Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 94.1 Spent by my wife (1)

An hour later, Bai Rong laid limp in Mu Chongyan’s arms, his small face buried deeply in Mu Chongyan’s chest, blushing so hard he couldn’t look at anyone.


He had actually ….. in Mu Chongyan’s hands…wha-….what was that….

Mu Chongyan’s ears are also tinted red, and he held Little Sweet Cake tightly in his arms. Gentle kisses kept falling on Bai Rong’s hair, and his heart was filled with warmth, swelling up in happiness. He quietly hugged the person and laid in bed, the joy in his chest threatening to burst.

Unfortunately, the only flaw in this otherwise perfect moment was that…..he was a little too excited being “helped out” by Little Sweet Cake for the first time and had actually achieved the fastest release time in history…


This simply affected his image in Little Sweet Cake’s heart!

The next time this happened, he had to control himself and hold it back a little longer!

Yet, Bai Rong who was the actual newb, released even faster…His whole person was overwhelmed with embarrassment, the small version of him in his heart with two horns, brandished a pitchfork wildly, regretting that he had actually released faster than his wife!!!

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“Then let’s go to sleep, okay?” Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s waist, unable to part with the smooth sensation.


“No…no.” Bai Rong suddenly raised his head from Mu Chongyan’s arms, blushing as he said softly, “I-I want to go back to my room to sleep…”

As of now, they aren’t married yet. They couldn’t spend the night together this quickly!

“Go back to sleep?” Mu Chongyan expressed a bit of regret in his heart, but also faintly breathed a sigh of relief.

God knows, if he slept together with a piece of white, tender and fragrant sweet cake in his arms, would he have to get up again in the middle of the night to go to the toilet…

“Yeah…” Bai Rong struggled free from Mu Chongyan’s embrace and sat up, rubbing his face. He then slowly crawled off the bed.

Mu Chongyan watched Bai Rong get out of bed with affection in his gaze and a smile hanging off his lips.

“Are you really not resting here?” Mu Chongyan followed Bai Rong off the bed and gently wrapped his arms around Bai Rong’s shoulders, lowering his head to ask.

“N-…no.” Looking at his sticky wife, Bai Rong decisively turned his face taut, and raised his leg to leave.

He was a tough guy with principles. He wouldn’t violate them and stay just because his wife was acting coquettish!

But just after taking a step, Bai Rong suddenly remembered that the underwear he had just changed out of, was still at Mu Chongyan’s place, and he quickly rushed back to the bedside with a red face.

However, as soon as he stretched out his hand, Mu Chongyan picked up his underwear one step ahead of him.

“!!!” Bai Rong appeared stunned, and he quickly leapt up, trying to grab it, his face blushing hard, “Give it to me!!!”


“It just so happens that I’m going to wash mine, I’ll help Rongrong wash it along the way.” A smirk flashed across Mu Chongyan’s face, and he raised his arm.

“You…” Bai Rong gritted his teeth in anger, stretched out his hand to grab Mu Chongyan’s shoulder, and pulled down hard, but no matter how hard he tried, Mu Chongyan’s arm… didn’t budge at all?!!

Seeing that his actions weren’t doing anything, Bai Rong reached out his arm and leapt strongly…

Just a little bit more..ah, I was almost there.

I’ll jump again!

Ahhhhh… almost there!

Bai Rong gritted his teeth and looked angrily at Mu Chongyan, who was taller and had longer arms than him. He pounced towards him and pinched his face, “Give it back to me…!”

Mu Chongyan, whose mouth was pinched to form a chick’s beak, was still immovable like a mountain, even extending his arm out a bit farther.

Bai Rong’s dark eyes grew wide: “!!!”

Had he spoiled his wife too much?

Seeing that his Little Sweet Cake looked really anxious, Mu Chongyan quickly coaxed, “I just want to help Rongrong wash it. Rongrong can come over later and retrieve it…”

“No!” Bai Rong puffed his face. This was not just a problem of shame, but the problem of not letting his “small” underwear fall into the hands of his wife!


If he was…bigger than Mu Chongyan, he wouldn’t have cared whether his wife would help him wash his underwear or not!!!

“Why? Is Rongrong embarrassed?” Mu Chongyan grabbed the jumping Little Sweet Cake into his arms and smiled.

“That’s…not it.” His wife wasn’t even embarrassed, why should he feel embarrassed!

Bai Rong blushed and looked at Mu Chongyan, “I’m just worried you’d have too much work!”

“I won’t. How could I? Rongrong’s underwear is so tiny, it’ll be washed quickly.”

Is! So! Tiny?!!!!!!

Bai Rong exploded in an instant, his whole body turning into a pufferfish.

Seeing that Little Sweet Cake had completely blown up, Mu Chongyan was taken aback, suddenly realizing why Little Sweet Cake was adamant on washing it himself.

Helpless and amused, he reached out to hold Bai Rong’s hand, and even if the other party wanted to fling it away, he still held on and gently kneaded it, saying, “It’s not tiny, it’s not tiny. I was wrong, Rongrong’s not tiny. It definitely belongs to the size of a tough guy.”

After all, his little sweet cake wore an M size, so it wasn’t really considered small. It was just….cough, the right size.

“You just said I was tiny!” Bai Rong’s anger was not appeased, feeling that his dignity was completely provoked!

“M-…my words came out wrong, it’s not tiny…it’s cute, Rongrong’s underwear is very cute.”


“You’re the one who’s cute!” What’s the difference between cute and tiny?!

Bai Rong’s jet-black eyelashes trembled slightly in anger, his watery eyes glaring at Mu Chongyan, “Your whole family is cute!”

“Yes, my whole family is cute.” Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s head in a pampering manner, “But…I only have you as my whole family now.”

Bai Rong was taken aback, before immediately rushing into Mu Chongyan’s arms in embarrassment, biting Mu Chongyan’s lips and arguing, “Give it to me! Otherwise, I….I’ll bite you hard!!”

Mu Chongyan immediately took the reins and put one hand around Bai Rong’s waist, bending over and kissing him back hard, “I don’t believe you….”

You actually don’t believe it?

Bai Rong immediately bit Mu Chongyan with his teeth and even grinded his teeth but in the end… he didn’t put too much strength into it.

“It doesn’t hurt at all.” Mu Chongyan chuckled in a low voice, “But… it doesn’t matter if Rongrong bites hard.”

“Who…who wants to bite you hard!”

Not knowing how to reply. Bai Rong’s face grew hotter, and he flung his hand away, “Hmph, if you’re not giving it back, it’s fine. I don’t want it anymore.”

He then turned around and ran out in a flurry.

Mu Chongyan stood there and smiled helplessly. He picked up a basin, put both underwear in, opened the door and walked to the bathroom.

Upon returning to his room, Bai Rong dove under his quilt in embarrassment and covered his head.

He decisively told himself that this was definitely the last time!

Even if he grew five centimeters tomorrow, he was never going to “help” Mu Chongyan again!!!


A night passed by slowly, and when morning came the next day, the alarm clock went off on time.

Bai Rong pressed the alarm clock in a daze, and subconsciously fumbled for the medical instrument, scanning himself, feeling a little nervous inside.

Yesterday was probably the most intimate he and Mu Chongyan could be, he must’ve grown a lot right?

The screen of the physical examination instrument flashed slightly, and a line of bblack bold letters appeared.

——[176.56 cm]


He was already very intimate with Mu Chongyan yesterday, why did he only grow one centimeter taller! !

Bai Rong promptly collapsed on the bed and buried himself back under the quilt.

It wasn’t fair!

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