Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 94.2 Spent by my wife (2)

At this rate of growth, even if he and Mu Chongyan “helped each other”, he would only grow taller by half a centimeter.

Sure enough, the decision he made yesterday was correct. With such an unfair exchange, he wasn’t going to continue it!

He would just…get a few kisses every day for now.

After adjusting his mental state, Bai Rong slowly sobered up, and went to the bathroom to wash himself. He then went back to his room to change out of his clothes.

The clothes were a little smaller, his ankles slightly exposed, feeling a bit of wind come in. Fortunately, his pants and jacket weren’t tight. Bai Rong brushed out his hair, and walked out the door holding his weapon.


Because he moved a little slowly today, by the time Bai Rong arrived at the living room, the others were already there. Even Bo Ke and Na Erya were awake.

Feeling that he should show some concern to the two of them as the head of the tough guy mercenary group, Bai Rong walked over and sat next to them.

Mu Chongyan, who had just “passed by”, saw this and his face turned taut, his heart feeling a little jealous.

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“Jasvbla Yw?” Jyk Ssdt yzxspv zywtble, “Tso sze yal usw?”

“R’x vbkavu, yde Ly Oauy kp voldvu-plhld.” Js Il tzydnle yv vbl caktbvzu pxkzkdt vlldytla kd qasdv sq bkx, y zkvvzl nsdqwple, “Ebu?”

“Yw Ubsdtuyd kp sdzu vwadkdt 21 kd vos xsdvbp yde usw nyzzle bkx casvbla?”

“Lsdsds …… usw’al xkpvyjld.” Js Il czwpble, “Rd swa xlanldyau taswr, wdela vbl ralxkpl vbyv vbl ytl ekqqlaldnl kp ds xsal vbyd vld ulyap, vbl xyfsakvu sq vbl vkxl ol oswze cl aydjle ynnsaekdt vs rsola yde ralpvktl.”

“Rp vbyv ps?!” Jyk Ssdt’p lulp zkv wr yde bl vwadle vs zssj yv Ly Oauy, “M-vbkp ulya, R’x dkdlvlld!”

Nssjkdt yv vbl csu kd qasdv sq bkx okvb y qynl vbyv pyke “Zsw yde R yal sdzu 8 ulyap yryav. Cwknjzu nyzz xl casvbla, iwknjzu nyzz xl casvbla”, Ly Oauy oyp lxcyaaypple yde oydvle vs zywtb. Wynkdt pwnb y elzknyvl yde zshlzu uswdt xyd, bl nswzed’v nyzz swv vbl osae “casvbla” yv yzz…

“Alright, come and eat.” Mu Chongyan finally couldn’t help himself and walked over, picking them up. “Once you’ve finished, let Na Erya take us to see the weapons maker.”


Bai Rong was originally a bit dissatisfied that Mu Chongyan interrupted them but when he heard the latter half of his sentence, he nodded obediently, “Okay.”

“Good, today, we have your favorite fruit oatmeal porridge. Eat a little more.” Mu Chongyan looked at Bai Rong and said affectionately, “I will be accompanying you to find the maker today as Lu Kun, Kuku, and Lu Ya are going to the red tiger beast’s gathering place for training.”

”…Okay.” Bai Rong thought for a while before nodding in understanding.

The red tiger beast was weaker than the thunder wolf beast. It shouldn’t be too dangerous for Kuku and the others to go to the red tiger beast’s gathering place to train. Not to mention, Mu Chongyan had already taught them the best training techniques.

Moreover, relying on his perception and Mu Chongyan’s martial prowess to avoid danger wouldn’t be conducive to their growth.

After the group of people finished their breakfast, they rushed to their destinations. Bo Ke followed Lu Kun, whereas Na Erya took Mu Chongyan and Bai Rong to find the fourth-level weapons maker.

The group walked from south to north of the zone for two hours, finally stopping in front of the courtyard of a small villa.

Na Erya rang the doorbell.

“Coming.” A kind-looking grandmother walked out of the villa, followed by a seven or eight-year-old girl.

“Oh, it’s Na Erya, you haven’t visited for a long time.” Upon seeing the person outside the door, the old grandma immediately laughed cheerfully, “Why haven’t you visited the past two months? Youyou keeps asking why you haven’t visited every day!”

“Brother Na Erya!” The little girl looked outside with sparkling eyes, appearing extremely elated, “Brother Na Erya, you came!”

“Yeah. Has Youyou recently been behaving all this time?” Na Erya squatted down and rubbed the little girl’s head, smiling, “Youyou grew taller again, that’s amazing!”


“Hehehe…” Praised by her favorite Brother Na Erya, Youyou smiled and jumped into Na Erya’s arms, asking him to carry her.

“Brother Na Erya, yesterday my dad bought a lot of delicious food. Come in and let’s eat together!”

“Youyou’s dad became a Level 5 weapons maker yesterday. I wasn’t able to tell you this piece of news yet.” The old woman laughed before turning to look at Bai Rong and Mu Chongyan, “Who are these two strong-looking lads?”

“These two are my lifesavers. They’re more interested in weapons making and wanted to ask whether Uncle Lei is accepting any apprentices.” Na Erya picked up the little girl and asked the old lady, “Grandma Lei, is Uncle Lei in?”

