Chapter 3.2 Shen Jue and Gu Yanshu Would Never Be in the Same Picture (2)

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Gu Yanshu listened for a while besides them and felt a bit bored, so he took his phone out from the pocket. He casually moved his fingers scrolling up and down on the screen, hung his head low, and looked a bit distracted.

Only when having logged into his alt Weibo account and heard the “Ding Dong” sound of the system message popping up, he realized he had been distracted.

Weibo Trending was displayed on the screen.

Gu Yanshu came back to his senses and took a closer look at the screen.

At the top of the Trending still hung #Jue Jue Shu# , followed by a crying expression.

(TL: Jue Jue Shu refers to a breaking up letter. In the source language, this phrase includes the words from both the names of Shen Jue and Gu Yanshu)

Gu Yanshu suddenly realized why things would always go bad when he had something to do with Shen Jue – their CP name literally looked full of bad luck. Especially when you read them out, it even made you dare to cut your wrist to go fighting to stop something bad from happening.

It was the thing topic had not dropped down yet that made Gu Yanshu a bit puzzled.

Since the disbanding of YOUNG group, he and Shen Jue had burned all the bridges, and had not made any public comments about each other. So no matter it was saying Shen Jue was homophobic or he was hyping the CP topic, they were just small fights between their fans in the fandom, and there was no smoking gun. These affairs never caused serious consequences and had not affect their career development or public image in any way as well.

Even if some extreme pseudo-fans or CP fans occasionally made some troubles, the two teams would promptly restrain and controlled the scene. As soon as a topic about Shen Jue and Gu Yanshu appeared on the Trending, Shen’s side would soon spend money to take out the trend.

So this time Gu Yanshu didn’t care about it as well.

It was out of his expect that they were still at the No. 1 on Trending, what’s more, even until now it had not been removed.

Not only this one was not removed, the following trend #Shen Jue’s love affairs seem to exposure” was also listing there.

When the two trending topics were viewed together, it was just indicating Shen Jue was like a scum.

So was it Shen Jue’s studio staff suddenly took a collective annual vacation, or was he holding back some bigger trick?

Gu Yanshu tapped his fingertips on the screen.

Hesitating for a moment, he finally clicked the trend.

The top weibo this time was also posted by a Golden VIP account.

The difference was ID changed from @CPGirlsCamp into @CPGirlsNotReconcile.

So girls fans of CP were changing fast.

But the content of the post would make people go to their heads as always.

[@CPGirlsNotReconcile: Smoking gun for the “Jue Jue Shu”!!! The reason why Shen Jue didn’t go to the award ceremony was that he had gone to meet his girlfriend! Pictures don’t lie! Creeping… The two promised to hold a concert at Bird’s Nest Stadium but finally only Gu Cute himself did it. You have no heart, Shen Jue!]

The comments also went to his head.

[@IHaveDied: Fuck you Shen Jue!!! Damn scum!!! You made me lose my seven years’ youth!!!]

[@MyCPBEAgain: Well, I’ve covered the coffin board myself, please help me bury it.]

[@ShenClanConcubine: Universal celebrations!! The CP dogs have finally woken up by the reality! How would those who had always hype their gay stories walk straight in the future?]

[@GuAlphaSweetO: Wow! Congratulations to our brother for his unbinding! Go ahead and learn about cold, long-legged Alpha! Our brother will not be regarded as someone’s cute wife anymore!]

[@IAmABadger: The fans of the traffic stars are literally good at please themselves. Come on, concede the reality, Shen Jue has had many girlfriends, it’s only your idol that wants to hype himself with Shen.]

[@LiveInGu’sCollarbone: Someone please stop displaying persecution paranoia. I also have a reasonable suspicion that someone who has won the movie award and gets in a higher position wants to increase his commercial value, so he gets eager for the popularity. I’m not surprised to see them in the same picture one day.]

[@IJustHateGuYanshu: Fuck off upstairs, I’ll say it straight, if Shen can be in the same picture with Gu Yanshu in three years, I’ll run around Tiananmen Square naked for 300 laps!]



