Just Want to Be His Lover

Chapter 3.1 Shen Jue and Gu Yanshu Would Never Be in the Same Picture (1)

The moment Fang Yuan received the message, he just finished stuffing a re-tied bag of Northeast rice that had been opened before into a 32-inch suitcase.

Before he could catch his breath, his phone vibrated.

[Mr. Zhang]: I’ve heard from Ding about what happened today. Since Gu Yanshu is not willing to do it, then just let it go, and also Mr. Ye is going to ask someone else to replace Chen Ran. You guys just record the show as normal, perform well, and go for it. [Emoji: Smile]

For some reason, Fang Yuan saw a hint of humility from that smile that was indicating Mr. Zhang dared not speak out something.

He tilted his head to look at Gu Yanshu, who was packing his clothes into another suitcase: “Shu.”



“Tell me the truth.”


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Tl pbkqvle bkp tygl vs Wydt Zwyd kdekqqlaldvzu: “Rq R bye pdlyjle yaswde okvb Ya. Zl, obu oswze R pvkzz nydnlz vbl nsdvaynv? Ebu vbl Fvasdtlpv Fvytl oswze nbsspl Ubld Syd?”

Fang Yuan once again played the fool in the eyes of Gu Yanshu.


He kept silent for two seconds, “You’re right.”

But still confused: “How could they suddenly replace him as it’s going to be recorded tonight?”

“Anyway we were supposed to record the Strongest Stage tomorrow.”

Gu Yanshu answered casually.

Fang Yuan thought over it for a while, and realized Gu was right.

This was how it worked in fandom: you robbed other’s resources, and others would do the same to you.

“So who do you think will replace Chen Ran? Mr. Ye had always been a man who was selfless, cold-hearted, and often cut loose from old ties. Never heard of him wanting to support anyone before. Could it be some new star had come to our company……”

Fang Yuan suddenly paused.

He thought of one chap.

A man who should never appear in U.N. this morning, but did.

But this horrible thought only remained in his mind for less than one second before he shook it off by shaking his head like crazy.

Impossible. Totally impossible.


Shen Jue would be on variety shows? Never.

Shen Jue would be on variety shows with Gu Yanshu? Never.

Moreover, Shen Jue had been running a personal studio, and under no circumstance would Mr. Ye support him. So this thought was completely a joke.

Fortunately Gu Yanshu didn’t notice his unusual thoughts.

He just replied: “None of our business. Don’t worry about it.”

Then he glimpsed the suitcase beside Fang Yuan and asked a question he was more concerned: “What’s the rice for?”

“For what you would need to pack for the recording.”

Before Gu Yanshu again looked at him like a fool, Fang Yuan explained first: “You don’t understand. For the reality shows nowadays, they would always promise everything like eating, drinking and playing, but when you’re there you’ll find you get nothing. So I prepare you a box of warming essentials for the winter and some daily essentials to make sure you don’t die of coldness or hunger.”

A thoughtful man.

Gu Yanshu even didn’t know whether he should praise Fang Yuan or not.

The show “Cohabitation Life” he was about to record was a cohabitation reality show co-produced and broadcasted by Guokong TV and Xiangnan TV.

The planning was moderate.


The idea was to find a big villa in downtown Beijing and invite six guests to stay there at the same time. During the day, they work and socialize as usual, but at night they must return to the villa for sleeping.

Of course, both the invited guests and the agency knew that the program team paid your salary, not to really allow you use this place as a hotel. So during the recording period, if guests got businesses to do outside Beijing, they must promise to come back to the villa before sleeping, and half of the schedule had to be left empty to ensure a share of the recording period.

Besides that, Gu Yanshu had no idea about any other planning details.

He had never recorded a reality show of this kind since he didn’t like the feeling of overexposing himself. The reason why he took the job was purely because the company wanted him to share some popularity with Chen Ran, and also he felt that he owed the company a favor.

Now it turned out Chen Ran was not attending, and he was the only one left, so he didn’t feel the need to attend.

Gu Yanshu opened his mouth: “How much for breach of contract?”

“Six times the money of recording.”

“Then go ahead and pack it up. We’ll attend.”

“No problem!”

Gu Yanshu’s assistant had just resigned days ago, and before a new stuff could come on board, Fang Yuan had been dealing with all the affaires himself.


It’s a good thing that he had not worked with any other entertainers since he made up his mind to follow Gu Yanshu and become independent, so now he could handle it. After packing up the things, buying a new phone, and replacing his SIM card, they arrived at the recording location at 5:30 pm.

The recording took place in an upscale development near the fourth ring of Beijing, with excellent security. Without an owner’s card and temporary access card, neither people nor vehicles could get in or out.

They parked the black nanny car outside the community and got out of the car.

Follow PD Wang Yang, who had been waiting for a long time, came up with a few staff members.

While pinning the mic to Gu Yanshu, he explained the precautions to be taken during recording: “In order to prevent revelations and surrogate filming, the guest list as well as the recording time and location are all kept secret. So please pay more attention to it during the recording, and don’t leak out the info.”

There was a vicious incident just a while ago where a show almost caused a car accident during recording due to rampant illegitimacy and surrogate filming, so it was reasonable for the program team to be cautious about it.

Gu Yanshu responded: “Okay.”

Then, he remembered something and added: “Have the other guests arrived?”

Wang Yang: “They’re all here. Except for the new one.”

Fang Yuan had just taken two suitcases out of the trunk along with a handbag and happened to hear this. He put down the luggage, and asked in passing, ” Could you kindly reveal who is he, Director Wang?”

“I’ve no idea.” Wang Yang shrugged his shoulders, “We only received notice about the replacement this afternoon. Director Cao only said that it was a big curry, and the ratings would definitely explode. Nothing else did he say.”

“Why so mysterious?”

“Who knows.” Wang Yang had already pinned the mic for Gu Yanshu, raising his wrist to check the time, “The last guest should still be recording the opening, so let’s wait for another fifteen minutes before we go in.”

“Sure, no problem.” Fang Yuan took out a pack of soft Zhonghua cigarettes and a lighter, handing them over, “A cold day. Cigarette?”

Wang Yang took the cigarette. They two walked aside to chat.

Gu Yanshu leaned against the door of the car and listened. He could occasionally hear some words like “our Shu had a knee injury and couldn’t catch a cold”, “Shu got low blood sugar so he couldn’t starve”, “We’ll fully cooperate with the program, but we’ll have to keep healthy as well.” Something like this.

Fang Yuan had always seemed to be unreliable in front of him. But Gu Yanshu knew in his heart that it was because Fang Yuan didn’t want him to be bored, so was deliberately acting silly and funny. In fact, Fang Yuan spoiled him a lot and was quite worldly, having taken good care of him in the past few years, meanwhile speaking and behaving appropriately.

For instance, after returning from the company, Fang Yuan never mentioned a word about Shen Jue in front of him.

Although there was nothing wrong if he did mention.

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