered?”

Yan Rui felt some pain like a thorn lodged in throat: “Do not call me a little beast.”

Duan Lin made an exclamation and measured him with eyes filled with sarcasm: “Why? Only my brother is allowed to call you that?”

“The more you don’t allow me to, the more I will, little beast little beast little beast!” He stopped after three times in a row: “My brother has only been gone for a few days and you can’t stand it already? The first thing you do is to take advantage of his absence and cheat on him in the middle of the night? As soon as you return, you take a shower to wash off the dirty semen between your legs. Am I right?”

“I think I shouldn’t call you a little beast, I should call you a little bitch instead. Or a little slut.”

Duan Lin had always despised this “sister-in-law”. With the exception of his looks, he had no merits. He did not have the intelligence nor the family background to be worthy of his brother.

Looking at his foolish and feeble demeanor, he was simply worse than a dog. Even a dog knew to make his master happy by wagging his tail to please but Yan Rui could only put on a dumb face all day.

Duan Lin had always been exposed to the outside world and dabbled in all sorts of uncouth activities which also reflected in his crude spoken language. In front of his brother, Duan Lin would exercise some restraint, but today infront of Yan Rui who he had always despised, he did not.

“I went to the hospital tonight and did not do anything indecent.” Yan Rui finally opened his mouth to defend himself with a sentence, his voice was still weak.

“Zhou Ran is sick again?”

Yan Rui nodded.

That must be it, he guessed when his brother called, Yan Rui rushed off to donate blood to save his life.

Compared to Yan Rui, he hated Zhou Ran even more. He was like a white lotus flower with nothing to like. But his brother liked him. He even went to the extent of marrying a man he did not love to save Zhou Ran.

This stupid man, Yan Rui, wouldn’t dare to cheat even if he had boosted his courage a thousand folds. He was just saying those to disgust him and deliberately taunt him.

“Asked you for blood and you give. I really have not seen anyone more cheap.”

Yan Rui stiffened and looked at him with a shallow gaze: “Do you have anything more to say?”

“If I have nothing else, are you kicking me out?”

“No …… It’s that I have to pack up.”

Pack up? What did he have to pack so early in the morning? Suddenly something came to mind and Duan Lin asked, “Are you moving out?”

Yan Rui did not want to talk to him but nodded his head and then reached out to close the door. Duan Lin quickly pushed the door open and entered the room: “My brother asked you to move out?”

Yan Rui was silent.

Duan Lin was so enraged that he clenched his teeth and became silent again. He hated this expression of Yan Rui the most. But looking at his face, he could vaguely make a guess. With Yan Rui so clingy to his brother, there was no way that he would initiate to move out.

Grandmother was always protective of Yan Rui, and in the family, only his brother could drive him out of this house. But there must be a reason he was driving him out right? Could it be ……

“Don’t tell me Zhou Ran is moving in?” Duan Lin looked stunned and stared at Yan Rui with some dismay.

Silence gave him the answer. It seemed that Zhou Ran was indeed going to move in.

It had not even been 2 months since their engagement. The new “wife” had just moved in and now had to be returned to give way to a new one. Yan Rui’s pink complexion from earlier had now faded and looked paler than ever.

To Duan Chen, he was just a medicine to save Zhou Ran. His body was important and valued at a surface level. It was optional to be genuinely concerned about him as a person.

Recalling what Duan Chen said in the hospital, Yan Rui’s eyes turned red again. He turned around to hide his vulnerability from Duan Lin. But the stronger he held back, the heavier his breathing became.

Yan Rui quickly gathered his mood and began to organize his things. Duan Chen wanted his beloved to move in so this house must not have a single trace of his own belongings. Yan Rui understood his nature, although he was dumb, he knew not to plead further at that point. But….. he was so reluctant to leave.

Yan Rui thoughtfully looked at the new room which he had lived in for the past month. The windows still bore traces of sticker labels, the bed and quilt covers were a ceremonial bright red, the furniture pieces in the room were brand new. There was no trace of dust.

Yan Rui proceeded to change the sheets and used a rag to clean the window along the window sill.

The whole room was unusually quiet. Even Duan Lin who was displeased did not speak a word. He found a chair to sit in and observed the man cleaning up.

Yan Rui did not have many belongings, they could all be contained in just a single duffel bag. 

The room was quickly cleaned and tidy, looking as if no one had ever lived in it.


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