Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 94.3 Spent by my wife (3)

Seeing that only sixteen minutes had passed, the man frowned, “Then I’m going to ask you some questions now. If you have too many questions you can’t answer, I won’t be able to take you in.”

“En, I understand. Ask away.” Bai Rong put on a serious look and replied solemnly.

Seeing that Bai Rong appeared very confident, the man’s unhappiness grew even stronger, but he didn’t say anything, going straight ahead for the questions, “The first…”

Very quickly, several minutes passed. Bai Rong had already answered eight questions, and the man’s face appeared more and more shocked. There was even a hint of excitement. This young man’s answer was not only accurate, but also very thoughtful. He could see that the young man had completely understood the first eight pages, to the point that…some of his opinions were far beyond what he had shown him!!


He was shocked. This was unbelievable. This young man was a genius beyond his imagination!!!

After asking two more questions and finding that Bai Rong answered all of them correctly again. The man closed the booklet, his face flashing red with excitement, “My name is Lei Ming, you can call me Uncle Lei.”

“Okay, Uncle Lei” Bai Rong nodded obediently.

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“Uyd R vyjl kv cynj ekalnvzu?!” Jyk Ssdt’p lulp talo okel.

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“Tsolhla, kq R vyjl vbl kdqsaxyvksd yde awd sqq, usw okzz yzps byhl zspv y zyatl yxswdv sq ypb nskdp!”

Wllzkdt Jyk Ssdt’p kddsnldnl, Nlk Ykdt pxkzle okvbswv alpvaykdv, “Rv’p dyvwayzzu clnywpl R clzklhl vbyv psxlsdl zkjl usw obs kp okzzkdt vs pyhl pvaydtlap kd vbl okzeladlpp, oswzed’v es pwnb y vbkdt, clpkelp…kv kp y jkde sq akpj.”

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“Thank you for your trust, I will study hard!” Bai Rong said with a firm tone, and happily picked up the book, “Then… shall we go out now?”


“Yes. Let’s go. They must have turned anxious from waiting.”

When Bai Rong went down the stairs and returned to the living room, Mu Chongyan immediately greeted him, concern and anxiety present on his face.

“How was it?”

“Uncle Lei promised to accept me and gave me a stack of books!” Bai Rong curved his eyes and smiled.

“Rongrong’s amazing.” After praising Bai Rong, Mu Chongyan raised his head and looked at Lei Ming, “Thank you, we will definitely pay you for the apprenticeship.”

“No need, I accepted Bai Rong because he is very talented and very clever. This apprenticeship will be waived. We won’t talk about it anymore.” Lei Ming waved his hand, and looked at Bai Rong with an affectionate smile, “If I accepted Bai Rong as an apprentice, I might be the person who’s profiting instead….”

“Uncle Lei, you think of me too highly.” Bai Rong was a little embarrassed.

“I’m not, Uncle Lei is telling the truth.” Lei Ming said with a smile. “Alright, you should go back. Remember to come for an hour or two every day from now on.”

“Okay.” Bai Rong thought about the usual arrangements, and said: ” Is it okay to come at four in the afternoon?”

“Yes.” Lei Ming nodded and shouted to Grandma Lei, “Mom, when Bai Rong comes, remember to open the door and bring him in.”

“Ok ok.” Grandma Lei also smiled. Because she was old, she liked having more people in the house as it was much livelier.

Na Erya and Lei Ming exchanged a few more words before the gang went back. By the time they returned to the bungalow courtyard, it was exactly twelve o’clock in the afternoon.


After giving Na Erya fifty ash coins and telling him to go out to eat, Mu Chongyan personally took charge of cooking and cooked lunch for his Little Sweet Cake.

Bai Rong stared starry-eyed at Mu Chongyan, thinking that his wife who could cook, was very handsome and extremely charming!

Hugging Mu Chongyan from behind, Bai Rong’s small face leaned against Mu Chongyan’s back, his voice sweet and soft, “Chongyan…thank you for your hard work.”

“It’s not hard as long as you like it.” Mu Chongyan’s heart turned soft, and he raised his hand to place the last dish on the plate before turning around and lowering his head slightly, kissing Bai Rong’s forehead, “Be good…I’ll wash my hands first so take the dishes out, okay?”

