Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 49 Outrageous

“This..“ Mu Chongyan turned the screen to an angle visible to the both of them, “What does this…‘Mu Chongyan’s only lover’ mean?”

Bai Rong’s heroic-filled face instantly blanked out.


H-h-ho….How could he have forgotten his profile?!!

How could he have allowed Mu Chongyan to see this!!!


“Why aren’t you speaking?” Seeing Bai Rong’s little face turn stunned, his figure stiffly staying rooted in place, and a mixture of shock, anger and embarrassment flitting through his face, Mu Chongyan felt like he was about to burst into laughter, why did it unexpectedly feel a little….good?

“Tell me ah.” Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s little head and said warmly, “…Why did you write this kind of profile?”

To tell the truth, he was genuinely curious as to why the little star pet would write this and whether he knew what the word “lover” meant. However, he reckoned that…the little star pet probably knew… not to write without basis.

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Eypd’v kv fwpv alrzukdt y iwlpvksd okvb ydsvbla iwlpvksd? Tl nswze es kv vss.

“I think it’s very appropriate!” Bai Rong plopped down on Mu Chongyan’s palm on his rear, “Are you saying you have other lovers?”


“…..I don’t. I don’t.” Mu Chongyan helplessly shook his head, “But… you can’t leave matters like this.” He sighed, feeling very amused. Mu Chongyan warmly looked at his little star pet, his tone carrying an earnesty both of them didn’t notice, “Do you know what being a lover means?”

“I do.” Bai Rong raised a finger and wore a serious expression, “A lover is someone who you share mutual like with and would share your future life with. Moreover, the feelings between the two do not allow a third person to squeeze in. They would mutually care and love for each other, thereby becoming the most important person to each other…isn’t that right?”

“…..It is as you say, but…”

Mu Chongyan paused. Why did he feel like there was something odd with the little star pet’s justification?

“But what, are you saying that you don’t like me, that in the future, you won’t want me and that you’ll love someone else?” Bai Rong’s round eyes stared right at Mu Chongyan’s, his voice sounding aggrieved.

“Of course not.” Mu Chongyan hurriedly denied it and gently kneaded Bai Rong’s little hand, “How could I not want you. I’ve already decided to live my life together with you and just having the both of us in this family is enough. I will naturally keep loving you…”

“Really? You’ll…..always love me?”

“I will.” Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s head in a genuine and pampering manner and warmly said, “I’ll always love you.”

“You won’t suddenly like anyone else right?”

“I won’t…” Mu Chongyan felt it amusing and kissed Bai Rong’s little hand, “I’ve only ever liked you and only ever kissed you…”

“Wuuuu….” Bai Rong’s little face suddenly turned a bit red, yet on the inside, he felt delighted. His jet black eyes blinked before he shifted his hands behind his back.

He didn’t realize that he was Mu Chongyan’s first love…


“Then isn’t it right if I had it on my profile?” Bai Rong was so pleased with himself, however, he didn’t forget to add the closing tag to the pit he had just dug for him, “So I didn’t write wrongly at all.”

“…” Mu Chongyan was flabbergasted. He finally realized that he had actually fallen into the pit his little sweet cake had dug for him, however, why did his heart feel quite happy….

Was it because he knew that his little sweet cake “knew what he meant by his profile”…

Mu Chongyan looked at the little star pet in his hand warmly and decided not to ask any further questions. It was best….to leave this matter at a vague state…

“Then I’ll follow you alright?”

“Follow?!” Bai Rong originally thought that he could drag the matter longer and didn’t expect that Mu Chongyan would actually bring up another topic and that was whether he could follow him!!!

Didn’t Mu Chongyan know that doing this would confirm his official husband status on the star net!

Thinking of the large number of minxes who had accounts before him, bitterly crying in front of the screen, Bai Rong felt secretly comforted, but put on a reserved front on the surface, “…….Ok, are you sure about that?”

“Why not.” Mu Chongyan went straight to turning on his optical computer and logging into the star net. He browsed for his little sweet cake’s star pet account number and immediately pressed follow.

Bai Rong held his hands in anticipation, his face completely red. Although he kept telling himself to keep his cool, his eyes had already curved into crescents and sweet dimples also appeared on his cheeks….

