Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 86.3 This playboy’s skills sure were formidable (3)

After Bai Rong and his team left the mercenary guild, they went back home and parked the cart in the courtyard.

While Lu Ya started cooking, Bai Rong took the time to take a shower in the bathroom.

He couldn’t help it. He was not only sticky with sweat, he also had the strong stench of the woman’s perfume and if he let it linger a second longer, he was afraid he was going to suffocate.

While Bai Rong went to take a bath, Mu Chongyan called Lu Kun out.

Kuku narrowed his eyes, and walked to the window, squatting down.


“What’s the matter?” Lu Kun was surprised, not expecting that Mu Chongyan would have something to say to him alone.

“I wanted to ask you for help.” Mu Chongyan said solemnly, “Do you know of a place to make money quickly aside from the Mercenary Guild?”

“…What do you want to do?” Lu Kun frowned.

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“R pll.” Yw Ubsdtuyd dyaasole bkp lulp, yde y vaynl sq ellr vbswtbv qzypble vbaswtb bkp lulp.

“You’re not thinking of going there, are you?” Seeing that Mu Chongyan looked as if he was contemplating on going, Lu Kun expressed his disapproval. “The underground fighting arena is too dangerous. If you want to buy something, I can lend you some money. I still have more than twenty ash coins.”


“You don’t need to, thank you.” Mu Chongyan patted Lu Kun on the shoulder for the first time, and went back.

He was able to easily earn billions of star coins in Shengya just by relying on mech battles before, so he was not unfamiliar with this kind of business, it was just that….the format was different and the method was darker.

Of course, he wouldn’t be going all in but he still had the confidence to give it a try.

Seeing that Mu Chongyan was about to return to the house, Kuku hurriedly walked back to the living room sofa and sat down, feeling a little complicated.

It seemed that…this playboy was quite serious about his brother. Should he have a little more confidence in this man…

Half an hour later, Lu Ya brought all the food to the table. Bai Rong also wiped his hair and walked over. Mu Chongyan looked at Bai Rong’s crimson cheeks and the delicate collarbone that was faintly exposed, and abruptly stood up tightly, walking in front of Bai Rong, blocking both Lu Kun and Lu Ya’s view.

“Be good…you’ll catch a cold like this easily, I’ll take you back to the bedroom to wipe your hair.”

“Huh?” Bai Rong lifted his head and froze, blinking blankly with his moist and bright eyes.

There was no heating in the bedroom. Was there any difference between wiping it here and in the room?

But without waiting for him to come up with a reason, Mu Chongyan had already turned him around and pushed him to the bedroom.

Kuku watched them from the side and looked even more complicated. This playboy harbored such a strong possessiveness towards his brother that he didn’t know if this was a good or bad thing…

But…he did agree with his actions. His brother’s appearance after taking a bath was too seductive, it was better for less people to see it….


“Chongyan?” Bai Rong was pushed all the way to the bedroom, and was then robbed of the towel.

“I’ll wipe it for you.” Mu Chongyan took the towel and gently wiped Bai Rong’s hair, his actions extremely gentle.

“…Okay.” Bai Rong was a little embarrassed, but thinking that this was a way for his wife to express love, he sat on the bed obediently with red ears, allowing Mu Chongyan to do as he pleased.

Mu Chongyan looked at Bai Rong’s fair and pink ears hidden under his dark and soft hair, and his heart turned slightly warm, thoughts of confessing to his Little Sweet Cake in advance becoming more intense.

But… his Little Sweet Cake deserved the best. Even if he couldn’t give him the best thing after confessing at this moment, it wouldn’t be too shabby, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to pass the hurdle in his heart.

Mu Chongyan gently dried Bai Rong’s hair, and then chose a tighter pajama for him to wear, asking him to change into it before taking him out.

He thought that what he did was quite reasonable, and had nothing to do with possessiveness. The weather was quite cold at present, so Little Sweet Cake needed to be dressed more securely. If it was summer, he wouldn’t have dressed him more tightly…

Yup, that was definitely it.

By the time Bai Rong returned, Lu Ya had already eaten until he was half full. He was surprised to see that his idol not only dried his hair but also changed his clothes. He glanced at the serious-faced Brother Mu and the corners of his lips showed a smirk.

Tsk tsk. Love was such a troublesome thing….

Bai Rong and Mu Chongyan sat down next to each other and picked up their chopsticks.

“Brother, eat more of this. Lu Ya cooked this so deliciously.” Seeing his brother and the playboy return with an ambiguous mood, Kuku felt inexplicably uncomfortable so he immediately picked up his chopsticks and placed some vegetables into Bai Rong’s bowl.


“Okay…Thank you Kuku.” Bai Rong smiled and ate the vegetables, without noticing Mu Chongyan’s face turn dark.

“… Eat more of this to get protein.”

Before Bai Rong could even swallow the vegetables in his mouth, another piece of meat was placed in his bowl.

Seeing Mu Chongyan being jealous of Kuku for the first time, Bai Rong wanted to laugh. His lips curled up, and a sweet dimple appeared on his cheek, “Okay…thank you Chongyan.”

Seeing Bai Rong eat the meat, Mu Chongyan was happy for a while but this time, Kuku became unhappy. He picked up another green leafy vegetable and placed it into Bai Rong’s bowl.

“Brother…eat more of this to get vitamins and dietary fiber!”

Hmph, don’t think that he was the only one who understood nutrients!

Bai Rong: “…”

“… Eat more of this to get high-quality protein and carbohydrates.” Not willing to be outdone, Mu Chongyan took another spoonful of crystal clear rice, placing it in Bai Rong’s bowl.

Pshh, what use was having a younger brother for? He and Little Sweet Cake should be the closest.

Bai Rong: “…”

“You two can eat by yourself, you don’t need to pick them for me.” Bai Rong said helplessly, and picked some dishes into each of their bowls, “Here….. Eat more to add sodium, potassium, protein, dietary fiber and high-quality polysaccharides…”


Kuku looked at his brother’s teasing smile, and suddenly felt a little embarrassed. He lowered his head and said, “Thank you, brother” before eating the food with a red face.

Mu Chongyan laughed, picked up the vegetables and put them in his mouth, watching Bai Rong with gentle eyes, “Thank you Rongrong…The food you picked is very delicious.”.

Lu Kun, who watched the entire scene unfold, turned stiff whereas Lu Ya’s ears turned red before he lowered his head in silence and continued eating.

That’s enough, even he could feel how bright the light Mu Chongyan was emitting…

“!!!” Bai Rong’s face flushed red.

Ahhhhh, how could Mu Chongyan say this in front of so many people…such embarrassing affectionate words…

Kuku clenched his fist and glared at Mu Chongyan.

Alright, this playboy’s skills sure were formidable, he was going to consider this round as his loss!

But he won’t just retreat because of this and allow this playboy to flirt with his brother unscrupulously!

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