Love Ignites A Prairie Fire

Chapter 34. Together. So I have to be your secret lover?

Qi Huan’s breathing stagnated slightly, and she wanted to open her mouth to ask more clearly, but she was afraid that the answer would not be what she expected.

Qu Jianshen raised his eyebrows and said quietly, “Do you think I’m really bored and came here to make brown sugar water for you?”

As if not giving Qi Huan a chance to answer, he again threw out one question after another.

“Why did I reject your proposal to break off the engagement time and time again?”

“And send you so many gifts? And taking you to see your favourite painter. “


“Remembering your wish and taking you to Star Lake Amusement Park to fulfil your dream because of what?”

“What was the reason I took you to eat there as soon as the brisket restaurant owner came back?”

“You don’t think I’m being so nice because I’ve known you since we were kids, do you?”

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 Qi Huan’s lips pursed as she felt for the first time that brown sugar water could be so sweet.


She raised her eyes, and there was a light smile in them, but her words turned into a stiff-lipped arrogance, “Fine, since you’ve begged me so much, I’ll reluctantly agree with you and not break off the engagement.”

Qu Jianshen’s lips hooked slightly and he followed her words, “In that case, then for the sake of my pity, don’t mention the matter of breaking off the engagement in the future.”

Qi Huan’s eyebrows arched, and she nodded: “Good!”

At this time, the mobile phone in Qu Jianshen’s pocket vibrated a few times, and he opened it to see that it was a message from Xu Ling.

Qi Huan leaned over and also saw the content, then said, “You should hurry back to the company. I’m much better now.”

Qu Jianshen hesitated for a few seconds before slowly moving closer to her.

Because it was a sudden movement, Qi Huan was so frightened that her heart trembled and she stiffened up afterwards.

Unexpectedly, Qu Jianshen helped her to cover the quilt and there was no further action.

For a moment, Qi Huan’s heart could not say whether it was lost or otherwise.

As if he had guessed it, Qu Jianshen approached again. This time, he directly hugged Qi Huan into his arms, with a smile in his voice, “Rest well. I’ll come back after work.”

Qi Huan stared blankly at Qu Jianshen’s departure, but he also left with her heart.



There was no movement outside the door. After confirming that Qu Jianshen really left, Qi Huan didn’t hold back any longer, and rolled around on the bed with the quilt in her arms.

If it weren’t for the inconvenience of having her period, she might have wanted to stand upside down to show her happiness.

“Xia Xia, are you busy?” Qi Huan couldn’t hold it in at all and immediately called Jiang Ruixia.

Jiang Ruixia returned suspiciously, “I’m not busy. What’s wrong?”

Qi Huan’s tone was quite agitated, “I had my period today, and then ……”

“Wait, why are you so energetic when you have your period? Didn’t you used to lie in bed like a dead body?” Jiang Ruixia keenly sensed that something was wrong.

Qi Huan’s lips lifted slightly, and she said, “Qu Jianshen came and made me brown sugar water, so I won’t be in pain any time soon. Also, he said he liked me! “

Then there was laughter and muttering to herself that lasted for a minute.

“I really didn’t expect that. I just had too much stomach pain today and seeing as he suddenly came over to look after me again, I suddenly got bold and asked.”

“Oooooh, he said taking care of me was a habit and liking me was too.”

“So he really likes me. I told you, I’m so good and popular, who wouldn’t like me!”

“So what. I reluctantly said yes to him.”


“Heh heh heh…”

Jiang Ruixia waited for Qi Huan to finish her “madness” before sorting out the result, “You two love each other and have no uncertainies, and finally came together?”

Qi Huan couldn’t help but laugh, before nodding: “That’s right!”

“Indeed, Qu Jianshen’s behaviour is very unlike someone who is not attracted to you.” Jiang Ruoxia tsked. “It was too obvious.”

Qi Huan pursed her lips and laughed lightly, “Actually, I thought about it a lot myself. If Qu Jianshen didn’t respond to my attempt today, I might go straight to my parents to break off the engagement. The kind that has to be broken off no matter what, lest I get in too deep. “

“You’re right to think that. If someone like Qu Jianshen doesn’t like you, it’s useless to do more. ” Jiang Ruixia said.

But then she turned her words around, “You said you had your period today, right?”

“Yeah.” Qi Huan was slightly stunned. “What’s wrong?”

Jiang Ruixia sighed sadly, “Oh, what a great opportunity. You couldn’t even sleep with Qu Jianshen.”

Qi Huan:?




Because of the bell, Qi Huan woke up in a daze.

She picked it up and her tone contained a hint of dissatisfaction, “Who is it?”

“Still sleeping?” Qu Jianshen listened to Qi Huan’s slurred voice and froze slightly, also subconsciously lowering her voice.

Qi Huan was also instantly awake and said, “I’m awake. Are you off work?”

Qu Jianshen hummed and said with a smile, “I’m on my way to your house. I’ll be there in a minute.”

Qi Huan got up from the bed almost immediately and said, “Then take your time and come over!”