“I’ve finished following you.” Mu Chongyan cleaned up his messy profile and now, there were only 2 people in his follow list including Bai Rong.

“En!” Bai Rong hugged Mu Chongyan’s finger and twisted his little frame restlessly. “Is the hot search issue already resolved?”


“You don’t need to worry about this. It takes less than 10 minutes to retrieve all the IP of those navies1Navies: people who are paid to post messages on the internet2. Those who keep harping the same tune would also be settled soon.” Mu Chongyan turned his optical computer off, “Besides…not too long later, a new headline is going to shoot to the top.”

Like the matter of Mu Chongyan following xxx….

“That’s right!” Bai Rong suddenly recalled. The matter of Mu Chongyan following him would probably trend on the search results…

Hehehe. By then, the whole interstellar would know that Mu Chongyan was his wife!

Smugly puffing out his chest, Bai Rong planted a kiss on Mu Chongyan’s finger, “Let’s go eat then.”

“Alright.” Mu Chongyan picked him up and walked towards the dining table.

However….Bai Rong would soon come to know that what had happened on the internet, would make him disappointed. Even though the topic of Mu Chongyan following him, did shoot up to first place in the search rankings, 90% of the people’s attitudes were….

“Wow, Mu Chongyan is so nice. Seeing a little nobody get ripped apart, he followed him out of pity!”

“Boo Hoo…I also want to be followed by the male god. QUICK! RIP ME APART. RIP MEEE!!”

“Those people who were insulting 123333333 were obviously navies. It’s all out in the open. This reversal really makes me want to scream that the Male God is too awesome!”

“I’m a passerby turned fan. Those people are too vicious. I can’t believe such a perfect person would be blackened considering he’s also called the God of War…”

“Welcome to the Mumu Reinforcement Group. To tell the truth, the male god would always be the God of War in my heart…”


“Doesn’t anyone think that that person could really be Mu Chongyan’s lover?”

“Hahaha above user, stop joking.”

“Above above user is too innocent.”

“Above above above user is too gullible.”


After they finished their meals, Mu Chongyan and Bai Rong spent some lovey dovey time before returning to their respective bedrooms.

Bai Rong turned the optical computer on and concentrated on studying spell card data for 3 full hours. Then, he couldn’t help himself from logging back into the star net to see what the little minxes have writ-…..HUH?!!!

Bai Rong stared at the harmonious strings of “Male God’s Power”, “Male God’s so nice”, “I feel jealous that a nobody like him was noticed by the Male God”, “I suddenly want to be ripped” on the screen, and his head felt like it had just shut down.

Why was this reaction not the same as what he was expecting?!!!

After looking through the replies for a few minutes, he realized that not one of the few people who replied, believed that he was Mu Chongyan’s husband. Bai Rong closed the star net page in anger.

Hmph. He was soon going to marry Mu Chongyan and rip off these people’s obscured lenses. By that time, they can only cry in jealousy!

To prevent Mu Chongyan from sending him any news during this period, Bai Rong logged into the virtual city for a while.

Discovering that Mu Chongyan had actually sent him a message about their meeting of exchanging goods, Bai Rong hurriedly sent a reply of “Alright!” back.

However…returning back to the main topic on hand, he still had to go to the city center the day after tomorrow for the competition…

Thinking of this, Bai Rong sent Mu Chongyan another message, “I’m going to the city center competition the day after tomorrow. Does Mr. Wei have time to drop me off along the way?”

After a minute had passed, Mu Chongyan sent back a reply, “I do. I’ll pick Mr. Mu at that time then.”

He coincidentally had a day off from the academy the day after tomorrow.

“Alright. Thank you, Mr. Wei!” Bai Rong happily typed back.

His wife was going to accompany him to the competition! He was definitely going to perform his very best!

After making a few virtual intermediate spell cards, Bai Rong took out the spell cards that were only a few carters away from reaching SS level while he stored the rest into his spatial button.

After inspecting the spell card thoroughly, Bai Rong scrunched his brows. He couldn’t find a single problem with this card, not to mention, a way of improving its level.

