Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 16.2

Chapter 16 – I thought it was a simple transmigration (2)

The young man’s hair was dripping wet. His shirt clung to his wet body. Under the interweaving lights, his jade-like skin showed, his slender waist was outlined, exhibiting delicateness and toughness at the same time. Just this view alone could make people feel hot and bothered, and give them a little bit of desire to tear him apart.

This young man was weakly lying in Rong Jing’s arms.

But perhaps because the domineering aura of the Alpha around had become too strong, he suddenly trembled and opened his eyes.

His eyes showed confusion, and anxiousness, albeit a little faint.

Rong Jing knew that the person in his arms was feeling weak. He had simply looked at him, unaware that the man was looking very charming. However, since he was so close to him, he had been hit by multiple critical blows.

Rong Jing felt some stirring in his body, and once again, the aura that only belonged to an Alpha tried to jump out from him. However, he knew that this reaction came only from his body and not from his heart. Rong Jing’s expression was as motionless and immovable as a mountain.

Rong Jing looked coldly at his surroundings. The young men and woman who had been charmed sobered a bit and involuntarily took a step back.

They didn’t feel it before but soon they realized that the person in front of them did indeed have the unmistakable demeanor of a brother of Xie Ling: Indifferent, reserved and imposing.

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He pushed Rong Jing away slowly but firmly.

During this time, Gu Xi, who looked cold and stubborn, looked even more attractive. The nearest person, the young man in the pool, couldn’t obviously resist this temptation. He walked towards where Gu Xi was and tried to reach out to him.

Rong Jing let the person in his arms push him away, then he grabbed the young man’s hand that tried to reach out.

“Ah!” The young man cried in pain.

That loud, harsh cry made Wu Fuyu, who had once experienced the same pain, flinched.

Yeah, I know that pain. Hurts like hell. Being touched by that humanoid Godzilla, you’d start to wonder why life has to be so difficult.

Rong Jing let go of Gu Xi. The moment that he stood up, he took off his coat and put it over Gu Xi. Then he stepped on the young man’s head and kicked him back into the pool again.

Grunts and bubbles emerged from the water. The young man who was stepped on could not get up.

You rubbish group of people have to be taught a lesson over and over again.

Since you want to play, then we’ll play. Let’s see who’ll give up first.

Gu Xi was stunned for a moment when the coat was placed over his shoulders. The coat carried the other person’s body temperature and a faint smell of a bamboo scent blocking spray gently enveloped his body.

His cold fingers trembled slightly. He wasn’t used to other people’s temperature, especially that of an Alpha.

This rejection had been brought about by his childhood. He hated all Alphas, and would show immediate rejectection towards one accompanied with nausea and vomiting.

He could forget about this feeling when he was filming but in reality, he really found them disgusting.

This has nothing to do with Rong Jing. This was just a thorn in his heart.

His body wanted to throw his coat away but his heart knew that he shouldn’t trample on Rong Jing’s kindness.

Gu Xi shivered in place and draped the coat slowly and firmly over his body. Squeezing the coat with his fingers, he tried to push away the discomfort he was feeling. He closed his eyes as water droplets slowly streamed down his face.

Gu Xi, who was unintentionally showing an indescribable image of temptation, clearly was giving everyone the cold attitude but was inadvertently charming.

Wu Fuyu, who had only been looking at Rong Jing, finally noticed Gu Xi, the look in his eyes changing a little.

On the other hand, Rong was still stepping on the young man, and told Gu Xi, “Watch.”

Gu Xi looked through the gaps of the coat and stared at the young man. That man, who he couldn’t defeat himself, was now being stepped on and kept writhing like a toad in the water.

However, Rong Jing’s expression didn’t change much and remained indifferent.

As if he was just doing some kind of exercise.

Rong Jing didn’t look back, “Since he pushed you a few times, I’ll do the same.”

Wu Fuyu originally wanted to leave and let the matter slide for Xie Ling’s sake but the man wouldn’t let them go. He was clearly mocking him, doesn’t he know who he was?!

