Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 36.2 Couple Mechs?! (2)

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Bai Rong swiftly ran to the second floor, leaving a wisp of smoke trailing behind him, and pushed the door of Kuku’s room open.

“Kuku?!” Bai Rong was quite surprised by what he had found after opening the door. Having not expected to see Kuku actively doing push-ups on the ground, his eyes grew wide, “What are you doing?”

“Exercising my body.” Kuku smiled widely as he got up and aggressively pounced on Bai Rong, his voice sounding a bit upset, “…Rong, why didn’t you come and visit me last night.”

“My bad, I was far too busy yesterday…” Bai Rong rubbed Kuku’s head apologetically, “Why did you suddenly think of doing push-ups?”


“Because I wanted to be stronger.” Kuku innocently blinked his eyes.

“That’s…great.” Bai Rong pinched the faintly discernible muscles on Kuku’s arm playfully and suddenly felt a looming pressure surging from within…

If Kuku continued to work this hard, he definitely won’t be able to beat him next time!

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After returning to his bedroom, Bai Rong learned some interstellar coding for two hours first. At current, he thought that he had almost reached the level of a novice hacker. So, at the very least, he could hack into a lot of secret websites. However, he was still unable to find a way to bypass the optical computer’s firewall. He didn’t know who set it up, but it was way too difficult to get access.


After learning the codes, Bai Rong began to learn the remaining quarter of the profound spell card material theories. Because the previous theoretical foundations were well discussed, although these theories were difficult to understand for most, Bai Rong did not struggle in learning them at all. After eight hours of intensive study, the last parts of the difficult theories were also consumed without any trouble.

It was now almost time for Mu Chongyan to come back. Bai Rong hurriedly ran to the second floor to let Kuku enter the spatial button. He then moved the optical computer out of the villa and sat out in front of the crystal glass case to wait for Mu Chongyan to arrive.

And so, when Mu Chongyan finally came back, to his surprise, the scene of the little star pet obediently waiting for his arrival outside the crystal glass case almost melted his heart.

“Why did you come out so early today?” Mu Chongyan quickened his footsteps and eagerly came over to pick up the little star pet in his hands.

“I’m moving houses of course.” Bai Rong touched Mu Chongyan’s palm in a fawning manner, “Are we going to move now?”

“Alright.” Seeing that the little star pet’s impatient look, Mu Chongyan gently patted the little star pet’s head with an indulgent smile on his face and took another slightly larger crystal glass case out of his spatial button.

“This can accommodate you until you’re up to 30 centimeters tall.” Mu Chongyan mischievously poked Bai Rong’s small chubby cheeks and quickly brought out dozens of tiny white boxes. “These clothes are the sizes 18 to 28.5. When you grow out of them, we can change them again.”

“Okay!” Bai Rong looked at these clothes with childlike excitement as though he could already see his soon to be great height and majestic stature. He smiled proudly and squeezed out a cute dimple. “Are we moving now?”

“Alright.” Mu Chong Yan moved the old crystal glass case to the side and put the optical computer and all the boxes of clothes the little star pet had into the new crystal glass case. Then, he positioned the new crystal glass case to where the old one was before, “Is there anything else you want to move?” 

“…….I’ll take a look inside first!” Bai Rong swiftly ran into the new villa inside the crystal glass case, going around on the first, second, and third floors, and conveniently found that the new place had more items and furniture than his previous residence. There were even comics of ‘Star Pet Bedtime Stories” and “The Happy Worm and the Grey Big Fowl!”

Silently hiding the “Star Pet Bedtime Stories,” Bai Rong grabbed a copy of “The Happy Worm and the Grey Big Fowl” and quickly ran to a random room on the second floor to release Kuku.

“Sshh…” Just as when Kuku was about to say something, Bai Rong quickly reached out his hand and completely covered Kuku’s mouth, hushedly saying, “Don’t talk…”


Kuku obediently nodded his head and closed his mouth shut as he saw the nervous-looking Bai Rong.

“Kuku be good and read this first. I will come and see you later tonight.”

Kuku hugged the comic book, which was clearly three times larger than him, and turned the page with interest sparkling in his eyes. 

This was a new series!

Seeing that Kuku had immediately become immersed in his own comic book world, Bai Rong patted Kuku’s head lovingly and ran out of the small room quickly, closing the door to Kuku’s room.

After running out of the villa, Bai Rong looked at the gentle Mu Chongyan outside the crystal glass case fondly, an undetectable pan of guilt abruptly consuming his heart.

Raising Kuku behind Mu Chongyan’s back…Why did it feel unbelievably similar to a scumbag of a man raising a mistress behind his virtuous wife’s back….  

No no no!!

Bai Rong shook his head profusely, trying to throw these absurd thoughts out of his head. This was just a strange deja vu coincidentally haunting him. He was the most dedicated guy of all! He loved his wife way too much!

What’s more…Kuku was just a brother to him!

“Mu Chongyan…” Bai Rong quickly ran to Mu Chongyan as he desperately gasped for air, “I don’t think there’s anything else to move, so I think everything is fine for now!”

“En… that’s good.” Mu Chongyan carefully picked the little star pet up in his hand and gently said, “The food has already been prepared. Let’s go and eat dinner.”


Bai Rong unwittingly replied with an ‘Ah’ and exclaimed, “Has dinner been prepared so soon?!”

“Before I came home, I ordered some meals from Dizhi and also bought some strawberry honey milk cake.”

Bai Rong gave Mu Chongyan an intense look, as if his eyes were saying, ‘This little minx, how could he know where to target the toughest parts of this tough guy’s heart.’ It really made him want to love him more dearly!

Feeling that the little star pet’s gaze became somewhat strange again, Mu Chongyan calmly walked over to the table and took the dishes out of the spatial button.

“Are you hungry?”

“Just a little bit.” Bai Rong nodded obediently. His eyes were soft and spoiled as he watched Mu Chongyan start to set the dishes for him again. Almost immediately, his imposing tough guy reflexes rushed up from the bottom of his heart, so he took up a small fork and dashed in front of a fish dish. “I can do it!”

He had already grown this tall, how could he ask his wife to get him food!

Mu Chongyan looked at the little star pet, who was not even as big as half the fish, and shook his head while chuckling, “No, you can’t do it. This squirrel fish has thick bones and has plenty of them as well.”

“I can!” Seeing his wife doubt his manly capabilities, Bai Rong felt a little unhappy and immediately stuck a small fork into the fish with a bold look on his face, “See!” It’s easy to stick a fork in it!

“No.” Mu Chongyan rubbed the little star pet’s head helplessly.

“Why not?” Bai Rong still couldn’t accept the situation and tried to get a piece of fish, but miserably found that…

The fish’s bones were so dense and hard plus were in an abundance, so he simply couldn’t pull the small fork out!


His cute little face swelled red for nearly a full minute as he tried to pull out the fork with all his might. In the end, the helpless Bai Rong finally abruptly pulled out the small fork and scraped a thin layer of fish into his mouth.

He then looked at Mu Chongyan with a rigid expression.

He couldn’t let himself lose in spirit!!

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