Just Want to Be His Lover

Chapter 34.1

Gu Yanshu’s physique was very special. He would get drunk with the slightest amount of alcohol. 

Thinking of the few times Gu Yanshu was drunk previously, Shen Jue quickened his pace, afraid that something would happen to Gu Yanshu if he was a second late.

When he pushed the door open and entered, he was slightly relieved to see that the room was quiet, and there was a ball covered by a blanket on the bed. 

After saying a few words to the owners of the house, he locked the door and walked to the bed.

On the huge bed, Gu Yanshu wrapped himself up tightly and curled up in the corner.


His aloof and pale face became gentle under the warm light. His eyelashes were lowered, the shadow creating a faint layer of gloominess on his lower eyelids. The strange redness at the corners of his eyes enhanced the beauty of the pair of eyes that was usually filled with coldness.

Shen Jue touched his pretty forehead.

Fortunately, it wasn’t hot.

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Shen Jue lowered his head and looked back at Gu Yanshu, blinking at him as well.


After a while, Gu Yanshu suddenly meowed.

Shen Jue: “?”

Before he could understand what Gu Yanshu meant by meowing, the latter had already sat up and wrapped his arms around his neck. Then, Gu Yanshu buried his head in the crook of his neck and rubbed against it, meowing once more.

Shen Jue’s heart melted from the meows Gu Yanshu was making. He wrapped one hand around the latter’s waist and rubbed his head with the other. He asked in a low voice, “What are you meowing for?”

Because you like kittens.

That was what Gu Yanshu wanted to answer, but his mind was in a lull, and his thoughts were chaotic, and his mouth didn’t listen to his heart’s command. He wanted to answer, but he couldn’t. He simply stopped answering and hugged Shen Jue tightly, unwilling to let go.

He had to hug Shen Jue; if he didn’t, Shen Jue would be gone again.

Without Shen Yin around, he would be an unwanted kitten again.

He didn’t want to be an unwanted kitten.

Thinking of this, he hugged Shen Jue even tighter and pressed his entire skinny body against the latter, as if he was planning to melt himself into Shen Jue’s body temperature.

Because it was warm in the room, the two of them were only wearing short-sleeved t-shirts. With this hug, they could feel each other’s body temperature through the thin fabric. Gu Yanshu’s tiny head continued to rub against Shen Jue’s neck, and the moist ends of his hair tickled Shen Jue’s neck. The slender waist under Shen Jue’s palms even twisted around, rubbing against Shen Jue’s lower abdomen, making the latter’s body restless.

As a strong young man, it was inevitable that something would happen if the person he liked continued to rub against him like this.


Shen Jue was no gentleman, and he wouldn’t remain calm when aroused, but he felt that this timing and place weren’t suitable for what he wanted.

So, he coaxed Gu Yanshu in a low voice, “Kitty Gu, be good. Don’t move anymore. Let’s sleep, alright?”

“Alright.” Gu Yanshu was obedient. “But I want to hug you to sleep.”

“You can hug me, but you’re not allowed to rub against me.”

“I’m not rubbing against you.” As if feeling wronged, Gu Yanshu felt aggrieved and rubbed against him even harder.

Shen Jue said helplessly, “And you say that you’re not?”

“I’m not!”

“You are!”

“You’re being fierce to me!”


“When have I ever been fierce to you?” 

Shen Jue was both frustrated and amused. He pushed Gu Yanshu out of his arms and held his face, pretending to look angry. “I’m going to be fierce to you. What are you going to do about that?”


Gu Yanshu’s mouth was pushed into a chick’s mouth by him, and he replied fiercely, “Then I’ll hit you.”

Wow, so fierce. That’s so scary.

Shen Jue was extremely tickled by Gu Yanshu’s actions. He chuckled and said, “Alright, come and hit me.”

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