Hello, Mr. Zhou (aka: Love and Marriage Anecdotes)

Chapter 54: “elder sister–“

Jiang Xiao had been busy all evening and hadn’t eaten anything, so she went to a restaurant and ordered some spaghetti.

As she was halfway through her meal, she noticed someone approaching her table.

“Jiang Xiao…” The voice was familiar.

Jiang Xiao looked up and saw that it was Sheng Mina. She put down her chopsticks. “Long time no see.”

Like Jiang Xiao, Sheng Mina had started as an assistant. However, she had worked as the assistant for a popular celebrity and later became a manager for other artists.


Now, Sheng Mina was the manager for the popular actress Yang Yuan, who was also one of the most highly anticipated contenders for the female lead role in “Changting.” Unfortunately, she didn’t get the part.

Fate had dealt them a tricky hand. It’s really a narrow road between enemies.

“I haven’t congratulated you yet. Xu Jiaren got the female lead role in ‘Changting.'”

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Yang Yuan was now the top actress at Starry Sky, and Sheng Mina was also riding high on her coattails.


Jiang Xiao recalled Zhao Xinran’s warning. The entertainment industry was known for its intricate relationships, with many cliques. Sheng Mina had entered the industry three years before her and was skilled at networking, so she had a good rapport with people.

That evening, Jiang Xiao was exhausted. She left the restaurant and returned to her room to rest.

In the evening, Zhou Xiulin attended an event with several film and television company executives, along with a few celebrities from the industry. They drank quite a bit, discussing finance before turning to talk about some of the new female artists, inevitably making some suggestive remarks.

A few of the men, somewhat tipsy, started teasing, “Zhou, aren’t you afraid your wife will get jealous when you walk the red carpet with Jiang Xiao?”
Zhou Xiulin took a sip from his glass. “My wife has a good relationship with Jiang Xiao.”

“Jiang Xiao is a top celebrity in Huaxia right now, and she’s like your right-hand.”

That piqued Mo Yiheng’s interest. “By the way, I want to discuss something with you all. I plan to host a variety show for talent managers alongside the runway. We’re tired of seeing the same old faces on TV all the time. This time, let’s change it up and have our talent managers appear on a show.”

Zhou Xiulin lifted his glass, taking a small sip, and remained silent.

“Xiulin, I think Jiang Xiao would be a great fit for this. Her image is suitable.”

Zhou Xiulin looked at him. “Talk to her yourself.”

“She doesn’t listen to me, so I came to you.”

Zhou Xiulin tapped his fingertips lightly on the table. “Our talent manager here has a strong personality. Sometimes, I can’t even persuade her.”

“Come on, Zhou, you spoil her too much.”


Zhou Xiulin narrowed his eyes and said, “I’m not spoiling her; I’m just worried that she might take her artists and run to one of your companies.”

His remark elicited laughter from the group.

After returning to his room, Zhou Xiulin found Jiang Xiao’s room.

Jiang Xiao was already half-asleep and didn’t open her eyes upon hearing the noise.

After taking a shower, Zhou Xiulin lay beside her and gently pulled her closer to him.

Jiang Xiao mumbled, “Don’t move, my stomach hurts.”

Zhou Xiulin’s hand instinctively touched her belly, instantly understanding. He placed his large hand on her belly, seeing her grimace. “Why did it come early? If I had known, I wouldn’t have let you come here.”

Jiang Xiao furrowed her brow. When her period came, her stomach sometimes hurt.

Seeing her in pain, Zhou Xiulin asked, “Do you have any medicine? Or ginger candy?”

“I didn’t bring anything,” she replied. Even sanitary pads were delivered to her room after she called the front desk.

Zhou Xiulin put on his clothes. “I’ll make a call and have them send some up.”

Jiang Xiao held his hand. “Forget it, it’s not necessary. There are reporters here tonight. I’m fine. Go to sleep.”


Zhou Xiulin lay back down, his hand resting on her belly.

Jiang Xiao shifted her position and said, “Han Rui met Zhao Xinran tonight.”

Zhou Xiulin’s expression remained unchanged. “No wonder Yiheng looked upset during the dinner. How’s Zhao Xinran?”

“She got slapped. I don’t know if she’s had a change of heart.”

“Han Rui probably senses the danger and won’t give up easily.”

“I couldn’t tell. I thought she was a very virtuous and good person.”

“Alright, let’s stop talking about others. You go to sleep.”

“You’re the one who woke me up!”

Zhou Xiulin squinted his eyes. “Madam Zhou, do you have something else in mind?”

Jiang Xiao raised her hand and playfully touched his nose, speaking softly, “Give me a kiss.”

Zhou Xiulin didn’t hesitate, kissing her deeply for a while before eventually stopping.

Jiang Xiao nestled against his chest, gently caressing him, like warm soy milk.


