Get Out, This Damn Money!

Chapter 10: Birthday

Chen Yiran didn’t know what the two girls had been talking behind his back and was only concerned about whether they had eaten enough and whether they wanted to order more food. He said, “Does Linlin want to eat anything else? I remember that you said before that Wu Hui wouldn’t let you eat, so eat a little more now.”

When Chen Xi saw that Li Linlin was really going to continue ordering, she hurriedly pressed down on Linlin’s hand. “Just finish what’s in the pot, don’t spoil her, brother Yiran. She’ll have to lose weight herself when she gets fat!”

The corners of Li Linlin’s mouth curved in dissatisfaction, looking at Chen Xi. “Xixi, why are you gradually becoming like Wu Hui’er!”   Chen Xi raised her eyebrows, unfazed, as Chen Yiran said next to her, “Linlin is too skinny, it’s right to grow some flesh.”

“You don’t understand, she’ll look fat on camera!”

Li Linlin said, “Don’t worry, I’ve recently learnt a new way to lose weight. It’s very popular abroad!”

Chen Xi asked her, “What kind of weight loss method?”

Li Linlin answered, “It’s to put all the food in front of you and just smell it!”

Chen Xi: “……”

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“Zsw’al olznsxl.”

“I want to open it and take a look.” Li Linlin couldn’t wait to open the box. Inside was a pair of pearl earrings, lustrous in color and artistically designed. The pearls were hanging under a pair of bows, which were set with a small sparkling diamond.

“Wow, it’s so pretty, thank you, brother Yiran!”

“As long as you like it. These earrings were bought especially for you to go with the dress Xixi gave you.”

“Brother Yiran, why did you say that out loud! It’s Linlin’s birthday surprise!” Chen Xi had made a dress for Li Linlin and wanted to give it to her as a birthday present. She had kept her secret so well that only Chen Yiran had seen the dress in order to buy a birthday present for Li Linlin.

She never expected that Chen Yiran would just reveal the birthday surprise she had hidden for so long!

Chen Yiran froze, looked at her and asked, “Can’t you tell me about this?”

Chen Xi: “……”

She was really getting pissed off at Chen Yiran, a straight man of steel.

Li Linlin’s eyes curved and took Chen Xi’s arm. “It’s okay, I’ll pretend to be surprised on my birthday just the same!”

Chen Xi: “……”

Oh, thank you then!

After eating the hot pot, Chen Yiran drove the two young girls home before returning to the office himself.

As the end of the year approached, the company had a lot of things to do, so today hemade time to come out and watch Li Linlin’s performance, and had to catch up on the work he had left behind.

Li Linlin was also very busy, besides having two more plays to perform in, her final exams were getting closer and closer. Luckily, Huan Yu’s “Fatal Heartbeat” was scheduled to start shooting during the winter holidays, so it wouldn’t clash with her final exams.

On the day she officially signed the contract with the production team, Wu Hui’s face was full of unhappiness because Li Linlin was so determined to play Ou Jiaxu that she couldn’t change her mind!

“The producer has said that the role of Zhou Rong Rong is more suitable for you, a sweet and lovely college girl, a perfect match for you!” As she walked into the lift, Wu Hui was still ranting, “But you were so blinded by lard, you just wanted to play Ou Jiaxu!”

Li Linlin’s ears were getting calloused from hearing her say these things today. “It’s useless for you to talk anymore, the contract has been signed, are you angry?”

Wu Hui: “……”


“When the drama airs, when the audience and netizens all come to scold you, don’t find me to cry!”

Li Linlin blinked, she wouldn’t. She had just decided to play the role of Ou Jiaxu, and brother Yiran had come to see her act and even gave her a birthday present. She had just to wait for the drama to air, brother Yiran would have to come over and confess his love to her in person.

Li Linlin laughed twice as she thought about it.

Wu Hui’s little heart trembled. “Why are you laughing like a pervert?”

Li Linlin said, “Oh, getting into the role of Ou Jiaxu early.”

Wu Hui: “……”

Is it so hard to play a role that’s so disliked by millions?!

In fact, Li Linlin was more interested than she thought. Although she had deliberately taken on such an unpleasant role as Ou Jiaxu, since she had taken it, she would still do her best to play her well.

The creation of a drama was the work of many people, and she only wanted to destroy herself and not drag others down with her.

She took the original novel back to read in order to understand the characters better.

When everyone in high school was reading the book, she was busy studying, and now after catching up on the novel, she was deeply suspicious of her high school classmates.

So they all liked this?