Was he just some random grand prince of the rich second generation?

“F*ck it!” Wu Fuyu felt like he was the one who was being trampled on. He couldn’t help but walk over. Those other young men and women who were scared by Rong Jing felt encouraged and followed him.

Rong Jing bullying Wu Fuyu’s brother was tantamount to slapping his face. Though Wu Fuyu himself found that what his brother did was a bit out of the line, he didn’t need other people to teach his own people a lesson.

Wu Fuyu gave Xie Ling face but his brother wasn’t giving him any so he couldn’t be blamed.

“Rong Jing, right?” Wu Fuyu recalled his name. The look in his eyes slowly changed. His smile was gone, the cynicism gradually fading.

Xie Ling also walked over and said in a cold voice, “Wu Fuyu, my brother can do anything in my family’s territory. If you wanna do the same thing here, think carefully.”

Zhou Xiang: “…” You finally spoke up.

The atmosphere was so tense, as if things would explode in an instant.

Wu Fuyu glanced at Xie Ling, who was standing firmly on his brother’s side, and was so depressed that he wanted to vomit blood. It took his family so many years to get acquainted with the Xie family. Would it just be destroyed because of an insignificant person?

But I really don’t want to let this slide, ah!

When Rong Jing heard the name ‘Wu Fuyu’, it was now his turn to freeze. The faint layer of fog that was blocking his brain had finally dispersed.

“Wu Fu Yu1五福鱼 – Rong Jing was actually imagining that it was Wu – 五,fu – 富, yu – fish which literally translates to the fish of five blessings. The words are technically all homophones, his name is wufuyu (and it stays the same in pinyin form) but the correct characters would have been 吴 for wu, 芾for fu and 昱for yu., which ‘fu’?”

Rong Jing’s words particularly ruined the atmosphere.

Inside him, he felt like there was a firework that had been ignited, crackling and about to explode; like a basin of cold water had suddenly been poured down on him.

Because of the taut tension, Xie Ling had even called his bodyguards and they were already on their way.

“The one with the chinese radical of grass, and a shi(市)! This uncultured swine!” Wu Fuyu said indignantly.

Truthfully, it wasn’t the character ‘shi’. It merely had a strong similarity in appearance to it.

Xie Ling, who was ready to save his brother: “…”

Wu Fuyu was the most frustrated when others always failed to recognize the character in the middle of his name. Most of the people he met would say it wrong, either pronouncing it as ‘shi’ or ‘pei’. Was it so hard to pronounce it ‘fu’?!

The previous generation of his family were born in rashness, relying on their strength to pave their way. However, his father’s generation had changed its ways. His family liked scholarly people the most, so it wasn’t uncommon to have a unique character in his name, which just shows that his family was a scholarly family.

Rong Jing’s eyes flashed. “Is it the same as peng(芃) that represents verdure?”

Wu Fuyu looked at Rong Jing in surprise, surprised to find that the man was actually an educated person. There were a lot of people who already knew this but he rarely met them. The meaning of his name was very good and he had always been proud of it. What only annoyed him was that most people would always mispronounce it.

“What about the ‘Yu’? Which one?” Rong Jing had already forgotten the young man under his feet. This young man was running out of oxygen.

Rong Jing seemed to have found something unbelievable.

“The one with the Japanese character,” Wu Fuyu answered angrily.

What do you want?! Wanna fight or not?!

“Wu Fuyu?”2吴芾昱 – This time, he’s pronouncing it correctly Rong Jing was obviously thinking of something else.

The restriction that had been hanging over Rong Jing’s head had been lifted.

The layer of fog too had dispersed as well.

Rong Jing had always thought that he had simply transmigrated into someone and that it would take several days for him to get used to it.

He didn’t expect things to be this complicated. Transmigrating into a novel?

Did the author know he was this good? His novel has become a real world!


The author has something to say:

Young man: Does someone remember I’m still underwater?!

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