He gently stroked her hair and whispered in her ear, “Don’t get involved in Zhao Xinran’s matters.”

Jiang Xiao hugged him tightly, holding him close. Such incidents were common in the entertainment industry, not just with Mo Yiheng, but others too.

Zhou Xiulin probably guessed what was on her mind. “I’m not Mo Yiheng, and you’re not Zhao Xinran.”

Jiang Xiao’s breath hitched. “My mom and dad loved each other, but she couldn’t resist the lure of fame and fortune.”

“Silly girl. What you need to see in this world is that there are many couples who love and stay together for a lifetime.” He ruffled her hair. “And you and I will be one of them.”

She murmured, “I understand, husband…”

The next morning, Zhao Xinran unexpectedly trended on Weibo. BigBig Studio had exposed a series of photos of her.

The topics were filled with phrases like “Zhao Xinran the third party” and “Zhao Xinran slapped.”

Jiang Xiao scrolled through Weibo and had to admit that Han Rui was indeed clever. She had come prepared yesterday, and the reporters were also arranged by her in advance. The angles of the photos were well chosen.

The news of the original partner confronting the third party had shaken Weibo.

A wave of attacks flooded Zhao Xinran’s Weibo with continuous insults.

Jiang Xiao tried calling Zhao Xinran, but her phone was turned off. Jiang Xiao remarked, “It seems like Han Rui is prepared to ruin Xinran’s reputation.”

Zhou Xiulin composed himself and said, “The PR team is already handling it. However, once these kinds of photos are out, it’s hard for Zhao Xinran to clear her name.”

Jiang Xiao shook her head, “I really didn’t expect it. Han Rui is so decisive in her actions. I wonder what Mr. Mo’s expression is like right now.”

“I doubt their marriage will survive.1Yeah, you’re marrying a playboy, and you haven’t even gotten married yet and you’re already scheming.

Jiang Xiao paused, then understood his meaning. Mo Yiheng had always been a player, and given Han Rui’s current behavior, she would likely become more controlling in the future. “Han Rui is also closing off her own path.”

The two returned to the company.

When Jiang Xiao returned, Xiaoyu pulled her aside. “Ms. Jiang, Miss Jin has been waiting for you. She’s been here all morning.”

“No problem, make me a cup of coffee. Thank you.”

Jin Shuyan was sitting in the reception area. She had been waiting all morning, knowing that Jiang Xiao would be back in the morning. She had thought about it for several days and had decided to meet Jiang Xiao.

Jiang Xiao walked in with her heels, her voice crisp.

Upon hearing the voice, Jin Shuyan looked up.

Jiang Xiao smiled gently, “Hello, Miss Jin.”

Jin Shuyan bit her lip. “I came to find you because I have something I want to talk to you about.”

Jiang Xiao put down her bag and walked to the side. “I wonder what Miss Jin wants to say to me?”

Jin Shuyan fixed her gaze on Jiang Xiao’s face. “I know everything.”

Jiang Xiao was taken aback. “What?”

“You’re also Mom’s daughter…” Jin Shuyan’s voice softened.

Jiang Xiao fell into a momentary silence and turned her face to look out the window. It was such a beautiful day today, with the sky as clear and blue as crystal-clear water.

Jin Shuyan watched her profile. From this angle, Jiang Xiao really resembled their mother. “I also accidentally heard what Mom and Dad said. I found out that you’re Mom’s daughter and that you’re married to Brother Zhou.”

Jiang Xiao turned to look at her.

Jin Shuyan looked visibly worn out, and her face had become more angular.

“So, do you hate me?” she asked slowly.

Jin Shuyan immediately stood up. “How could I! I don’t! I was just shocked! Mom never mentioned you all these years. I heard about you from my brother, and I think you’re…”

“Pitiful?” she finished the sentence for her.

“I’m sorry,” Jin Shuyan’s tone held a hint of apology.

“You have nothing to apologize for, no need to say sorry to me,” Jiang Xiao replied.

Jin Shuyan fell into a brief silence. “I never expected you to be married to Brother Zhou,” she said, struggling with her words. “I even went to confess my feelings to Brother Zhou before, only to find out that he had already become my brother-in-law!”

Jiang Xiao furrowed her brow.

“Did you hate me back then?” Jin Shuyan hesitated and asked.

Jiang Xiao shook her head. In her eyes, Jin Shuyan was just a child who hadn’t grown up and was still naive.

“But now, looking back, it’s really awkward. Is Brother Zhou angry with me too?”

“No,” Jiang Xiao replied.

Jin Shuyan looked into her eyes. “When you say ‘no,’ I believe you. Sister…”


Jiang Xiao’s eyes trembled.

“Sister…” Jin Shuyan walked up to Jiang Xiao.

The two stood facing each other, only a step apart, locking eyes.

Jiang Xiao’s hands clenched tightly, teeth biting down. “Miss Jin, I can’t accept that ‘sister’ title.”