Through the screen, Gu Yanshu could completely imagine the hysteria of those who cursed him and those who cursed others for him, and yet he could hardly empathize with them.

He reckoned the Trending as somehow a magical thing.

It was where agenda-setting theories were taken to the extreme, where the public’s attention was sold for a price.

Most of the time, the people who searched for these phrases and discussed them fervently had nothing to do with these things. But it seemed that everyone knew the truth, and everyone was on the moral high ground.

Even though most of what they saw was not the whole truth, and there were traces of manipulation everywhere, people who idled away the days doing nothing could easily find their own satisfaction in defending and criticizing without a cause.

Therefore, even seeing the words of those who quarrel with others for defending him would not give Gu Yanshu any comfort.

—-Across the distant space and time and billions of people, what gave one the right to swear an oath to curse another, or to defend another?

It sounded so absurd.

Gu Yanshu’s fingertips swiped on the screen in a lack of interest and pressed the lock screen button without his mood swinging.

He had always thought only a fool would pay attention to such irresponsible remarks from strangers that he never met before.

A sudden ding from the phone.

He lowered his eyes.

A banner message from Weibo.

[[email protected]: Don’t make a rumor about your papa anymore, that’s your grandma. A class act who can tell the pictures, did you pass the language test of grade two in primary school? //Repo: @CPGirlsNotReconcile]

(TL: In Weibo, this was the reply from Shen Yue himself)

Gu Yanshu: “……”

He forgot, that except fools, there were even lunatics.

Before he could understand what kind of madness Shen Jue was in this time.

Another ding from the phone.

Still a Weibo banner message.

[[email protected]: Pls don’t speak with your sphincter// Repo: @I’mAPig: Shen Jue has had many girlfriends, it’s only your idol that wants to hype himself with Shen.]

Gu Yanshu again: “……”

Shen really didn’t have to glorify the shit words like this.

A ding again.

The reply got more glorifying.

Only five words: wow, looking forward to it.

Repo: [@IJustHateGuYanshu: if Shen can be in the same frame with Gu Yanshu in three years, I’ll run around Tiananmen Square naked for 300 laps!]

Wow, looking forward to it.

It must be Shen Jue himself.

Gu Yanshu could almost completely imagine the provocative pursing of Shen’s lips and mocking tone of voice when he said this.

However, it was not the first time Shen Jue became aggressive to lash out anti-fans, media, and the marketing studio. Gu Yanshu had been used to it.

But he wasn’t aware of the implication of “looking forward”.

It couldn’t be what was in his mind.

Otherwise, before the anti-fan ran naked, one will die between he and Shen Jue.

After all, across the twelve crossing on Changan Street, for he and Shen Jue, one had better to be at the most left and the other the most right, and never met again in whole life.

As he was thinking about it, there came a genuine “Fuck” from aside, along with the sound of a group of people feeling shocked. They seemed to see something appalling.

Gu Yanshu couldn’t help but look up and follow the line of sight of the crowd.

His expression became icy in a moment.

A red Laferrari was parked three meters away at an unknown time.

The door opened, and the man in the car, with his long legs on the ground, leaned forward and poked his upper body out, then slowly stood up straight and turned around to look over.

The solemn expression. The defined facial features.

The cold wind of late November from the north blew through, mixed with the smell of rotten grass and trees, and lifted a few locks of the man’s loosely tied top knot at the back of his head.

When the man saw Gu Yanshu standing in the crowd, he didn’t even seem surprised, but just raised his eyebrow bone slightly and smiled with the corner of his mouth curving up: “Mr. Gu, what a coincidence.”

The voice had seemed to be grinding from the throat, sounded lazy and slow, and inexplicably wrapped in sense which could be flirtation or provocation.

Mr. Gu felt it was a terrible coincidence.

He Stared for three second.

Turned around.

Looked at Fang Yuan: “Six times the breach of contract, we can actually afford it.”


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