Just Want to Be His Lover

Chapter 34.2

Gu Yanshu didn’t move.

He pursed her lips and thought seriously for a while before burying herself back into Shen Jue’s arms weakly. “No, you’re the person who treats me best. I can’t hit you.”

At that moment, Shen Jue suddenly felt his heart aching badly.

He was so obedient.

How could Gu Yanshu be so obedient?


Then, in the next second, Gu Yanshu looked up at him and said seriously, “Also, I want to kiss you.”


It was a pleasant surprise for Shen Jue, but he didn’t know how to react for a moment.

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And he didn’t know when this happened, but the little bastard was sitting on him by the time he realised it. He hooked his neck, leaned over, and said softly, “Give me a kiss.”



“I want a kiss.”

“No. ‘You can’t kiss me just because I’m nice to you.’ You can only kiss me if you like me. So, do you like me?” Shen Jue looked at Gu Yanshu, his deep eyes patient and gentle.

However, Gu Yanshu didn’t seem to hear his question. He leaned against him tightly and said coquettishly, “Let me kiss you.”

No matter how beastly Shen Jue was, he still had his principles. He couldn’t let Gu Yanshu kiss him for no reason. He turned his head away and said, “Tell me this first. Do you like me?”

“Let me kiss you!” Gu Yanshu was a bit anxious. He rubbed against Shen Jue’s face hard, trying to touch his lips.

However, when he rubbed his thigh against Shen Jue’s lower abdomen, a ball of fire immediately surged from his lower abdomen.

Shen Jue grunted, then stopped him. “Don’t move.”

By now, Shen Jue’s voice was hoarse. He had lost control for a moment.

This feeling of losing control reminded him of the first time Gu Yanshu got drunk.

It was probably the Spring Festival seven years ago. Shen Jue had a conflict with his family, so he didn’t go home. Gu Yanshu couldn’t afford the travel expenses, so he didn’t go back either.

Since only the two of them were left in the dormitory, they ordered takeout and a few cans of beer as a way to celebrate the festival.


Before that, Shen Jue’s relationship with Gu Yanshu was already very good, but he hadn’t realised what kind of feelings he had for Gu Yanshu yet. He only felt sorry for the latter and wanted to take care of him. He wanted to see Gu Yanshu happy, just like ordinary friends and buddies would want.

That night, after Gu Yanshu drank a small can of beer, the child, who was usually cold and awkward, suddenly became a sticky and soft kitten. He insisted on hugging Shen Jue and didn’t let go. It was fine if they were just hugging, but Gu Yanshu even pressed his entire body against him and rubbed against him everywhere.

It felt extremely uncomfortable to have someone rub against him, but Gu Yanshu’s usually aloof face was still flushed, and he was so good-looking that no one could reject him.

And so, for the first time, Shen Jue had a physiological reaction to others.

Not only on the physical level, but also on the psychological level.

When the youth crept up on him softly and gently, Shen Jue learned, for the first time, what lust was, and what it meant by attempting to invade and possess someone. This was also the first time he had the thought of grabbing someone’s ankle, restraining his waist, and pressing him under his body and watching him cry softly.

At that time, they were all inexperienced young boys. He was shocked and at a loss about the sudden desire for someone of the same sex, even felt a strong sense of guilt.

Later on, after having a beautiful dream about Gu Yanshu for the entire night, Shen Jue didn’t dare to face the latter at all the next day.

He hid from Gu Yanshu for a whole week, unsure about the kind of feelings he had for him.

It wasn’t until he saw Gu Yanshu talking to others and having physical contact on a variety show that the strong possessiveness and jealousy made him certain that he liked Gu Yanshu.

It was the kind of liking that made him greedy, made him desire the other man, and want to monopolise him.

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