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Immoral Holidays Chapter 6.2

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Chapter 6.2

“Then it’s the same as Ling Qian’s specialization.” Perhaps it was because she felt that her two sons were too quiet, Madam Ling directed her gaze towards her indifferently smiling second son seated across. “Ling Qian recognizes the Xiu Luo Family’s Pei Tang right?”

“Yes, of course. He’s my classmate. His personality isn’t bad and his grades are excellent.” Ling Qian replied without missing a beat.

Madam Xiu Luo was a married woman who was good at dealing with people and who people loved to interact with but the same could not be said to her son Pei Tang, who was arrogant and despicable.

In World Conquest Military Academy, there are only a handful of people who could compete with Ling Qian and the brothers in terms of background and achievements and Pei Tang Xiu Luo turned out to be one of them.

They were evenly matched after an uncountable number of fights. Regardless, with their respective fathers’ backgrounds, in the future when they have graduated and taken up a post, they would still continue their fights due to their different factions.

“Your eldest son is about to graduate, no?”

“That’s right, he’s going to graduate next year. He will definitely be joining the army. I hope it doesn’t have to be the front lines, instead, it would be best if it were inside the military department, at least that way, he gets to come home once in a while.” These were the kinds of topics mothers often talked about. Madam Ling placed her hands on Ling Wei’s resolute face and complained with dissatisfaction to Madam Xiu Luo. “Look! Every time he comes back from military school, he loses so much weight. Shouldn’t a 21 year old child’s face be white and rosy? But my child’s chin has become so much sharper. Madam Xiu Luo, I’ll be honest with you. I’m not really concerned with my other two children. The one I am most worried about is this child, Ling Wei. He’s too upright. I fear that once he graduates from the academy and is assigned to the front-lines, he’ll be bullied by the others.”

Being treated like a child by his mom in front of others by rubbing his cheeks and even exaggerating that his chins has become sharper made Ling Wei extremely embarrassed.

He was unable to brush Madam Ling’s hands away and could only maintain his current posture. He gave a bitter smile and said in a small voice. “Mom, I’m not a small kid anymore. I can take care of myself.”

He felt a sudden sting on the face.

He raised his eyes and discovered his brother’s arrow-like sharp gaze hidden underneath his smile. His sharp stare held a tone of warning.

Madam Ling also detected her son’s embarrassment and could only blink at the faintly smiling Madam Xiu Luo. “Oh, this child is easily embarrassed.” After she withdrew her hands, she thought of the tonics she had instructed Housekeeper Wei to prepare in the morning. “Housekeeper Wei, take out the prepared tonics for Ling Wei and send it to his room later.”

She then turned back her head and continued her idle talk with Madam Xiu Luo.

“Having three kids is always better than having just one. When he was small, he was lively and adorable, now, his personality is honest and steadfast, just like a good older brother.”

“That’s right. I’ve always felt that way too. If there were only Ling Qian and Ling Han, it wouldn’t be as perfect anymore. I feel that perhaps it was Heaven’s bestowment that he send Ling Wei to my side and help me cast away my sorrows that year. In ancient times, it could probably be called God’s gift.”

Hearing his mother and the guest talking ruefully about him, an endless surge of warmth flowed into Ling Wei’s heart.

His mother died giving birth to him and in Ling Wei’s memories, the only image of a mother he had was that of Madam Ling’s. Although they didn’t have any blood ties, he was still raised by her starting from when he was 3 years old. Sometimes, the effect of tomorrow is bigger than that of today. The tragedies of federal adoption of a large number of orphans resulting from frequent wars are often seen in the newspaper sections. The most commonly found case is when they start adopting orphans and sometime after, having their own child that are of their flesh and blood, they start to change and abuse the adopted child, to the extent of even abandoning them.

“Mom, I’m going out in the afternoon, I won’t be coming back for dinner.” Ling Qian said without much care.

Ling Wei nerves abruptly tightened and he quickly glared at his brother.

“Not coming back for dinner?” Madam Ling asked. “But mom has already asked Housekeeper Wei to prepare your favorite vegetables, I was even thinking of personally cooking too.”

“No need.” Ling Qian exposed an excited smile of a young boy. “I’ve already made an appointment with a friend. It’s too boring in the house, It’s no different from being in the academy, there’s not a single speck of amusement.”

Ling Wei was triggered by this.

He faintly figured that Ling Qian must be up to no good outside and immediately felt anxious. He gloomily stared at his reckless and headstrong brother.

Ling Qian simply turned a blind eye to the warning and admonishment held in his gaze.

Madam Ling wasn’t by any means a strict mother. She naturally got used to their behavior as her children have lived in the academy for many years and although she hoped for her second son to stay at home for dinner, since her son insisted on going out, she didn’t oppose to it too much.

After lunch, Ling Wei immediately pursued Ling Qian up the stairs.

Ling Qian knew his brother was following him from behind and secretly laughed to himself. He feigned an ignorant look and as he proceeded to go to his room on the third floor. Then he proceeded to close the door after stepping in.

“Ling Qian.” Ling Wei reached his hand out and pressed on the door, stopping right outside the room.


“What are you doing exactly in the afternoon?”

Ling Qian threw a question back at him with amusement.  “Shouldn’t my brother be the one most clear about what I’m going to do?”

His shameless smile provoked Ling Wei’s anger.

“Didn’t I tell you that you can’t ever do anything like this again? Why can’t you be considerate of our mom? She even felt blessed because of our family. How could you have the heart to do this?”

“Then what about you?” Ling Qian  his eyes twinkling with ridicule, “Why can’t you be considerate about me? If it requires you to sacrifice for the Ling Family, you would just selfishly nod your head.”

Such a strong comeback!

Faced with a scoundrel who was spoiled to the point of not understanding simple logic, Ling Wei simply did not know how to rebuke this.

“How about this. If you promise to become my play thing and you try your best to satisfy me, I won’t cause any trouble outside!”

Ling Qian threw out a shameless request to his brother while putting on the face of fair and impartial person.

Even though he had a strong desire of protecting the Ling Family, most especially, his warm and gentle mother who he didn’t want to feel even a bit of hurt, Ling Wei was still unable to agree at once without properly considering the consequences.

Promising to become your brother’s sex toy, which sane person would agree to that?

Under a disinterested facade, Ling Qian took into account his brother’s apparent hesitation and started to turn the gears in his head quickly. It seems that he should apply the results of the predictive simulation system to reality in order to tackle his brother’s personality.

And currently, said person was still in middle of struggling.

Looks like a provocation was in need.

“There’s no need to force yourself, I already knew that you wouldn’t agree to it so easily.” Ling Qian smiled ‘amicably’ and feigned indifference by shrugging his shoulders. “Besides, there’s a lot more trash better than dearest brother out there.The freshness of changing toys every day would be feel really good. If dearest brother insists on being the only one to be fucked, the one eating a loss would be me. Alright alright, now go away. I need to change my clothes and go out. Please take your hand off.”

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