Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 50 Test Report!

After shutting the optical computer off, the gloominess in Mu Chongyan’s eyes did not disappear.

He knew his body the most clearly. His current physical condition was better than before he was being plotted against and so, the reason that Ma’er was humming and hawing wasn’t because of aptitude, but because of something else.

And what could this “something else” be?!

After thinking for a while and failing to have come up with anything, Mu Chongyan recollected his gaze and stood up to head to the washroom.

If Ma’er was still beating around the bushes and refusing to give him his report, he’ll have to personally swing by his place for a visit.



The second morning.

Bai Rong kicked his quilt aside in a daze and sat up. Taking the physical examination device at the side in a conditional reflex, he scanned his height.

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“Chongyan….what’s wrong?” Bai Rong quickly ran towards Mu Chongyan and lifted his head to look at him. Why did he feel as though his wife wasn’t feeling too well…


“It’s nothing.” Mu Chongyan revealed a faint smile. On the inside, he was unable to tell whether he felt unreconciled or helpless. He had clearly stored away all the negative feelings yet he didn’t think that the little star pet would be able to see through him.

“What do you mean it’s nothing.” Bai Rong was a little unhappy. His wife was clearly in a dispirited mood. Why was he deliberately concealing it from him?

“Can’t you tell me the truth?” Bai Rong stared unblinkingly at Mu Chongyan, “Actually, if you really don’t want to tell me, I won’t force you, it’s just that…do you really have to hide it from me?”

“This matter…” Being cared for by a smart and considerate star pet like this, Mu Chongyan felt a little speechless. The warmth in his heart slowly rippled as the little star pet’s gaze lingered on him. He paused for a moment before ultimately lowering his head and picking up the little star pet.

“It’s not that I have to hide it from you.” Mu Chongyan’s voice was low. “It’s because I still haven’t clarified the matter so I didn’t let you know.”

“What matter?” Bai Rong’s voice carried a little concern, “Are those forces up to their dirty tricks again?”

“….It’s not that.” Mu Chongyan shook his head, “However, I’m also not too sure. Didn’t I allow Ma’er to take some blood and cells the last time we were there…” Mu Chongyan sat on the dining table and looked at the earnest and anxious looking star pet. “Usually, the results of his test come out fast. Even if it’s something that’s incomparably detailed, it wouldn’t take more than half a day. However, this time, not only did he delay it for a day. Even when I looked for him last night, he mentioned that the results were weird…and that was why he didn’t give them to me.”

“Weird?” Bai Rong scrunched his brow, “What did he mean by that?”

He could already determine that there were no problems with Mu Chongyan’s body, but….why were Mu Chongyan’s test results weird…

“I’m also not sure what it means. Moreover….yesterday, we clearly agreed on handing the report this morning, but he didn’t do it.” Mu Chongyan put his optical computer away with a solemn expression. “I might be a little late in returning home today. After afternoon classes end, I’m going to swing by Ma’er’s place.”

“I also want to go.” Bai Rong hugged Mu Chongyan’s figure, and said earnestly. “Can’t I?”

Seeing the little star pet’s big eyes stare straight at him, words of refusal became stuck at Mu Chongyan’s throat. 



“Then don’t forget it!” Bai Rong let his arms down in content and smacked a kiss on Mu Chongyan’s finger, “Also….make sure to take extra care when you’re outside. Those forces seem to be a bit active as of lately…”

“En, I know.” A glint flashed across Mu Chongyan’s eyes, surprised that his star pet was actually able to discern matters. Then again….his little star pet has been accomplishing many things that could already be considered unexplainable by programs…

These behaviors…were simply inconsistent with the words “star pet”.

Mu Chongyan retracted his stunned expression and instructed the housekeeping robot to carry the dishes over towards them and warmly asked, “What do you want to eat?”

Bai Rong looked at the steaming hot breakfast and gulped, “The crab roe bun is fine…”

“Alright.” Mu Chongyan took out a set of mini cutleries and quickly and carefully prepared breakfast for Bai Rong. Then, he gently placed the plate and bowl in front of Bai Rong.

