Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 86.2 This playboy’s skills sure were formidable (2)

The group of people returned to the safe zone after selling the rumble beasts. Mu Chongyan suggested going to the department tool store and weapon store, and Bai Rong readily agreed.

Several cracks appeared in small knives that Mu Chongyan and Kuku have been using, making it apparent how shabby they were. Bai Rong thought it imperative to buy a handy one as soon as possible, and also thought to buy a big cart, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to pick up any more quests in the future where the beast had to be transported back.

When he arrived at the largest department store tool store in Zone D, Bai Rong went around and took a fancy to a black metal handcart with a length of 8 meters and a width of 3 meters. The clerk said that the material of the metal plate was similar to the wall material of the mercenary guild,  it also had a similarly high density and was very hard. The wheels underneath had a strong grip and an anti-skid design. The lever had been specially treated, making it so that pulling it up wouldn’t take much effort, which was very suitable for transporting mutant beasts.

In short, this meant that although this was a handcart, it wasn’t your average handcart, so the price was not cheap!

“One hundred ash coins…just buy it.” Mu Chongyan smiled and rubbed Bai Rong’s hair. “This is also a necessary investment, isn’t it, Team Leader?”


“……O-Of course.” Upon being called as Team Leader all of a sudden, Bai Rong’s ears promptly turned red, feeling very embarrassed.

“Since it’s an item of the group… we should also pay for a part.” Lu Kun took out twenty ash coins and handed them to Bai Rong.

Bai Rong thought for a while but didn’t refuse. Since they were going to be sharing it, it was indeed right for them to share a part of the cost but he was willing to pay for the bulk.

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Even though there were more than twenty registration points in the hall, the queues behind each registration point were still very long. It took Bai Rong thirty minutes to finally have his turn, but before he could even report his mercenary group number and mission number, a pungent scent suddenly rushed over, and a tall woman suddenly squeezed in front of him.


“Brother Wang, I want to register for the gray raccoon beast mission, the number h1298xxxx and h673902xxx…” A soft and sweet voice came from the woman’s mouth, making the person called Brother Wang all limp, his greasy eyes hovering on her chest. The woman, however, seemed to be unaware, even inadvertently lowering her chest, elbows propped on the counter, and twirling her fragrant hair.

“Brother Wang~~ Are there any hidden missions today…”

“Th-There is!” The greasy eyes of Brother Wang seemed to have penetrated through the woman’s chest, and he pressed down a few buttons, smiling at the woman and saying, “Here, Sister Mengqing…These are all the hidden missions, and the commission is very high…”

Hidden missions?!

Standing behind them, Bai Rong who was initially feeling suffocated, put on a look of surprise. Why hadn’t he heard of any hidden missions?!

“Hidden missions are actually a very small number of missions with high commissions but low risk. They are locked upon release by some staff who abuse their powers, and are then sold to some mercenary groups for profit, or given to other mercenary groups for some other transaction.” Lu Kun saw Bai Rong’s puzzlement and explained directly.

Although this was a tacit secret everyone shared, it was the first time it was being said out in the open. The greasy fat man in front and the woman who was twirling her hair suddenly flinched, their faces appearing a little ugly.

“Oh.” Seeing the two people in front looking at him with ugly eyes, Bai Rong looked back with a cold expression on his face.

“Pft–” A man in another team in front suddenly laughed, standing out particularly apparent in the quiet atmosphere of this small circle. He immediately attracted the hatred of the woman and the greasy man who then shifted their knife-like glare from Bai Rong’s figure and directed it at him.

Bai Rong also turned his head and saw a red-haired man wearing a half-mask. The man’s arms were exposed, revealing veins and zigzagged scars extending from his left shoulder to the back of his hand, appearing somewhat disgusting and terrifying.

Bai Rong’s eyes didn’t flash any other expressions, and after a glance, he withdrew his gaze again, staring at the people in front, “Are you going to register or not, the people behind are waiting!”

Cutting the queue shamelessly and taking their time….how troublesome.


The woman turned her head and narrowed her eyes at Bai Rong before gritting her teeth and cursing/ She then quickly discussed with Brother Wang which task she wanted.

Bai Rong chuckled in his heart, she even cursed people in a “dialect”, crazy bitch!

“Sigh…not good!” The red-haired man next to him suddenly smacked his forehead fiercely, and vigorously pulled the notebook in his hand. The short-haired woman next to the red-haired man rolled her eyes and slapped the man’s arm, “Did you forget the task number again?!!!”

“I…I didn’t forget the task number this time. I remembered the task number from the previous one and there’s two numbers that I didn’t see clearly. I’ll head back to the task screen and look for it again…Sister, don’t be angry, didn’t we agree that I’ll be more careful, and you’ll be more ladylike. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to get married…”

“Shut up!” The short-haired woman blushed and kicked the man’s ass. The man staggered and smiled sheepishly, saying to the staff in front. “Hello, can you check this mission number for me? I just can’t seem to remember the last two numbers. The mission is to hunt down five male stone wolf beasts. The digits in front are j87530472.”

“I cannot.” The middle-aged woman wore a stiff face, not even batting her eyelids.

“Eh…aren’t you a bit too much, when I was in Zone C, the staff would check it for me. Why can’t you do it here?” The red-haired man put his arms on the counter, and said more crudely, “Are you going to check it or not?”

“Forget it!” The short-haired woman next to him frowned and glanced at the middle-aged woman, “I’ll look for it again and see if I can still……”

“j8753047263.” Bai Rong said suddenly.

“Huh?!” The short-haired woman and the red-haired man were suddenly startled, staring at Bai Rong and asking, “Little brother, what did you just say?!”

Bai Rong expressed some displeasure to the word “little brother” but repeated his words again, “j8753047263, the two numbers you must’ve forgotten should be 63.”

“How did you know?!” The red-haired man stared at Bai Rong, “Are you also doing this task?”


“Of course not.” Seeing the woman in front walk away, Bai Rong moved forward to report the three tasks they were registering for.

After scanning the dozen or so screens, he remembered the thousands of mission information clearly. It was just the mission number of a stone wolf beast which didn’t take him much effort to remember.

Mu Chongyan stood behind him, stepping sideways slightly to block the eyes of the pair of siblings and the others, placing his right hand on Bai Rong’s shoulder lightly. While feeling proud of his Little Sweet Cake, he also couldn’t help but feel slightly sour, so many people were staring at his Little Sweet Cake, it was irritating.

Ignoring the greasy man’s disgusting gaze, Bai Rong left the team after registering, and left with Mu Chongyan, not hearing the shocked cry of the red-haired man that burst out from behind.

“Sister——!!! What the boy said just now was actually right, it’s really this number!!! My god, he didn’t write it down in his head, right?!!!”

“How is that possible!” The short-haired woman slapped the back of the red-haired man’s head, “There’s an 80% chance it was a backup task he had written down, okay, don’t be surprised, hurry up and register!”


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