Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 8 I’ve grown!!!!

“Dismantle for reinstallment?” Mu Chongyan looked at the small star pet rubbing against his palm, and a feeling of unease arose in his heart.

“Well, otherwise, what else can we do?”

“Forget it.” Mu Chongyan thought about it and rejected the proposal. “Perhaps I have had too little interaction with it. I will raise it for a few more days and see what happens.”

“…” Walter choked “Mu Chongyan, you wouldn’t be feeling reluctant right? Since when did you gain such humanity?”

“Do your star pets play with optical computers? “


“What?!” Walter was taken aback by the sudden follow up question that didn’t seem to match the previous subject. 

“Do your star pets play with optical computers?” Mu Chongyan looked at the little star pet who unremittingly tried to peel it off his own wrist, and asked once again.

“… They don’t, but what I do know is that some Star Pet companies will install certain programs in star pets that will allow them to play games like fruit cut(2),  but I haven’t bought a game machine or anything of the like for my Soy Milk and Bean Bun.” Walter took a bite of the roast meat, “Why, does your little star pet know how to play games?”

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(2) Wawkv nwv kp yd ynvwyz nbkdlpl tyxl. Rv osajp zkjl Uydeu Uawpb oblal usw xyvnb 3 sa 4 sq vbl pyxl scflnv yde kdpvlye sq clkdt nawpble, vblu tlv nwv. DP

Yw Ubsdtuyd zssjle yv vbl zkvvzl pvya rlv obs bye bkp cwvv pvwnj swv obkzl pvweukdt bkp oakpv, “Vascyczu.”

“Ebyv es usw xlyd rascyczu?”

“Mbyv’p yzz R byhl vs pyu. R byhl vs lyv.” Fllkdt vbyv vbl bswpljllrkdt ascsv bye qkdkpble plvvkdt qsse sd vbl vyczl, Yw Ubsdtuyd vwadle vbl srvknyz nsxrwvla sqq.

Yw Ubsdtuyd oyzjle vs vbl ekdkdt vyczl yde pyv esod. Tl vssj y csvvzl sq pvya rlv lekvksd dwvakldv espl qasx vbl pryvkyz cwvvsd yde pvwqqle kv kdvs vbl zkvvzl Fvya Vlv’p yaxp clqsal vyjkdt y rzyvl, yde qkzzkdt kv okvb psxl qkdlzu nbsrrle xlyv yde hltlvyczlp. Mbld, bl rzynle kv clpkel vbl zkvvzl pvya rlv’p rzyvl clqsal bl pvyavle lyvkdt.

Jyk Ssdt zssjle yv vbl pyhsau xlyv yde hltlvyczlp kd qasdv sq bkx, yde twzrle esod bkp pyzkhy. Tl rwzzle sd Yw Ubsdtuyd’p pzllhl, xyjkdt y tlpvwal vs kdeknyvl vbyv bl eke dsv byhl y qsaj yde jdkql.

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Jyk Ssdt pyv nsdvldvlezu clqsal vbl rzyvl. Tl vssj y ckvl sq xlyv qkapv clqsal vyjkdt y pkr sq vbl eakdj. Mbld bl vssj y ckvl sq hltlvyczl yde vbld ydsvbla pkr sq y eakdj. Tl oyp ps czkvbl vbyv vbl nyv lyap sd vsr sq bkp blye iwkhlale, yde pssd, bl yvl wdvkz bkp clzzu bye clnsxl aswde kd pbyrl.

After finishing their meal, Mu Chongyan sent the little star pet back to the crystal glass case, and left the house, rushing to attend Sheng Ya Military Academy.


Bai Rong, who became drowsy after eating his fill watched Mu Chongyan’s leaving figure. From this, he finally understood the difficulty of supporting one’s family deeply. He then decisively returned to the house to take an afternoon nap.

By the time he woke up, it was already three o’clock. Bai Rong spurned his decadent self, before turning the physical examination device on like usual, and scanned himself. 

After discovering no change, he shrank back into the quilt, and released Kuku out to casually scan him as well.  

[8.27 cm]

“!!!” Bai Rong appeared surprised. He jealously looked at Kuku who had grown 0.6 mm taller. Kuku, who was flailing around inside the quilt, was then suddenly pressed against the wall, “You can still grow taller?!” 

Kuku who was caught off guard and trapped in a wall slam: “Hehehe.”

“Don’t you hehehe me.” The unreasonably overbearing Bai Rong rubbed Kuku’s face, however, he paused soon after because a sudden realization had struck him. It was actually a good thing for him to grow taller, otherwise, the fact that he could also grow taller would’ve been unexplainable. Besides that, if a small robot could grow tall, he would not catch any attention, and the chances of being discovered that he was not a robot at all would also diminish.

“Kuku is awesome!” Bai Rong patted Kuku’s shoulder in reward.

Kuku: “Hehehehe.”

However … Bai Rong supported his arm and rubbed his chin. If he continued living as a robot, he would not be able to take responsibility for the man. Moreover, who in their right mind, would marry a robot? He had almost forgotten this point before!