“Okay.” Bai Rong curled his eyes, tiptoed and pecked Mu Chongyan’s chin. He then turned to pick up the plates, and quickly walked to the living room.

Watching Bai Rong’s figure, Mu Chongyan’s eyes were filled with a soft smile, and he turned to wash his hands at the faucet, gently touching the place where his chin was kissed.

The two shared a lovey-dovey meal, the atmosphere very sweet, as if thick golden syrup was flowing in the air.

After the meal, Mu Chongyan cleaned up the dishes, and smiled at the person acting like his tail, “Why aren’t you going off to rest?”

“I want to wait for you.” Bai Rong curled up the corners of his soft lips, revealing a white and tender dimple. “Chongyan…Let’s take a lunch break together.”

Even though he wasn’t ready to “help out” Mu Chongyan again, there was nothing wrong with having more contact. Moreover, his wife was so considerate and so virtuous, he couldn’t help but like Mu Chongyan more and more, wanting to stay together with his wife.

“Okay…” Mu Chongyan revealed a smile, and tenderly kissed the top of Bai Rong’s hair, happiness bubbling in his heart.

After arriving at Mu Chongyan’s room, Bai Rong slipped under the quilt lazily while Mu Chongyan took him into his arms in amusement, stroking a few strands of Bai Rong’s messy hair.


“Is it cold?”

“No… I’m just tired.” Bai Rong leaned against Mu Chongyan’s chest, rubbing his small face against him lightly.

Feeling his heart melt with Bai Rong’s soft movements, Mu Chongyan’s arms grew tighter, locking the person securely in his arms. He gently kissed Bai Rong’s hair, and sighed contentedly inside.

Lying in Mu Chongyan’s warm arms, Bai Rong narrowed his eyes in comfort. His long black eyelashes trembled as he looked out the window.

“Chongyan…It looks like the sky is a bit cloudy, is it going to rain?”

“En, it’s probably about to start raining.” Mu Chongyan was very unwilling to get up with the soft sweet cake in his arms, but thinking of the clothes hanging outside, he still had to get up, “I’m going to collect the clothes, be good…go to sleep first.”

Bai Rong rubbed his eyes and watched Mu Chongyan open the window and take the clothes in.

Among them, a white piece of clothing suddenly appeared in view.

His underwear!!!

Suddenly recalling the nasty thing Mu Chongyan did yesterday, Bai Rong puffed up his face.

Mu Chongyan put away the clothes and was about to fold them up, when he suddenly found his Little Sweet Cake looking at him angrily.

With frozen hands, Mu Chongyan glanced at the underwear in his hand, then looked at Bai Rong, his voice revealing his guilty conscience and flattery, “Rongrong…I will give the underwear to Rongrong to be put away….”


“Hmph, keep it for yourself!” Bai Rong got up and got out of bed, putting on his shoes and walking out the door, “I’m going back to take a nap, you can sleep by yourself!”


“Bang——” The door slammed in response to him.

Mu Chongyan froze for a moment, slowly lowered his head, and looked at the white underwear in his hand.

I shouldn’t have teased Little Sweet Cake yesterday…now I’ve even lost my sleeping benefits…



The author has something to say: Rongrong, why is it that you can spend an afternoon napping with him but not a night? Isn’t it all the same? Sleeping without any other intentions?

Bai Rongrong (looks at author with eyes as if he was looking at an ignorant kid): Of course it’s not the same. An afternoon nap and spending the night isn’t the same. Only when you’ve married can you spend the night in the same bed!

Author: Oh? Where is it not the same?

Bai Rongrong (blinks his blank eyes and after thinking for a long time, he couldn’t come up with anything and puts on a serious face): In…in any case, it’s not the same, even if I tried to explain, you wouldn’t get it anyway!

Mu Chongyan (trying hard to suppress his laugh, putting on a serious face): That’s right. Afternoon naps and spending the night aren’t the same. There’s no problem with Rongrong and I taking afternoon naps together. Rongrong, let’s go take an afternoon nap…

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