“Yes, he’s in…” Upon hearing that they were Na Erya’s saviors, Grandma Lei became even more hospitable towards Bai Rong and Mu Chongyan, “Your Uncle Lei is in the weapon making room on the second floor. Take a rest in the living room for a while, and I will call him out.”

Bai Rong and Mu Chongyan thanked her and stepped into the living room, sitting down on the sofa.

Sweeping a gaze around the place, Mu Chongyan secretly decided that he was going to buy a house like this for his Little Sweet Cake as soon as he could.

Little did he know….

Bai Rong had also secretly clenched his fists, resolving to buy such a villa for his wife!

After a while, the sound of footsteps rang from upstairs. A middle-aged man with regular features turned around the corridor and walked down the stairs quickly, showing concern on his face.

“Na Erya, what happened to you? Did you encounter a group of level five mutant beasts in the wilderness?!”

“Uncle Lei, it’s a long story. I can only say that Bo Ke and I had fallen into Luo Lei’er’s trap.  I met these benefactors when I was about to die. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t even be left with a corpse.” Na Erya looked at the angry man and quickly tried to calm him, “I’m fine now, Uncle Lei. I’m almost completely healed. The benefactors treat me very well. They wanted to learn about weapon making. Take a look at the…Are you willing to take in an apprentice?”


“Which one of you wants to learn weapon making?” Hearing Na Erya’s words, the man heaved a sigh of relief, shifting his gaze to the two young people. Recently, more and more people were requesting to learn from him, but didn’t have good qualifications, so he hadn’t accepted any. These two seemed to be of good character. If they had the qualifications for it, it wouldn’t be impossible for him to accept one.

“Hello, I’m the one who wants to learn.” Bai Rong took a step forward and said, “My name is Bai Rong.”

“Bai Rong.” The man glanced at the well-behaved, neat and clean boy in front of him. The impression he got from him wasn’t bad at all.

“If you want me to accept you, you need to go through some tests, are you up for it?”

“I am!” Bai Rong quickly agreed.

Things that can be solved by tests, were nothing to him at all!

“Okay, then come with me.” The man looked at Na Erya and Mu Chongyan, “You guys have a cup of tea here as well as the shortbread that I just bought yesterday. It should taste good.”

“Thank you Uncle Lei.”

“Thank you.” Mu Chongyan glanced at Bai Rong and gave him an encouraging smile.

Bai Rong immediately returned a sweet smile.

Na Erya only wanted to rub his nose, seeing their display of affection. His benefactors were really sweet all the time…

Bai Rong followed the man to a room at the end of the second floor, and the man took a few books from the shelf, “Have you learned about weapons making before? How much do you know about weapons making?”


“…I haven’t learned it before, and I don’t understand it at all.” Bai Rong replied truthfully.

The man frowned, put down the book in his hand and took out a thin book from the shelf, handing it to Bai Rong, “Page 1 to page 8. I’ll give you half an hour. After you finish reading it, I will ask you some questions.”

“Okay.” Bai Rong quickly accepted it, but found that it was not a book, but a notebook, the contents of which were all handwritten.

Immediately after reading from the first page, Bai Rong appeared more surprised the more he continued reading. The first to fifth pages actually introduced the production process and the difference between low-level weapons and intermediate weapons, but there was no detailed explanation, just a general introduction. Yet this still allowed him to understand the process of weapons making.

The important thing about making low-level weapons is selecting the materials to be forged with. This requires technical experience and techniques, but since there are already forging machines for low-level weapons in Zone S, Zone A as well as Zone B, it’s only a matter of time before it reaches Zone C.

But there was no machine to make intermediate weapons, because in addition to the production process of low-level weapons, there were two more important steps for making intermediate weapons, that was energy refining and rune engraving!

Bai Rong’s eyes flashed, and he continued reading eagerly, discovering that the key to this rune’s ability to be executed directly on the weapon was actually because of the “energy refining” step!

This step uses an expensive natural energy liquid. Low-level weapons needed to be simmered and cooled in the energy liquid according to various methods. Even the energy liquid needs to be added with different materials according to different runes and different energy refining stages. This step was very complicated, enough to stump most weapons makers, but Bai Rong was not included.

Not mentioning his ridiculously strong memory and comprehension ability, just talking about these processes was, in fact, somewhat similar to the process of making spell card liquid and rune liquid. Even though he had never seen some of the materials used before, just seeing the name and function already gave him an idea of how to handle it and what method to use. Even if it isn’t completely correct, his assumptions weren’t very far from being correct.

As for the “rune engraving” step, it was even more amazing. This step was carried out in the last step of energy refining. It directly required the engraving of the weapon using energy liquid, so the weapon maker’s control and perception had to be really high. Fortunately, the pen used to engrave was a pen made of a special material. It had a sharp and solid tip, and needed no rune liquid.

Seeing Bai Rong quickly flip through the pages, a hint of unhappiness flashed across the man’s face. It didn’t matter if he didn’t meet the qualifications, but if he wasn’t serious and his actions were impetuous, he wouldn’t be willing to take him in.

“Are you finished?”

“Yup, I’ve finished.” Bai Rong nodded obediently.

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