Love Ignites A Prairie Fire

Chapter 35 . Let’s Try. It looks like you’ve been thinking about me for a long time?

“Wait, wait, wait!” Qi Huan stammered in shock, “I clearly crossed out that wish. How did you know?”

Qu Jianshen laughed lightly and said, “You didn’t cross it out properly, so it’s easy to tell.”

Qi Huan was silent for a while before she realised, “So you knew my wish last time, and…”

“Although I know, I couldn’t do anything.” The corners of Qu Jianshen’s lips were slightly hooked, “You always have to have the appropriate identity and get your consent to do so.”

That look was so aggressive that Qi Huan panicked to the point that her heart was pounding. She hurriedly pointed to the ginger and brown sugar water boiling on the side and said, “It seems to be boiling. Is it ready to drink?”


Qu Jianshen laughed meaningfully and went over to turn off the heat.

Qi Huan’s heart was relieved. She only felt that the progress was too fast and she was a bit overwhelmed.

At this time, Jiang Ruixia sent a message to Qi Huan again.

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Ck Twyd:”…..”

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Qu Jianshen was pouring brown sugar water, and then said unhurriedly, “You explain, I’m listening.”


“This is all a bunch of nonsense from Xia Xia; it doesn’t represent my opinion!” Qi Huan quickly explained, “I am not that kind of shameless person, and I will never do that kind of shameless thing!”

Qu Jianshen raised his eyes and smiled lightly, then asked, “Why is sleeping with me a shameless thing?”

Qi Huan:?

He was quite wild?

“Drink the brown sugar water and rest well.” Qu Jianshen handed her the cup and said with a smile on his lips again, “I’ll be waiting for you.”

Qi Huan:”…..”


After Qu Jianshen left, Qi Huan called Jiang Ruixia back.

“You almost killed me. What’s with the voice message!”

Jiang Ruixia spoke with a sigh, “The fact that you can call me at this hour proves that Qu Jianshen is not here.”

Qi Huan cried and laughed: “Then you’re really good. You can even guess this.”

“I saw the photos you posted on your friends’ circle about the dinner and the brown sugar water. It doesn’t look like something you could make, huh?” Jiang Ruixia asked curiously.


Qi Huan said smugly, “Qu Jianshen made it.”

She had even blocked Ye Songlan and Qi Hao in order to post her friends’ circle, so that they wouldn’t be discovered.

Jiang Ruixia was shocked for a few seconds before she spoke, “So the president can still cook? I thought they were all ten fingers out of the water[1]. It’s amazing how love can make progress.”

Qi Huan puffed out a laugh, “It’s not that exaggerated. My dad often cooks for my mum at home.”

“Now that you’re with Qu Jianshen, is the marriage contract something that will continue to be maintained?” Jiang Yuxia asked again.

Qi Huan froze for a moment, suddenly feeling like what was the point of all the tossing and turning she had done some time ago?

“If I’d known that, I wouldn’t have tossed and turned.” She muttered, “It caused me to even make a fool of myself in front of Qu Jianshen a few times.”

“Hahahahaha!” Jiang Ruixia laughed uncontrollably, “I still remember that I did your zombie makeup!”

Qi Huan was instantly shocked, “So you did it on purpose!”

Jiang Ruixia hurriedly withdrew her laughter and said with a dry cough, “At that time, you weren’t the one who said to make it look sickly so that people would know that you was sick at first glance, so I made it up like that ……”

“I meant to make people look physically ill, not dead!” Qi Huan was furious.

“Pfft, when you said that, I remembered that image again.” Jiang Ruixia couldn’t help but laugh again. “Sister Huan, I won’t watch the Spring Festival Gala skit this year without you.”


Qi Huan puffed up her cheeks and said in exasperation, “Cut off five minutes of friendship!”


“Brother, I heard that you and sister Huanhuan are together. Congratulations, oh, but I love this bag so much.”

After sending this message, a picture of the bag was added.

After seeing it, Qu Jianshen naturally understood what Qu Jianyi meant and forwarded the photo to Xu Ling, saying, “Jianyi wants it.”

Xu Ling immediately understood and then nodded his head.

Qu Jianshen’s side returned the message: bought.

“You are a really good brother, hehehe.”

Qu Jianshen shook his head helplessly and put down his phone. Then, he thought for a while and said to Xu Ling: “See what other latest bags are suitable for Huan Huan, and buy them too.”

Xu Ling nodded: “Okay.”

Qi Huan was looking at the sketches on her computer when she suddenly became dumbfounded. She had decided on the plot and persona with her editor a few days ago, but now she had changed her mind a little.

She had more she wanted to draw.


 [Yuzu Soda]: Editor, I want to change the subject matter and redraw the persona.

 [Editor Ling Yue]: Now?

[Yuzu Soda]: I want to draw a story about a childhood friend, I have better inspiration.

[Yuzu Soda]: I have a better idea.

Qi Huan organised the plot into text and sent it over very quickly.

It took a while for them to reply.

[Editor Ling Yue]: The story is very detailed and interesting. It’s not your personal experience, is it?

Qi Huan: !!!

Can you even tell that?

[Yuzu Soda]: Yes ……

[Editor Ling Yue]: So your marriage contract is true? No wonder you couldn’t open the pit some time ago; it seems to have been resolved, huh? Did you get together? It sounds like the other guy is pretty handsome, huh? Are you getting married? The persona picture isn’t in that much of a hurry, so tell me about it.

Qi Huan:”…..”

It seemed that gossip was a human gene engraved into the blood.


Once again going to He-Yuan, Qi Huan was basically familiar with the place. Even the employees of He-Yuan were no longer surprised.

But unfortunately, when she arrived at Qu Jianshen’s office, he happened to have gone to a meeting.

The secretary smiled when she saw Qi Huan coming and said, “Miss Qi Huan, wait a moment. The boss will be back after the meeting. “

Qi Huan nodded and sat down on the sofa, waiting.

After a while, Qu Jianshen returned from the meeting.

“Have you been waiting for a long time?” He asked with a smile.

Qi Huan glanced behind him, closed the door quickly and said, “Don’t you think it’s dangerous for me to come to your company? Uncle and aunt must have spies in the company!”

Qu Jianshen pursed his lips and laughed lightly, “But you used to come here a lot before, and even the quarrel, my mother and the girls knew about it.”

“So it’s very unsafe.” Qi Huan was much more restrained instead, “My mum even knew about me buying you a shirt. They must have put a lot of eyes around us. “

“Huanhuan.” Qu Jianshen couldn’t help but smile when he saw Qi Huan’s nervousness, “If you tighten up now, you will instead look more suspicious in their eyes.”

Qi Huan froze for a moment, thinking that this was also a reasonable statement.

Qu Jianshen quietly moved closer and said with downcast eyes, “Actually, my office is very safe. Nothing will be discovered if I do anything.”

“Really?” Qi Huan was a little unconvinced.

Qu Jianshen clasped her waist with one hand and lowered his head closer, “Or we can try?”

Only then did Qi Huan react. She was already cornered by Qu Jianshen, there was no room for escape.

“Qu ……”

Before she could open her mouth, her lips were sealed with a kiss.

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