Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 87.1 The Strongest Wife (1)

Warning: Descriptions of gore

After eating, the group of people went back to their rooms to rest. Bai Rong took out the ash coins from his small purse and counted them.

The cost of him, Mu Chongyan and Kuku staying here wasn’t small, including the cost of staying in the city, accommodation, water, energy, and meals; the cost per day was about eight ash coins. If he counted the share to be given to Lin Shu and Lin He, it would add up to about ten ash coins.

He now had 26 ash coins left, even if he added Mu Chongyan and Kuku’s pocket money, he could only stay here for five days.

Sigh….how worrisome, he was too poor now.


Bai Rong carefully put his sack of money into his spatial button, then laid on the bed, pulling his quilt, and closing his eyes.

Sigh, if there was any way to make money other than hunting alien beasts, that would be nice…


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“Ahhhhh help! – save-….”

The rearmost people were caught by the beast, their arms and their upper body ripped off in one bite, causing bloody intestines to flow out. Their mournful wails pushed the remaining people to run faster, wishing that the firetooth beast would take their time, eating the unfortunate two people who were caught.

Bai Rong’s fist suddenly clenched, and he looked at Mu Chongyan’s figure, the people quickly running past him and fled far away.

Soon, the screaming voices of the two people gradually weakened as they were torn apart and swallowed cleanly by the firetooth beast.

The next moment, the three blood red gazes suddenly lifted and stared at Bai Rong’s group.

The fragments of flesh and blood stuck to the flaming red fangs had been burned into black-red chars due to the high temperature. The front paws of the three firetooth beasts scratched the ground, their forelimbs slightly pressing down, and a glint flashed across their blood-red eyes while several impatient low growls arose from their throat.

“You two deal with the leftmost one, and leave the remaining two to me!”

Just as Mu Chongyan’s voice fell, the three firetooth beasts pressed its front paws, and suddenly leapt towards them!

One of them was restrained by Lu Kun and Kuku, and the other two quickly rushed towards Mu Chongyan. Mu Chongyan’s face was calm and his eyes were closed. Seeing the firetooth beast about to pounce on him, he immediately bent over to dodge it and followed with an oblique leap, the machete in his hand leaving a white shadow, accurately hacking into the right forelimb of the beast!

“Ao——!!!” The firetooth beast’s angry roar resounded through the wilderness, and it struggled frantically. Its left paw suddenly lifted up and swung towards Mu Chongyan, but Mu Chongyan was faster than it and was able to dodge it. His eyes changed suddenly, and he held the machete obliquely, slashing the belly of another firetooth beast that was leaping towards him!


The firetooth beast howled miserably, its body sinking suddenly, Mu Chongyan quickly turned over thrice, the places he was just at being immediately tackled by the firetooth beast!


Covered in blood, Mu Chongyan wiped his face, his dark eyes flickering slightly. He then rushed to the limping firetooth beast who was about to escape and sensing the incoming attack, the firetooth beast roared and twisted its body, escaping Mu Chongyan’s machete.


Not expecting that the human would pursue it relentlessly, the firetooth beast was furious. Its two front paws hooked on the ground fiercely, its front body crouching down, its lower back arched, and blood-red eyes shone with a ruthless light, staring intently at Mu Chongyan. The next moment, it kicked its hind limbs, its body leaping, once again rushing towards Mu Chongyan!

Mu Chongyan’s eyes changed, and he hurriedly turned to the side, avoiding the oncoming sharp claws and fangs, but seeing the firetooth beast twist its body, and throwing itself over to him again, its fiery red teeth bit through his neck!

Mu Chongyan’s eyebrows scrunched up and he hurriedly raised the machete in front of him, the sound of cutting and tearing intermixing. His sword quickly formed two large gashes. Raising his right leg, he kicked the firetooth beast’s abdomen fiercely, sending it far away!


With its right foreleg injured, and now the abdomen severely injured, the firetooth beast could not stand up for a while. Mu Chongyan leapt up and directly mounted the firetooth beast, his left hand strangling the firetooth beast’s neck, his right hand squeezed into a fist, sending punches to its head!

“Ao——!! Ao——! Ao… Ao…” The firetooth was still struggling desperately at first, trying to throw Mu Chongyan down, but Mu Chongyan was as stable as heaven and earth. It was as if his feet were fixed on the ground, his long legs that looked loose were actually confining the firetooth beast in place, unable to move, as he continued sending punches to it.

“Mu Chongyan.” Lu Kun and Kuku on the other side finally solved the firetooth beast. Lu Kun came over with a broken knife, “Take this dagger, and cut its throat directly.”

“Ok. “Mu Chongyan took the knife, raised it and sent it down, ending the firetooth beast’s life.

The group of people looked at the bodies of the three firetooth beasts, and finally breathed a sigh of relief. Bai Rong walked over with a wet towel and handed it to Mu Chongyan.

Mu Chongyan smiled and took it, wiping the blood on his face clean.


“There are two males among these three, which is enough for the first task, and we even have an extra beast.” Lu Kun squatted down to look at the firetooth beast and said, “Let’s take these few firetooth beasts to the cart quickly.”

“Okay.” Mu Chongyan handed the towel back to Bai Rong, rolled up his sleeves, showing his solid forearms, and together with Lu Kun, they carried the firetooth beast to the car.

“Not good!” Bai Rong’s face suddenly changed, and he said to the people who were carrying the third firetooth beast, “A group of firetooth beasts are coming!”

“Which direction, how many?” Mu Chongyan’s expression turned serious as he asked.

“Ten o’clock.” Bai Rong listened carefully again, “Two beasts, and the sounds are much lighter, they’re probably smaller than these three beasts.”

“Okay.” Mu Chongyan held the machete up and asked Bai Rong and Lu Ya to look after the metal card while telling Kuku and Lu Kun, “You two handle one of them, I’ll handle the other.”

“Okay.” “Okay.”

The two immediately responded.

After half a minute, the sound of the mutant beasts’ running became clearer. Mu Chongyan held the machete, a dark color flashing through his eyes, and his eyes narrowed slightly.

“Two juvenile male firetooth beasts.”

“That coincidentally fits the third mission’s requirements. We need to catch it alive.” Bai Rong said as he looked at the two wolfhound-sized firetooth beasts that were getting closer and closer.

“Ok…” Mu Chongyan nodded, but the sharp expression between his eyebrows remained undiminished.


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