Mu Chongyan lowered his line of sight, looking at the tender little face bulging as he chewed, and black eyes the little star pet had curved in happiness, and the corner of his lips was slowly dyed with mirth. The warmth in his eyes almost overflowed as he spoke softly, “Eat slowly..”

“Wuuu…En.” Bai Rong hurriedly swallowed the bun in his mouth and lifted his head to look at Mu Chongyan, “Chongyan…you should also start eating.”

“Alright.” The corner of Mu Chongyan’s mouth hooked up faintly as he took a bite of a shrimp stuffed bun.

Even if his little sweet cake ‘didn’t seem right’ somewhere, what of it?

He will forever be the soft and sweet little sweet cake that was stuck in his heart…


After finishing breakfast, Mu Chongyan departed. Bai Rong slowly walked back to the villa, feeling a little gloomy.

Although he tried his best to show that he was happy and relaxed earlier, in truth, he really was concerned….

Sigh….Bai Rong gave a long exhale. What in the world was going on with Mu Chongyan’s physical report!!!

It was worrying him to death!

Managing the household was difficult. Managing the household was truly difficult. His wife’s matter was simply going to worry this husband to death.

Bai Rong scrunched his brows in concern while walking back to the bedroom and turning the optical computer on.

After carefully browsing some pages for a while, Bai Rong spent 30 million coins to buy Kuku the highest rated (and the most expensive) set of intermediate training plans. Then, he ran to the living room to detach the storage box of the optical viewer and carried it back to the bedroom to copy the files over.

After copying the training files to it, Bai Rong had yet to move the storage box out the bedroom when someone stepped inside.

“Kuku?” Bai Rong looked towards the doorway while holding the storage box, “Why did you suddenly come over?”

“When I went to the living room to prepare for training, I realized that the storage box of the optical viewer was missing.” Kuku quickly walked over and took away the storage box in Bai Rong’s arms. His round eyes stared at Bai Rong as he somewhat complained, “It’s a good thing I came here. Why didn’t you call me, Rong?”

“…” Bai Rong saw Kuku walk towards him as quickly as lightning and felt gratified yet depressed at the same time. Gratified because his child had grown up and knew how to love his brother. Depressed because Kuku’s strength was actually stronger than his!

Was his position in the family as the top tough man in danger?!!!


As his heart painfully clenched, Bai Rong patted Kuku’s shoulder and said with a calm tone, “Brother is going to go back. You can take your time and install it here…”

The biceps on Kuku’s arm were simply too eye-catching. He didn’t want a real life example stomping him on the face in reminder!

“Alright…” Kuku obediently nodded before adding another sentence, “Rong…You should go back and rest properly. In the future, if you’re going to do any heavy lifting, you have to call me ah!”

Bai Rong pursed his lips with a stiff face, “Alright.”

Turning around and leaving the bedroom without sparing a second, a mini version of Bai Rong sulked in a corner of his heart. It looks like he really was going to lose his position as the number one tough man in the family….

Bai Rong wrinkled his face as he opened the spell card information on and for some reason, his eyes suddenly lit up.

He still had his wife! His wife still needed to rely on his strong chest. Why did he need to feel dismayed!

Moreover, even if Kuku became an extremely tough man, so what. Kuku didn’t have a wife, so no matter how tough he gets, he wouldn’t be able to fully utilize his abilities.

Feeling more and more in agreement with this argument, the gloominess in Bai Rong’s heart gradually dissipated and brightness was restored on his little face. He pressed the spell card tutorial open to start learning with a very competitive spirit.

Meanwhile, Kuku who was in the living room suddenly made an earth-shattering sneeze.

Kuku: “…..”

Could star pets get sick too?

After continuously studying spell card information for 8 hours, Bai Rong felt somewhat tired and prepared to head to the living room to grab a pack of chips to eat. However, just as he arrived at the living room, a burst of familiar footsteps rang out.

Did Mu Chongyan come back early today?

Immediately, Bai Rong threw the pack of chips in his arms away and dashed out of the villa.

“Run slowly.” Mu Chongyan crouched down and picked the star pet up, “I’m going to Ma’er’s place right now, alright?”

“Ok!” Bai Rong instantly nodded and clung onto Mu Chongyan’s palm, saying, “By the seem to have come home early today, Chongyan.”