Sigh…the road to becoming an S Level Spell Card Master was extremely rocky….

After inspecting it for another half an hour, Bai Rong only realized that the second to last stroke of spell text was a little uneven. However, this little bit wasn’t enough to affect the carter level. Or rather, it was better to say that it was hard for Spell Card Masters to avoid this little bit of unevenness.

Heaving another gloomy smile, Bai Rong stored the spell card away and exited the virtual city.

The youngest of the present 10 S-Class Spell Card Masters was 88 years old. He shouldn’t be too impatient.

As a tough man, he should never let himself get easily dejected! Get a hold of yourself!

Turning off the optical computer, Bai Rong went to wash up and when he passed by the living room, he realized that Kuku hadn’t actually gone to sleep and his little head was drooped down, appearing unhappy.

“Kuku, what’s wrong?” Bai Rong walked over and reached out a hand to rub Kuku’s head as he asked in concern, “Why do you look so listless? Are you unwell?”

“No…” Kuku lowered his head and spoke in an extremely soft voice, “I only feel that….I’m useless…”

“Why would you be useless?!” Bai Rong immediately flared up. “Who said that our Kuku is useless?!! Our Kuku is clearly the most amazing!”

“B…..but…” Kuku rolled his foot on the floor and dispiritedly spoke, “I practiced the training program Rong gave me and originally my improvement was quite fast in a few days. My body also became stronger..” Kuku bent his arm, showing him the biceps he gained, overflowing with power, “However, starting yesterday, I suddenly stopped improving…There also wasn’t any improvement with my body today….”

“This is a good thing ah!” Bai Rong happily patted Kuku’s shoulder. “This is because Kuku’s body had already reached the peak of this level. You can now head onto the next step and start using the intermediate program to train with! Kuku, you’re amazing. The average person needs at least a month to be able to reach the peak!”

“Really?” Kuku’s little face immediately lit up, carrying a little disbelief.

“It’s true!” Bai Rong hugged Kuku in encouragement, “Brother will buy-I mean, download the intermediate training plan for you tomorrow, alright?”

“Ok.” Kuku happily returned Bai Rong’s hug. He could finally continue his training so that he could better protect his Rongrong!

“Good boy Kuku. Quickly go back and sleep then.” Bai Rong affectionately rubbed Kuku’s head. However, he suddenly realized that not only was Kuku’s shoulder wider than his by a bit, his height was almost on par with his.

Ahh…He should really stop comparing himself with him, or else he’ll frustrate himself…

He asked for touches, hugs and kisses everyday yet his height was more or less the same with Kuku’s.

It really was…

Too unfair!

“Alright.” Kuku obediently nodded his head. He was already used to his Rongrong’s naggy words so he was able to sleep and wake up on time.

“…..Rong, good night!”

“Good night. You should go back now, Kuku.”

The gratification of raising a child slowly fermented in Bai Rong’s heart as he watched Kuku run back to the second floor, and revealed a fatherly smile.

After sighing twice and lamenting about life in place, Bai Rong placed his hands behind his back and slowly strolled back to the bedroom. Drilling inside his quilt and finding a comfortable posture, he closed his eyes and soon fell into a deep slumber.

At this time, Mu Chongyan stared at his optical computer with a heavy look on his face.

Ma’er: “Boss, I’m still unsure about this test report. Really. Let me do a couple more lab tests. It’s too fishy….I can’t hand these results over to you…”

The look in Mu Chongyan’s eyes grew darker. Ma’er’s test reports only needed half a day to come out. Even the results of his consumption of vod took only a few hours. There finally came a day…where it took more than a day for him to get the final test results….

“Tomorrow morning.” Mu Chongyan thought it over again and again and decided not to force Ma’er in the end, “The latest has to be tomorrow morning.”

The test was regarding his body. Regardless of how fishy the test results were, he still needed to know.

“Understood.” Ma’er, who was hundreds of kilometers away, clutched the report in his hands tightly as he wiped his sweat with his other hand.

If the report was true, not only would it be against all scientific sense, it would also….cause a big melodrama for his boss,,,,,,

He needed to test it again for the 28th time!!!

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