Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 9 Domestic Emotional Abuse

The little cake that had exploded from the pressure felt sticky and greasy to the fingers. Mu Chongyan stood up, and turned to exit the living room with an expression that was hard to discern. Bai Rong was stunned by this, but he quickly pushed his short legs to follow him from behind, appearing like a fluffy shark who could run upright.

“Wait, huff, wait for me …” Mu Chongyan’s one step was equivalent to him taking a hundred steps, causing Bai Rong to gasp for air heavily.

Mu Chongyan stopped on his heels and turned to look at the little star pet whose cheeks had turned red from running: “You can talk now?”

“I …” Bai Rong blinked. He didn’t know how to explain this, so he simply imitated what Kuku always did: “Hehehe.”

Seeing the little star pet giggle at him foolishly in a flattering way, the corner of Mu Chongyan’s mouth twitched. He went to the bathroom to clean his fingers, and lifted the furry shark that had been jumping near his feet up, then together, they headed to the dining table.


Bai Rong sat beside the plate and looked at the little congee and fried dumplings in front of him. He swallowed the drool that was about to pool in his throat again and uttered, “I haven’t …” Because he had suddenly forgotten how to say ‘brush his teeth’. Bai Rong’s brain encountered a fax jam. He tilted his head and thought for a while, saying: “… I haven’t sprouted(1) yet.”

  1. Sprout in chinese is pronounced as Fa Ya. To brush one’s teeth in chinese is Shua Ya, so Bai Rong only mispronounced the first word.

Mu Chongyan put down the fork in his hand and looked down at the little star pet whose language programs were faulty from lack of interaction , “You are never going to sprout.”

Bai Rong quickly shook his head:” No, no, no, I love being clean, so I sprout at least twice a day. “

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Pke bl fwpv xkprasdswdnl y osae…?

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“Mbydj usw.” Jyk Ssdt lmralpple bkp tayvkvwel nwvlzu, yde plnalvzu awccle yaswde Yw Ubsdtuyd’p ryzx plhlayz vkxlp kd vbl rasnlpp.

Yw Ubsdtuyd pyv esod yde vssj y pkr sq nsdtll okvbswv y alprsdpl. Tl rywple qsa vball plnsdep, clqsal vos osaep nyxl swv sq bkp zkrp: “Zsw’al olznsxl.”

Jyk Ssdt oyp nwaaldvzu lyvkdt byrrkzu, zssjle wr yv vbl xyd obs oyp clkdt nypv okvb oyax ayup cu vbl pwdzktbv, bl nwahle bkp lulp yde pxkzle, “Ebyv’p uswa dyxl?”

Mu Chongyan chewed the dumplings in his mouth, looking down at the small star pet with squinted eyes. He suddenly felt that there was something odd with the way they were communicating, yet he felt inexplicably comfortable with it. He raised the bowl and sipped the congee before stiffly responding: “Mu Chongyan.”


“Mu Chongyan.” Bai Rong whispered to himself, a little dimple appearing on his right cheek. “It sounds good.”

Mu Chongyan did not answer, until he had almost finished his food, “Your name also sounds good.”

“My name?” Bai Rong opened his eyes in amazement. If he recalled correctly, he hadn’t seemed to have told Mu Chongyan what his name was, hadn’t he?!!

“En…” Mu Chongyan looked at Bai Rong expressionlessly, a trace of earnestness flowed out from the depths of his eyes. “Your official name is Big Red Crayfish, and your nickname is….” Mu Chongyan’s face strangely revealed a hint of reservation, “It’s called Little Sweet Cake.”

The fried dumpling skin on Bai Rong’s fork flew out, “Who said that I’m called Big Red Crayfish Little Sweet Cake?”

Mu Chongyan frowned, “Why…”

“I don’t want to be called by that name. It sounds awful.” Ignorant of the fact that Mu Chongyan’s face had gradually turned darker and darker at this moment, Bai Rong continued speaking in contempt, “What kind of a terrible name is Big Red Crayfish … It sounds too too too too horrible. Little Sweet Cake also sounds embarrassing. My name is Bai Rong, Bai from the word White Birch(baihua), and Rong from the word Banyan(rongshu).”

Mu Chongyan paused for a good while, pressing down the cold air that was about to explode at any given moment: “Bai Rong? Did your researcher give you that name?”

“This … ” Suddenly remembering that he was still playing a robot, Bai Rong immediately cleverly became a quail.” No, no, I gave it to myself, doesn’t it sound good?”

“It’s alright.” Mu Chongyan drank the last bit of soup. “But your name has already been decided, and it has already been registered on the star pet network.”


“Official name Big Red Crayfish, Nickname Little Sweet Cake.”


“What the heck is a Big Red Crayfish … ” Tears of grief and indignation flowed out of Bai Rong’s eyes mixed with a bit of hopelessness.

“…” Mu Chongyan paused, and said quietly, “It’s a kind of shrimp(2).”

  1. In this story, the author claims that a crayfish is a species of shrimp, but in reality, it’s not. Crayfish is a kind of lobster.

“Shrimp?” Bai Rong seethingly pointed at his mighty shark head, “A shrimp so tiny it can’t even get stuck in between the gaps of a shark’s teeth? ”

“No.” Mu Chongyan finished the last of the fried dumplings, and opened the optical computer. He then typed in the words big red crayfish, and projected the picture of a one meter long, ferocious looking big red crayfish mid-air.