Jin Shuyan’s face showed a hint of disappointment. “But you are my sister, whether you admit it or not.”

Jiang Xiao licked her dry lips.

Jin Shuyan continued, “If I were in your shoes, I don’t think I would acknowledge Mom either. No matter what, a mother should never abandon her child.”

Jiang Xiao’s eyes welled up with tears, and a sudden warmth enveloped her heart. She cleared her throat and said, “Shuyan, when I was twenty-two, I told myself not to force it.”

Jin Shuyan’s eyes also turned red, understanding that Jiang Xiao addressing her by her name was already a significant step.

Jiang Xiao didn’t want to have any connection with her mother anymore.

“Sister, I understand your perspective,” Jin Shuyan sighed softly. “Sister, on behalf of Mom, I want to apologize.” She bent down deeply and bowed.

Jiang Xiao held her hand and helped her back up.

After Jin Shuyan left, she called Jin Zhongbei. “Brother, as you expected.”

Jin Zhongbei sighed and rubbed his temples. “What did she say?”

“She doesn’t want to acknowledge our relationship and won’t even call me ‘sister.'”

“I’ve said it before; it’s not something that can change overnight after over twenty years.”

“Brother, maybe it’s your cunning and cleverness that have kept your relationship with Sister so well. She treats you differently. However, she’s willing to call me by my name, so maybe she doesn’t dislike me.” Jin Shuyan could sense this much. “I really want to meet Little Bean Sprout! After all, I’m her aunt.”

“Yan Yan, for now, don’t visit the child for now. Zhou Xiulin and Jiang Xiao have been keeping their marriage secret because they don’t want their child’s growth to be disturbed by the outside world.”

“I’m not an outsider.”

“If you bring reporters there, be careful that Zhou Xiulin won’t tear you apart.”

“I really can’t stand him now. Please don’t mention him to me anymore. Brother, you also need to step up; Zhou Xiulin’s son is already three years old.”

Jin Zhongbei’s eye twitched. “Alright, you get back to work. Focus on your job.”

Jin Zhongbei hung up the phone, and at that moment, his agent approached him. “This ‘Heading North’ Weibo account now has over a hundred thousand followers, and there’s a weekly video clip with you and Qin Yilu. Each one has thousands of shares and likes. I seriously suspect if these numbers were bought. Do you think this might be a secret account of Qin Yilu’s?”

Jin Zhongbei chuckled and replied, “No.”

“Have you checked?”

“As far as I know, Qin Yilu is a computer idiot. She’s not good with video clips; she probably only knows how to edit photos.”

Qin Yilu was particularly skilled at photoshopping long legs, perhaps because she wasn’t very tall herself.

The agent shook his head. “Back then, I advised against working with Jiang Xiao, but you didn’t listen. Now, you’ve attracted a big problem. This is basically capitalizing on your popularity blatantly! Sigh! I really underestimated Jiang Xiao back then. Look at the people she’s managing, they’re all gaining significant momentum. Now, we’ve become competitors.”

“She earned it herself.”

The agent sighed. “Well, she has also offended quite a few people now. I’ve heard that some want to cause trouble for her.”

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Liu Yu understood; he was her third target.

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It wasn’t until one day when they met in the mountains, the beautiful woman twisted her foot and couldn’t move so he carried her all the way.

When he returned to deliver the medicine, he saw the beautiful woman walking lightly, with no sign of a twisted foot. The heat behind his ears receded, and his eyes grew colder. He turned and went back to Changfeng Town.

Several days later, the beautiful woman shyly handed him a purse, thanking him for his help.

Lu Chengxiao sneered, “Thanking me for helping? That day, I turned back and saw the lady walking normally. Why would I need to help?”

“I can’t accept this purse. If we privately exchange gifts, it might be hard to explain later. It’s better for the lady to keep her dignity.”

Alright, this one couldn’t work. Liu Yu took back the purse, curtsied, and walked away…

Lu Chengxiao thought it was a decisive rejection, until several days later, he saw Liu Yu drop an embroidered handkerchief in front of the bookshop where the young man, Chen Sheng, worked. The gentleman picked up the scented handkerchief, and the beautiful woman blushed and thanked him. What a beautiful encounter.

Lu Chengxiao: “…”

A wave of frustration welled up in his chest, and he clenched his teeth as he tossed and turned in his dreams.

Until later, when he saw Liu Yu about to stage a falling-into-the-water scene, Lu Chengxiao panicked. He jumped into the river before Chen Sheng, pulled her ashore, held her slender waist, and couldn’t help but feel both angry and pained. He didn’t even want to ask more questions. He just held her in his arms and almost begged, “Don’t you want a good marriage? I’ll marry you!”

【This is a story that begins with scheming, falls into love, with a heart full of sincerity, and ends up in a marriage. It is also a story of two major businesses rising, with elements of urban and farming life.]

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