As soon as she hung up the phone, she glanced in the mirror. Her messy hair and cartoonish pyjamas almost made it clear that it was time for her to tidy up a bit.

When the doorbell rang, Qi Huan was picking out a lipstick shade. She hurriedly chose her usual favourite shade and applied it, then went to answer the door.

With her long hair slightly curled, her long skirt tied at the waist and her collarbone delicately exposed, Qi Huan was ready to go out to a disco as soon as she put on her bag.

Qi Huan leaned against the door, waiting for Qu Jianshen to compliment her.

But Qu Jianshen looked her over and said, “Why don’t you wear something warmer?”

Qi Huan:”…..”

She gave him a furious glare, “You don’t understand anything!”

Qu Jianshen immediately took her hand and said, with a smile, “It looks good.”

Qi Huan hummed, “That’s more like it.”

It was only then that she noticed that Qu Jianshen had gone to the supermarket to buy a lot of ingredients. She asked curiously, “What are you buying vegetables for? I don’t know how to cook.”

Qu Jianshen walked straight to the kitchen, “I can.”

Qi Huan: ????

This was the first time she had heard of such a thing, and she couldn’t even believe it.

“When did you learn how to cook? Don’t you have an aunt cooking at home? You still need to do it yourself? ” Qi Huan asked a series of questions.

Qu Jianshen looked at her with a smile and said in a leisurely tone, “Because I knew someone couldn’t cook, I specifically went to learn. Seeing you so surprised, I didn’t lose out on learning. “

Qi Huan’s heart tightened and her heart beat faster again. “You learned it because of me?”

“You said before that the ideal type must know how to cook. Did you forget it?” Qu Jianshen had already taken off his suit. At that moment, he had also rolled up his sleeves and started to sort out the ingredients.

Only then did Qi Huan remember that when she was talking to her classmates in high school about each other’s ideal types, she had mentioned this condition.

But at that time, she only said it casually. Who knew that Qu Jianshen really took it seriously?

Qi Huan hid the abnormal blush on her cheeks and muttered, “Then why didn’t you show it earlier?”

Qu Jianshen’s lips were slightly hooked: “I was already very popular, so I was afraid that if I showed too much, you would be under pressure.”

Qi Huan:”…..”

Bah, she wouldn’t have been!


Dinner time didn’t take too long. When Qu Jianshen brought the pork liver and tofu soup, Qi Huan was already hungry.

But she still remembered to take out her mobile phone to take a picture first, “This is the meal you made, and I will post it on the Moments later to show it off.”

She immediately changed her mind again after taking the picture, saying, “No, I can’t post it.”

“Why?” Qu Jianshen asked, “Aren’t you going to go public with me?”

Qi Huan pursed her lips and said, “I’m afraid that once I post it, my parents will know about it and they will definitely ask questions about it. They may urge us to get married right away. I’m still young. I just want to fall in love more now. “

Qu Jianshen curled his lips helplessly, “So I have to be your secret lover?”

Qi Huan smiled and said, “Just keep it a secret in front of them.”

“I’ll do as you say.” Qu Jianshen was almost obliging.

Only then did Qi Huan pick up her chopsticks and taste Qu Jianshen’s cooking. Although it was no match for the chefs’ work outside the hotel, she liked it very much. “Can I order from you in the future?”

Qu Jianshen nodded with a smile in his eyes, “Yes, only your order will be accepted.”

At the end of the meal, Qi Huan was a little full.

She rubbed her stomach contentedly and felt a little embarrassed when she saw Qu Jianshen cleaning up the dishes. “I’ll do the dishes later.”

“Don’t touch the cold water. I’ll make ginger and brown sugar water for you to drink later.” Qu Jianshen said directly.

Qi Huan exclaimed, “If I had known you would be so sweet after you became a boyfriend, then I would have fallen in love with you in high school. No, it was junior high school. I’d let you carry me to school, and let you do your homework, and let you do everything. “

But not a second later, Qu Jianshen shattered her fantasy, “Do your own homework.”

Qi Huan’s fantasy was shattered, and she gave a grunt to show her displeasure.

Qu Jianshen’s lips curled up and he smiled, “You can have everything else done.”

After washing the dishes, Qi Huan stood next to Qu Jianshen and watched him make ginger and brown sugar water. She sighed, “I found that almost all the wishes I wrote were granted by you. Did you remember all my wishes?”

Qu Jianshen put one hand on Qi Huan’s waist, looked down at her with a smile, “I remember, I remember everything clearly.”

Qi Huan remembered the incident at the amusement park and was helpless at her own sluggishness: “No wonder you hinted to me on the day of the amusement park.”

Qu Jianshen’s eyes were fixed on Qi Huan and he didn’t let go, “The wish from the day of the amusement park hasn’t been fulfilled.”

“Is that so?” Qi Huan did not respond for a moment.

At this point, Qu Jianshen’s eyes slowly slid down until they reached Qi Huan’s lips.

Qi Huan’s heart was startled, instantly remembering the wish that she had erased: kissing under the fireworks.

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