Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 95.1 His wife!!! (1)

As the days passed, in the blink of an eye, a month had gone.

Bai Rong had already paid off the car loan and saved more than 83,000 ash coins. In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that he had to spend too much money to learn how to make weapons and buy materials, they would have definitely been able to save hundreds of thousands of ash coins by now.

But the results were gratifying. Now, Uncle Lei no longer needed to guide him. He had advanced into a Level 6 Weapons Maker two days ago and the weapons of everyone in the Tough Guy Mercenary Group were personally crafted by his hands.

“Chongyan, I’ve finished.” Bai Rong closed the door, a small silver spatial button hanging around his neck. This was bought by Mu Chongyan some time ago whereas their old spatial button had been put away long ago. His Chongyan said that the previous spatial button can be used to store some ambiguous objects and should be kept as backup.

“Okay, let’s go.” Mu Chongyan handed the glass of juice in his hand to Bai Rong, and looked at his Little Sweet Cake’s evidently thinner face. Distress flashed across his eyes. His Little Sweet Cake’s face was already so small, if it got any thinner, he would be able to cover his face with just one hand.


“Rongrong…When we enter Zone B this time, let’s go buy low-level weapons to engrave the rune liquid on. It’s good enough to understand the original forging process, don’t always do it yourself, okay?”

“Chongyan, you don’t need to worry, I already understand it completely.” Bai Rong raised his head and pecked Mu Chongyan’s chin, curving his eyes, “I’ve already gained an understanding and mastery of all low-level weapons. However…in case a low-level weapon that I haven’t seen before appears, I still need to try and forge it. After all, this is the best way to gain a profound understanding of it. It would also help me train combining different runes and weapons.

“…Okay.” Mu Chongyan took Bai Rong into his arms and placed a gentle kiss on his forehead, “I feel a lot more relieved hearing your words but I still hope that no new kind of low-level weapons would appear…”

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By the time the two had walked to the yard, the others had already gathered there. These days, Bo Ke and Na Erya had also gotten acquainted with them, and because they had carried out the training program designed by Mu Chongyan, their physical fitness has improved, becoming the two next strongest pillars of the Tough Guy Mercenary Group right after Mu Chongyan, Bai Rong as well as Kuku.


“Na Erya, has your matter been resolved?” Bai Rong asked Na Erya, who was smiling gently. After a few days of interaction, he found that Na Erya was a very gentle and careful person. He was also very kind to him.

“It’s been dealt with. The people who have harmed us have been given the lessons they should be given.” Na Erya responded with a smile. He especially liked Bai Rong. This youth was not only exquisite and beautiful, but also extremely capable. At the same time, he was very well-behaved and sensible, simply akin to his ideal younger brother.

“Alright, then let’s set out.” Bai Rong curled the corners of his mouth and waved his right hand, “To Zone B!”


The admission fee for Zone B was 300 ash coins per person, and the daily accommodation fee was 30 ash coins per person. It can be said to be very expensive, fortunately, the Tough Guy Mercenary Group had advanced into a sixth-level mercenary group so the majority of the people’s accommodation fees were more or less reduced, making it easy for them to bear the cost.

With Mu Chongyan taking the lead, the gang rented a small villa on the east side of Zone B. The small villa had three floors. Each floor had three rooms, a bathroom and a study. Mu Chongyan monopolized the entire third floor and though he looked serious on the outside, on the inside, he was ecstatic. He could finally shake off those light bulbs(1) and have an assured alone time with his Little Sweet Cake.

(1) Light bulbs is a chinese slang for people who are third-wheeling in a relationship.

Kuku originally wanted the third floor as well. After all, he would worry if he didn’t keep an eye on his brother. However, his strength was far inferior to Mu Chongyan’s, and as such, he was expelled to the second floor by him.

Glaring at Mu Chongyan sullenly, Kuku dragged his luggage and lived with Na Erya and Lu Ya on the second floor.

Lu Kun and Bo Ke stayed on the first floor.

After everything was unpacked, Mu Chongyan took Bai Rong to the most upscale restaurant in the prosperous center of Zone B for dinner. As for the rest of the people…they naturally wanted the same treatment as Bai Rong, and tagged along without any shame.

The restaurants in Zone B were indeed expensive. Their meals cost about three thousand ash coins in total. Bai Rong felt a little ache in his heart. This money was enough to buy him three liters of energy liquid to refine six weapons!