Bai Rong cried out in surprise, his mouth gaping so wide you could stuff three sesame seeds inside, “What kind of shrimp is this, it looks so domineering and mighty!”

“This is the Big Red Crayfish.”

“What a good name!” Bai Rong stood up abruptly, his fair tender face immediately flushed with excitement, “This name really suits my character! I like it!”

Mu Chongyan glanced at the tender soft star pet who raised his little arm pointing at the picture: “En….. It suits your character.”

Bai Rong smiled, revealing two little canines. “Hehe, you also really think so.”

Mu Chongyan clenched his right hand into a fist and struggled to press down on the corner of his lips. “Quickly eat.”

“Ok.” Bai Rong cheerfully sat down again, and held the small bowl, drinking the soup.

Big Red Crayfish, what an incredibly domineering name! Bai Rong grew happier the more he thought about it, and the face he had buried in the bowl harbored such a big smile it made him look like a steamed bun.


After finishing their meal, Mu Chongyan took Bai Rong back to the crystal glass case, before rushing out to head to Sheng Ya Military Academy. Bai Rong waved at Mu Chongyan’s leaving figure until his shadow couldn’t be seen anymore before running back to the villa.

He took his optical computer out once again, and reopened the video he had already watched two-thirds of. He resumed watching it in great spirits while humming the song ‘the East is Red’.

Hehe … Possessing such a high IQ had its benefits for even when he was multitasking, he could still maintain a highly retentive memory.

By the time Mu Chongyan had returned, Bai Rong had already finished watching all the learning videos … now, he was watching a trending idol’s soap opera that had recently exploded in popularity all over the entire Sheng Ya planet—it was called “Genius Girl Spell Card Master: Asking the Overbearing Marshal to Please Let Me Off.”

The dialogues rang in the corner of the living room  “You say you love me, then why didn’t you use the spell cards that I made?! Mu Zhuo, it seems that you don’t love me, in that case, let’s break up!” “No! Feng Qing, I love you! I I didn’t use that spell card because I didn’t want anyone or anything to touch the things that you gave me! They can only be mine! Only I can touch them! Even mechas aren’t allowed!” “Mu Zhuo…”

Mu Chongyan’s mouth twitched at the sound of this. He walked decisively to the crystal glass box, and reached out a hand, lifting the dome of the crystal glass box. Then, he picked up the little star who was sitting on the grass and watching the drama on the optical computer.

“Mu-Mu Chongyan?!” Bai Rong, who suddenly felt himself soaring into the air, was so frightened he had almost dropped the optical computer, “Wha-, what are you doing?!”

Mu Chongyan turned off the garbage video that was playing on the optical computer, and rubbed the shark head. He then picked it up and told him solemnly, “Don’t watch such garbage.”

“This is not garbage.” Bai Rong, who had never seen a TV series in the eighteen years he had lived, had become deeply fascinated by this magical idol drama, so he made a firm resolve to defend his rights. “This TV drama is currently trending right now, in fact, almost all of Sheng Ya, no … more than 100 billion people are watching it!”

“You’re not allowed to watch it.” Mu Chongyan frowned. “You can’t even understand what’s happening.”

“I can.” Having finished going through all kinds of information about the super lifelike little robots they call star pets, Bai Rong now had an understanding of what role he was actually supposed to be playing. Bai Rong widened his watery eyes, and twisted his hands, cutely trying to explain, “I’m very smart … and my program tells me that watching this idol drama will be beneficial to improving the flawlessness of the stimulation my cognition program can provide.” 

Mu Chongyan: “…”


“No.” Disdaining the thought of the little star coming into contact with these brain-corrupting poisonous dramas. Mu Chongyan stored the optical computer into the spatial button with a rigid face, “Have you had lunch yet?”

“I …” Bai Rong immediately recalled that Mu Chongyan had not returned in the afternoon, and because he was too fascinated in watching the TV series, he lost track of what time it was, let alone remembering to have lunch. Bai Rong’s spirit plummeted as he hung his head down in guilt, and whispered: “I-,I haven’t eaten yet…..”

Mu Chongyan wanted to teach the disobedient little star pet a lesson, but couldn’t really bear to take action himself, so he took the little fellow to the table, sent the housekeeping robot to cook. He then sat down and turned the optical computer on his wrist on to handle some matters.

Detecting the somewhat terrifying atmosphere, Bai Rong secretly looked up at the Mu Chongyan who was emitting a cold air, and quickly raised his hand to rub the domineering shark head. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to summon any ferocious spirit from it, and was instead, affected by the surrounding cold air, causing him to shrink his neck.

Minutes ticked by as Bai Rong sat with his head down at the table, and he looked up to cast a glance at Mu Chongyan from time to time, but no matter how he apparent he made his glances to be, the other side ignored him, Bai Rong rubbed his eyes in dismay, and even the mighty shark fin on his back withered listlessly.

After a while, the cooked food was brought to the table by the housekeeping robot, Mu Chongyan turned off the optical computer and prepared food for Bai Rong with a cold face. Then he ate his share without making any interactions with him.

Bai Rong poked the fish meat on the plate with a fork in gloom and called out his name softly: “Mu Chongyan…”

Mu Chongyan stopped chewing, lifted the bowl and drank the soup.

“Mu Chongyan…” Bai Rong sniffled while looking at Mu Chongyan. He mustered all his courage to raise his voice higher by two points, and rebuked softly: “You … you are committing domestic violence!” After he said this, he carefully repeated himself, “This is emotional abuse!”

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