My Foolish Snake Husband Wouldn’t Stop Pestering Me

Chapter 7: Sister-in-law Smells So Good

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Duan Lin watched as Yan Rui tidied up the room bit by bit. An inexplicable discomfort rose in his heart. It was so intolerable that he wanted to vent by throwing the “garbage bag” that Yan Rui was carrying onto the ground. But in the end, he held back from doing anything violent.(Note: “Garbage bag” refers to the duffel bag with Yan Rui’s belongings.) 

Duan Lin casually asked: “Are you really willing to leave and let Zhou Ran move in?”

Yan Rui shook his head and then nodded again.

“What do you mean? Shaking and nodding your head.”

“I don’t want to leave but I want to obey Ah Chen.” Only by being obedient, Ah Chen would not drive him away and annul their engagement.


Being with Duan Chen was the only wish he ever had when he came to this world. For this wish, he would give up anything.

Duan Lin scolded him for being an idiot and after that he mocked: “You are even worse than an idiot. You are a flower vase filled with rotten mashed beancurd.”1Note: Duan Lin meant that Yan Rui was a spineless good for nothing.

Yan Rui bent down to lift the duffel bag without saying a word. Duan Lin got up from his chair and gradually approached Yan Rui. 

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In between words, his exquisite eyebrows were now tinted with lust. His unabashed eyes seemed to be ripping off Yan Rui’s clothes. He moved his arm which were wrapped around Yan Rui’s waist to deliberately caress him twice.


Yan Rui had a very thin waist and even when wearing his thick coat, his waist could also be easily held.

Duan Lin was a well known philanderer overseas and had been with both men and women alike. Compared to Duan Chen who emanates abstinence from his very bones, Duan Lin was a rice planting machine, sowing his “seeds” everywhere. To him, lovers were like clothes. There were a thousand, if not then a hundred people who he had dated before but no one had a waist as thin as Yan Rui’s. Of course, none were as good-looking as him as well.

The hand which was stroking his waist became distasteful. Yan Rui’s face turned cold and with one hand, he reached that wrist and pressed hard only to hear the sound of a click followed by a wail from Duan Lin: “Woori!”

Yan Rui pushed Duan Lin away, carried the duffel bag and left.

Duan Lin now with a twisted right hand gasped for air and cried out with bloodshot eyes: “Yan Rui, how dare you f*cking twist my hand. I’ll ruin your leg, believe it or not!”

Yan Rui turned around with almost no trace of emotions on his face: “I’m your sister-in-law, you shouldn’t have said those words.” At that moment, his face still did not soften, his knitted eyebrows widened his eyes like a cat baring its teeth and claws.

Yan Rui was not soft, he had his own principles and baseline. When faced with people other than Duan Chen, he could choose to resist, retort and if necessary, he would also fight back.

Ten thousand years ago, he was still a snake who caused trouble, fought and bit people. He was naturally impossible to tame but Duan Chen managed to keep him fully under control eventually.

After that you already know what happened…….. His defiant streak towards Duan Chen was completely crushed.

Duan Lin grinded his teeth until they gave out a creaking sound. After hearing Yan Rui’s words, he laughed softly and the smile at the corner of his lips gave off a hint of apathy.

“I am discussing facts, let’s talk about sleeping together. Tell me how many times have you slept together since the engagement? I don’t know why you chose my brother but my guess is you are after either his face or his money, which I too have. Follow me well and I will definitely do better than him.”

“I like him, just because he is Duan Chen.” Yan Rui replied seriously: “Duan Lin, do not say such nonsense again. Even if your brother does not like me, I still belong to him. I am engaged to him which makes me your sister-in-law. Asking me to be with you is an insult to your brother. He would break your legs if he knew.”


Duan Lin looked at him sharply finishing the long sentence without breaking up for a breath. He did not look like a fool. Only until he heard the words “break legs” did Duan Lin involuntarily shiver a little, remembering an unpleasant past.

The year when he was In high school, he teased Zhou Ran and was caught on the spot by his brother. His brother broke his leg in anger, and sent him abroad to fend for himself.

Thinking about it now, he could feel a fuzzy pain in his leg. Since then, he vowed not to covet his brother’s belongings.

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