Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 16.1

Chapter 16 – I thought it was a simple transmigration (1)

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Whoever wants to tie up my brother will have to go over me first.

Zhou Xiang followed Xie Ling, thinking that this sentence was said as well. Fortunately, this was just his illusion.

He was his Boss Xie, so how could he say such impulsive and nasty words?

Xie Ling was still the same obstinate, cold, stone-faced man who doesn’t give a damn about gracing other people even a second of his smile. However, his usual neatly combed hair looked messy, and a trace of impatience could be seen in his eyes.

From this very tiny difference from his usual self, it could be surmised that he came in a hurry.

Xie Ling waited for Zhou Xiang’s report but received nothing of the sort. In the midst of all the people talking with others, he continued to pay attention to his phone. Afterwards, he suddenly received a message from Zhou Xiang: Boss Xie, the young master threw Wu Fuyu into the swimming pool.

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Later, he sent someone to thoroughly investigate the Omega’s family. He found that almost all of the members of their family had a criminal record of fraud, one was a part of a pyramid scheme and one senior was a member of a multi-level marketing organization. 

They were poor, too poor to even buy a steamed bun for a meal, but still worked hard to get high scores at school. They were really a set of scheming people.

Wu Fuyu acted quickly. After gathering all the evidence, he immediately submitted them to the authorities and sent all of the family members to prison. He also set another trap so that their family would owe a huge amount of debts to loan sharks.

When Cinderella lost all her relatives and family’s support, she really did become a real-life Cinderella. She hoped that Wu Fuyu would let her go but Wu Fuyu didn’t care at all. Instead, he enjoyed every single minute of Cinderella’s suffering.

He shared Cinderella’s suffering to his circle of friends as if it was some kind of joke. 

It was like he never liked her at all, like everything was just a fun game for him. It was terrifying and it gave people the impression that Wu Fuyu had something sinister inside of him.

Wu Fuyu may always be playing dumb or reckless but who was to say that this was only a facade? 

All that had happened was, in the eyes of the Wu Family, to give Wu Fuyu experience in the real world so they never really tried to stop him dating Cinderella. He had to experience being deceived or cheated so that he’d learn how to see the good and bad of every person he met.

This was the reason why Xie Ling had thought the Wu Family took great pains to cultivate this heir. Wu Fuyu represents order amid recklessness and cruelty amid chaos. He was calm when unbothered but brutal when offended and he would never stop once he had started.

That was why Xie Ling’s head hurt when he saw the message. His brother didn’t just pick on someone simple. He stumbled on a big landmine.

He immediately left the people in the banquet, feeling worried that he’d be too late to stop Wu Fuyu. However, as soon as Xie Ling came over, he found that the person in the pool was another young man. Then he glanced at Zhou Xiang.

He thought that Zhou Xiang might have panicked so much that he missed two words in his message. It was actually Wu Fuyu’s little brother who was kicked down the swimming pool. These two words made a huge difference.

At this time, Wu Fuyu was already on to Rong Jing, pointing at him and telling people to grab him.

Rong Jing was still holding a young man whose face was buried in his arms, seemingly trying to hide himself.

Wu Fuyu was stupefied after he heard Xie Ling’s words. He looked at Xie Ling for a moment then at Rong Jing.

Little brother? Where did this little brother come from? Doesn’t Xie Ling only have one brother, Xie Jicheng, the second son of Xie? 

Wu Fuyu looked at Xie Ling’s suit which both belonged in the same clothing line as Rong Jing’s. It was obvious that it was custom-made due to its apparent details, both exquisite and seamless. A product that could not be compared to second and third rate brands.

He thought of saying something and yelled, “Oh, he’s the illegi–“

Xie Ling had already glared at him before he could even finish the word ‘illegitimate’.

Wu Fuyu immediately changed his tone, “I mean, he’s brother Xie’s cute little brother!”

Cute little brother my ass. He was that illegitimate son from the third wife of Patriarch Xie who was always missing. As far as he knew, Xie Ling’s relationship with this brother was very plain. Why was it so good now?

He didn’t care about what was up with the Xie family. He only cared about the reaction of Xie Ling.

Xie Ling suddenly felt like someone was behind him. He turned around and looked at the youth who had followed him from who knows when.

The young man had a simple and honest-looking face. He immediately turned off his phone the moment that Xie Ling looked at him. He was so shocked that he even forgot to turn off the live broadcast on his phone. Though it was only a private broadcast just so he could show to his curious classmate the rumored lavish dinner party of the upper class.

This young man who had followed him secretly was Ji Leping. He stared at Rong Jing in the distance. However, the man didn’t even pay attention to him so he could only retreat quietly.

He felt a bit dizzy and didn’t have time to think about the developments that he had just seen, ignoring the yelling classmates watching his broadcast.

Are you all shocked? You all can’t believe it?

I, myself, was at the scene, and I can’t believe it too!

Poor? No connections? He only secretly hid his identity and tried to mingle with their group of bums!

Now what did y’all do? Ostracized him?

Xie Ling pushed away the onlookers and asked coldly, “What’s going on?”

Veins surfaced in Wu Fuyu’s temples. He had obviously taken painkillers but he could still feel the back of his neck hurting a bit. Seeing that Xie Ling was obviously protecting Rong Jing despite being known as someone who treats his relatives coldly, he realized that there was no way now that he could get back at Rong Jing.

He could only force himself to smile and say, “It’s all a misunderstanding. We were playing with this waiter just now. The joke may have gone a little too far so the young master Xie came to teach them a lesson.”

Wu Fuyu glared at the young man that was still in the pool, “Right?”

The man looked at Rong Jing then at Xie Ling. He dared not speak in anger and could only laugh, “Yeah, yeah.”

But what was Godzilla’s name again? Wu Fuyu could only remember that his last name was not ‘Xie’.

In fact, he used to have a little impression of this person. He also used to think that this illegitimate son was a man with a backbone. During his young age, he entered the Xie family with his doddering mother. Xie Zhanhong had allowed him to change his surname to Xie, but this child had a stubborn temper and kept his surname.

When Wu Fuyu was young, he once admired this person’s resolve. However, when he heard that this person had beaten the second son of Xie to death, he felt like there was something wrong with this person.

Seeing that Xie Ling didn’t answer, Wu Fuyu said, “It was a joke. Don’t mind it.”

Though Xie Ling could sense what really happened, he simply let the matter go. He didn’t want to make matters worse, so he said to Rong Jing, “Let’s go.”

However, no one moved, and everyone’s attention was focused in one direction.

The atmosphere around them had suddenly changed, and the reason lay in the young man in Rong Jing’s arms.

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