Unable to discern whether he should be feeling happy or disappointed, Bai Rong sighed. Forget it, the matter should be put on hold until the time comes when he could think about it again.. Let’s worry about it when it happens, besides, before he even reached 1.8m, he had already decided that he would treat the man properly. 

After contemplating about the most troublesome thing, Bai Rong’s mood became gloomy. He got up from bed, took Kuku to the playground outside the villa, and happily played with him for two hours. It wasn’t until he estimated that the man was about to come back that he put Kuku back into the spatial button.


When Mu Chongyan returned, it was already 6:35, and Bai Rong, who had waited for half an hour, quickly ran towards the man’s feet at mach speed. He then stretched his arms out, asking for a hug. Watching the cute and clever little star pet’s actions caused a trace of undetectable joy to flash fleetingly across Mu Chongyan’s face. He immediately took the little star pet into his hand, and gently rubbed his head.

Bai Rong shook his head trying to avoid his fingers, but it was to no avail, he then angrily reached out, and slapped the man’s fingers fiercely.

Mu Chongyan treated it as if the little star pet was just playing around, he rubbed little star pet’s cat ears, and instructed the housekeeping robot that was following behind, to start making dinner.

Taking the little star pet into the living room, Mu Chongyan poured a glass of water and sat on the sofa. Then he took out a fava bean-sized white box from his pocket and handed it to the little star pet.

Bai Rong received the box with a bit of surprise and realized that the box was heavy. He looked up at the man and keenly noticed that although the man’s face still remained unchanged, his body was clearly emitting a faint air of asking for praise.

Praise? Bai Rong instantly became interested in the box he was holding, and he hurriedly tore the film off and opened the box.

An optical computer smaller than the size of a fava bean was astonishingly laying inside the box!

It was actually an optical computer! Bai Rong was so excited he was about to start shaking. Although he could determine that the optical computer was much more inferior than the one on Mu Chongyan’s wrist, it was still, at the same time, much more advanced than the first generation of optical computers  he had used back on earth, which was developed by the research institute who had expended much labor and natural resources!

Bai Rong’s cheeks were stained red from excitement, he looked up at Mu Chongyan, and excitedly wanted to kiss the man’s face, but seeing the distance between them, Bai Rong gave up on this method of reward in dismay. Instead, he simply reached out two little hands to cover his lips and quickly blew a flying kiss to the man.

Mu Chongyan looked at the little star pet who was awkwardly sending a flying kiss to him, and a faint red flush ineffably crept up the base of his ears, yet his expressionless face actually turned even colder…

Bai Rong couldn’t wait to turn the optical computer on. When a square window popped out of the optical computer, the heat of the main CPU gradually receded, and his hand suddenly paused. Although he surmised that he was probably required to set up an account, he had to recall that he couldn’t just blindly remember the symbols. Moreover, a robot who could set up an account on the optical computer would appear peculiar in any circumstances.

Mu Chongyan saw the little star pet’s eyes glitter when he turned the optical computer on, but it dimmed once again when he was required to set up an account, yet his little pair of hands began pressing around. The little computer was also a little washed out and unresponsive despite the little star pet’s random pressing. A flash of amusement flitted across Mu Chong Yan’s eyes. He took the optical computer from him, and set up an account for the little star pet, downloading a lot of games with both low and high difficulty in the process.


Bai Rong watched the tall and indifferent man pinch a toothpick-sized stick, jabbing on the optical computer with utmost concentration, and almost couldn’t help himself from bursting into laughter. The small face turned red from stifling his laughter, but deep in his heart, wisps of sweet warmth unwittingly lingered around.

Mu Chongyan did not set many restrictions on the optical computer. This star pet edition optical computer, which was barely the size of a fava bean, was of the lowest grade among all the optical computers in the entire star region. Aside from playing games, browsing web pages, and other basic functions like communication, Other complicated functions such as building an imitative character in a virtual city were unavailable. Although he initially did intend to buy a better optical computer for the little star pet, the size of the other optical computers were almost too big for the little star pet, so he could only buy this one without any other choice.

After setting the computer to the lowest level of children’s Internet access mode, Mu Chongyan passed the optical computer back to the little star pet.

Bai Rong hugged the optical computer happily, and sat down on the sofa. He then clicked on a ‘random’ webpage to start browsing.

Mu Chongyan picked up the small star pet holding the optical computer in his hand. He saw the small star pet cast a glance at him before shifting his attention back to playing with the optical computer behavedly, and the mirth in his eyes became deeper by two points. The other remaining cold and stiff muscles on his face also slowly became relaxed.

After recklessly jabbing around for a while, the aroma of the meal floated over. Bai Rong carefully held the optical computer in his arms, and stepped on the warm steady palm of the man, following him to the dining table.

Mu Chongyan prepared the food for the little star pet as usual, and one person and one ro-… wait. That’s wrong… the two people started eating.