“En. I didn’t have a lot of afternoon classes today.” Mu Chongyan placed the little star pet into his pocket and used makeup tools to quickly put on a disguise.

Bai Rong laid inside the pocket and raised his head to watch him with glittering eyes, “Do I also need to put makeup on?”

Mu Chongyan, “…You don’t need to for now.”

Bai Rong, “Ok…”

Mu Chongyan rubbed the inexplicably gloomy little star pet’s head in mirth and helplessness. In reality, he wanted to help put a disguise on the little star pet, but unfortunately, there wasn’t a makeup tool that was appropriate for star pets to use that was sold in Sheng Ya Planet.

Mu Chongyan drove an aircraft and arrived at Ma’er’s palace within two hours.

“ came..” Ma’er clutched the report in his hand and feigned a smile as he greeted him, ”Why didn’t you let me know earlier. I would have prepared something…”

“Enough with the nonsense.” Mu Chongyan put on a strict face, “Where’s the report?”

“The report…” Confronted with Mu Chongyan’s irrefutable gaze, Ma’er nervously gulped. In the end, he gave up on his struggle, “It’s here.”

He had tested this result for the 38th time, so there shouldn’t be….any errors…

Even though … was so ridiculous he didn’t dare believe it.

Receiving the report Ma’er handed over, Mu Chongyan quickly read through it, the solemness his eyes growing deeper.

“What is it?” Bai Rong was hanging at the edge of the pocket and was trying to lift his head as much as he could to take a glance at the paper in Mu Chongyan’s hand.

Mu Chongyan quickly reread it again before putting it down to allow the little star pet to see it clearly.

Bai Rong quickly lowered his head to read through it and just after reading three lines, his whole person froze.

What did it mean by “discovered two different gene cells“?!!

This was simply against scientific theories!!!

Bai Rong stared at the words on the report with furrowed eyebrows and was unable to say anything.

This was simply impossible. How could a person have two sets of complete genes…Wait a second!!!

Bai Rong suddenly thought of something and the look in his eyes instantly turned angry and alarmed. He raised his head towards Ma’er, “Are there any technologies that allow rewashing or forging of human genes?”

Ma’er looked at the little star pet in Mu Chongyan’s pocket and originally planned to ignore him. However, when he carefully thought about the little star pet’s words, the look in his eyes suddenly changed.

”Sheng Ya star region doesn’t have this kind of technology, but…” Ma’er’s gaze instantly became cold, “There was someone who proposed this idea but it was quickly dismissed. After all, gene washing was a delusional idea and forging genes wasn’t an easy thing to do. Moreover, the people of Sheng Ya Star Region have to get checked at least once a year, so they can’t conceal the matter of gene forging for long…”

“Then does the technology to forge genes exist?”

“It doesn’t.” Ma’er sounded decisive but he quickly added another sentence at the end, “At least in Sheng Ya Star region, it doesn’t.”

Bai Rong thought deeply for a while before raising his head in concern, “Chongyan…you should let Ma’er test it again.”

The cold look on Mu Chongyan’s face was originally a bit terrifying, however, his expression softened a bit upon hearing the little star pet’s voice. “Alright.”

Ma’er immediately nodded, “That’s right! I was also planning to do this. Boss, please sit here…”

After taking some cells, it took less than an hour for the results to come out because they were only testing the genes.

“There are still two types of genes. Moreover…” Ma’er stared intently at the screen, “The boss’s new set of genes…account for a much higher percentage.”

“When the new sets of genes appeared….let’s call them new gene cells, they took up about 8% of the whole cell density. This time….” Ma’er’s brows sunched tightly, “They took up 23%!”

Hearing Ma’er’s words, Mu Chongyan and Bai Rong both put on a look that expected this result but did not say anything.

Afterall, this result was too outrageous. In fact, it was even… a little terrifying.

Bai Rong stayed inside the pocket appearing a little solemn before he raised his head to look at Mu Chongyan.

If…Mu Chongyan’s gene had been forged for 20 years, the “forging shackles” on his genes was fortunately broken apart by the destruction of his original genes caused by the vod drug…

Then….who exactly….

Was behind all of this?!!!

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