After their meal, Bai Rong took a thermos cup full of juice, and while drinking, he walked gallantly to the Mercenary Guild with the Tough Guy Mercenary Group in tow.

The mercenary guild building in Zone B was more or less similar to that in Zone C, but the atmosphere it gave off was more magnificent and oppressive. The gang went straight to the elevator and arrived at the fourth floor, which was the hall dedicated to tasks that were level 6 and above.

“Giant Centipede Beasts, Thunder Blast Beasts, Four Flame Beasts…”

Bai Rong browsed through the mission screens. Aside from tasks pertaining to sixth-level high grade mutant beasts, he also deliberately browsed through several tasks pertaining to seventh-level mutant beasts, feeling slightly restless.

He was now a Level 6 weapons maker and could craft intermediate and high-level weapons. At present, all the weapons in their regiment were made by him when he was a Level 5 weapons maker half a month ago, the difficulty comparable to hunting sixth level high grade beasts with ease. If he could help raise the level of all the weapons in their regiment, they might be able to advance into a seventh-level mercenary group!

“Chongyan, shall we take the seventh-level mutant beast task?” Bai Rong raised his face, and pointed to a red task message on the screen with twinkling eyes, “That task where you’re required to hunt down ten giant crocodile beasts and one giant crocodile king. Though it’s difficult, we can take our time and complete it when we’re ready. What do you think?”

Bai Rong thought that half a month of preparation was enough for them. The commission for this task was 100,000 as coins so it wouldn’t be a problem even if they didn’t take any other tasks for half a month.

But before Mu Chongyan could say “ok”, a contemptuous laugh suddenly sounded.

“You guys want to take on this task? Tsk tsk…Do bumpkins these days not know their own worth?” A strange man’s voice rang from the other side of the task screen, his face so pale it looked horrifying, contempt could also be seen in his eyes, “Get lost, you bumpkins, don’t create more trouble.”

He knew who the other three seventh-level mercenary groups in Zone B were and he had never seen this group before. There was an eighty percent chance these people came from Zone C, and these incompetent bumpkins were actualling thinking about hoarding tasks, how arrogant they were!

Looking up and sweeping a glance at the “special task” that was issued only once a day, the man hurriedly wrote down the task number. Generally, this kind of task was only allowed to be accepted by no more than five mercenary groups. Whoever completed it first gets the money so he had to hurry and write it down for Lei Nade.

“Who are you scolding?!!!” Suddenly scolded by someone who popped out of nowhere, Bai Rong’s face contorted in anger and he pointed the machete in his hand towards the man in front, “Apologize to us!!


“Yo ha! You bumpkin dared to point your knife at me, do you know who I am?! You bas…… Ah——!!!” The man suddenly screamed, a bloody gash appearing on his wrist. He turned to look at Mu Chongyan with fear and resentment.

He actually… didn’t see the man attacking him?!!!

“Let’s go.” Mu Chongyan ignored the man and patted Bai Rong’s shoulder lightly, “Let’s go and register for the task.”

“…Okay.” Bai Rong did not expect that as soon as the man raised his hand, he was taught a lesson by Mu Chongyan. He originally wanted to fight back against this man who was getting ready to do something to him….

He didn’t expect to be protected by his wife instead.

Realizing that the people in front of him weren’t as incompetent as he thought, the man gritted his teeth and wanted to swallow his anger, but out of the corner of his eye, he found his fellow mercenary group members approaching, and walking at the forefront was Lei Nade!

Immediately, the man’s confidence returned. He covered his wrist and stepped up to block the two people, speaking in a sharp voice, “You think you can walk away after injuring me?! You sure look down on our Thunderstorm Mercenary Group!” After he said this, he then turned his head to look at the group of people walking towards them, his voice turning so delicate it elicited a chill out of Bai Rong.

“Brother Nade, these people suddenly attacked me when I didn’t even provoke them…”

A muscular man who was nearly two meters tall, walked towards them and frowned imperceptibly, feeling slightly displeased. This Jia La’er always got himself into trouble, which really disgusted him. If it weren’t because his father was a seventh-level weapons maker, he would’ve been too lazy to care about him.

Accelerating his pace slightly, the big man held Jia La’er and put on a distressed face, “What’s wrong? Which blind hurt you?!”

“It’s them!” Jia La’er leaned weakly against the big man’s arms, glaring at Bai Rong with resentment, “They even scolded me!”

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