Half an hour later, Bai Rong was placed back onto the palm after eating. Mu Chongyan who usually entered the virtual city after dinner to train his mech, played around with him, temporarily forgetting his duties. He carried the little star pet back to the sofa and was engrossed in watching the little star pet cut fruits… 

Feeling the gaze still glued on him, Bai Rong, who wanted to slip away but couldn’t, only brandished his arms out resentfully when he viciously harvested the lives of watermelons, strawberries and dragon fruits, it was as if he was driving out the old to make a clean sweep!

All he wanted to do right now was to search for some language learning videos to watch. Did this person have nothing to do? Why has he been sticking so closely to him all this time?!! Even if he had scruples about family harmony, he couldn’t just ignore the man’s feelings, yet at the same time, he also couldn’t … stand being glued together all the time!

Although he was incessantly anxious, Bai Rong still accompanied the man in consideration. It was only until he had beaten the top score in fruit cut that he could not restrain himself anymore and scratched the man’s palm, pointing to the crystal case on the corner of the living room.

Feeling two soft scratches on the palm of his hand, the inexplicable itch instantly spread from the palm to the bottom of his heart, causing Mu Chongyan’s lips to tighten into a line.


Why are you ignoring me?!! Bai Rong tugged on the man’s finger again, and pointed to the crystal glass case in the corner. He was feeling a little indignant at the bottom of his heart. He had already been cutting fruit for the past two hours to accompany him, but this man actually ignored him?!!

Mu Chongyan returned to his senses when he felt two tugs on his little finger once again. He brushed off the odd feeling in his heart, and picked up the little star pet. Then, he walked to the crystal glass box, and put him down before walking out of the living room.

Bai Rong: “…” Why did it feel like he was being discarded after use?

Bai Rong ruffled his hair in annoyance for a while, distorting the cat’s ears before running back to the villa with the optical computer in hand.

After having a quick wash and changing out of the orange cat clothes, Bai Rong pulled out a set of domineering shark outfits from the closet to wear as pajamas. He held the optical computer and started going through various videos. After half-guessing and half learning some words through the videos, he was finally able to understand a few characters. Then he finally started looking for professional language learning videos.

… A night passed by unknowingly.

Bai Rong’s head hit the bed. His face donning two dark circles under his eyes. The optical computer in his arms slid to the side, and he gave a long yawn exhaustedly. He looked up at the blurry ceiling, and released Kuku from the spatial button.

“Rong!” The energetic Kuku formed a stark contrast with the Bai Rong who looked like a withered bok choy growing in the winter field, “Did you come to see me, I’m so happy!”

Bai Rong who could finally understand a little of the planetary language, nearly burst into tears. He looked at the first person he successfully communicated with excitedly, “Kuku, I think I like you too much…”

Shocked by the confession, Kuku’s eyes widened and his cheeks flushed faintly. He then whispered in response: “I, I also like Rong….”

Amused by Kuku’s cute response, Bai Rong rubbed his head: “Kuku, you can call me brother from now on.”

Kuku: “Brother…?”

“Mm.” Bai Rong sat up majestically, hammering his lower back, “I’m bigger than you, taller than you … and oh right, I forgot to measure my height! ” Bai Rong leapt up abruptly, pulling the physical examination device out and initiating a scan on himself

——[8.46 cm]

“I’ve grown!!!” Bai Rong’s eyes lit up in excitement, and he hastily got out of bed to pick up the small flower stalk and drew a new number in the mud dish——8.46!

Ahhhhh–! Bai Rong exhaled a sigh of relief, putting his hands on his hips. He could feel that everything that happened today was not the same as yesterday. Even the breath he had just exhaled after knowing that he had grown taller felt like it had the power to blow the mountains and rivers away!

Bai Rong’s lips curved into a proud arc. When he was about to scan Kuku again, two knocks suddenly resounded outside.

“!” Bai Rong’s eyes lit up, and he quickly put Kuku back into the spatial button. Without having even changed out of his shark pajamas, he ran out with his short legs.

That’s right! That’s right! He could only grow taller when he made contact with the man. If he could touch and hug him more, he might grow even faster! As Bai Rong thought this, his face started flushing with excitement. His feet also gradually moved increasingly swiftly to the point it felt like he was about to step on the wind and soar!

Mu Chongyan stared as the little star pet dressed in a small azure shark attire ran out of the villa. Facing the other person’s eyes that were brimming with excitement as if he were truly a shark that had barged into a school of fish, Mu Chongyan’s fingers that had been holding onto the snack bag suddenly exerted a lot of force causing the bag to pop from being the pressure…

The author has something to say:

Bai Rong: Hurry up and touch me, Mm~ There as well~

Mu Chongyan (Strongly holding himself back): I’m going to put the lights out first…

Bai Rong: Why do you need to turn the lights out to tickle Kuku, wouldn’t it be difficult for you to see anything?

The little cutie(Mu Chongyan) who was driving a train in his head(2) sat down and sulked facing the wall!

(2)Trains produce a hooting noise which are homophones with  污污污(wuwuwu) which means dirtydirtydirty, so it means he was thinking of dirty thoughts. XD

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