She insisted on finishing the book in order to get a full understanding of Ou Jiaxu. Many of Ou Jiaxu’s actions in the original were simply to advance the plot, and Li LinLin wrote Ou Jiaxu’s journey to heart to make her actions seem more logical, and made up some plot points that were not even in the original.

A busy week passed quickly, and if it weren’t for the fact that Li Linlin’s birthday was in the news, she would have almost forgotten that it was her birthday. Chen Xi brought her a prepared dress, and a few girls ate and drank together at home, even if it was her birthday.

Li Linlin took a picture of herself wearing the dress Chen Xi sent her and posted it on Weibo, thanking the netizens for giving her a surprise to celebrate her birthday. Because turning twenty was also considered a rather special day, many local support groups also organized offline birthday celebrations, gathering fellow fans to party together.

“Wow Linlin, look, a fan bought you a giant display screen! There are so many places!” Chen Xi took her phone and swiped Li Linlin’s birthday topic and swiped out so many tycoons, “Rowdy!”

Wu Hui also held her phone next to her and swiped. “Hmmm, you say they have money, wouldn’t it be better to call our studio directly?”

Chen Xi laughed, but Li Linlin ignored her and was busy collecting the red packets everyone sent her on WeChat.

The housekeeper sent some more fruits and snacks over to them, and Li Linlin dared to eat snacks even in front of Wu Hui, relying on the fact that it was her birthday.

“Ah!!!” Wu Hui suddenly shouted, scaring Li Linlin to subconsciously throw back the snacks in her hand.

“What? I haven’t even eaten!” Li Linlin still had the crumbs of the chips hanging from her mouth, pulling out an insincere lie.

Wu Hui didn’t even care if she ate or not. “The news of you picking up Ou Jiaxu was spread by who knows who, and now it’s on the hot search!”

“Huh?” Li Linlin froze, the drama was still in the preparatory stage, the cast hadn’t even been set, let alone promoted. What the other party said last time they signed the contract was that they would keep it a secret for now and wait until afterwards to promote it uniformly.

“I don’t think it was officially released.” Li Linlin padded over and glanced towards Wu Hui’s phone.

Wu Hui said anxiously, “Definitely not, this is obviously a black hot search that someone bought for you!”

Wu Hui herself was a star-crazy follower, and it wasn’t the first time she had seen such a thing. But as an agent, this was the first time she had encountered it, and she was a little overwhelmed for a moment.

“It’s over, it’s over, our studio doesn’t even have a PR department. We can only go and find a PR company to help us out temporarily!”

Li Linlin looked at her sideways, seeming to think she was making a fuss. “No, I’m playing Ou Jiaxu, how is this a black hot search?”

“Heh, you still have the nerve to ask? See for yourself how people are cursing!”

Li Linlin glanced at it, the netizen comments were really lopsidedly unfavorable.

“But they seem to be mainly scolding you, saying that you’re trash and can’t get the female lead and can only play such trashy roles.”

Wu Hui: “……”

Heaven and earth, she was so close to threatening her with her death, but she couldn’t even stop Li Linlin, the boss!

Li Linlin flipped through the comments, her thin eyebrows furrowed. “It’s infuriating that they’re all saying that Ou Jiaxu is a trash character.”

Wu Hui: “?”

Wasn’t it more irritating that she was called trash? 🙂

“Is this whole thing a deliberate attempt by someone to blacken Linlin? It’s too much of a coincidence that everyone was celebrating her birthday today on a high note and suddenly someone breaks this news,” Chen Xi said.

“Someone must have done it on purpose.” Wu Hui snapped her phone on the table angrily. “But Linlin hasn’t even officially joined the industry yet, and someone is trying to mess with her so soon?”

“I don’t think Linlin has offended anyone, right? And for Uncle Li’s sake, people don’t normally cross her easily, right?”

Both of them were worried, only Li Linlin, the person in question, was very open-minded. “You guys are overthinking. Aren’t black and red also red these days? Just let them be.”

Wu Hui: “……”

Li Linlin was definitely hiding something from her.

Chen Xi was also silent for a while, then suddenly her eyes lit up. “Linlin is right, it’s her birthday today, let’s leave these unhappy things alone. The evening has just started, what shall we organise for tonight?”

“……” Li Linlin had a vague bad feeling. “You’re not thinking of ……”

Chen Xi said with a smile, “Let’s go singing!”

Li Linlin: “……”

The last time she didn’t go to the club with Li Linlin and Wu Hui, Chen Xi seemed to regret it very much, and today, taking advantage of the excuse to celebrate Li Linlin’s birthday, she finally made up for it.

The man on duty was still the same manager as last time, Deng, who had a bit of a headache when he saw Li Linlin coming. “Three little sisters are here to sing?”

“Yes.” Chen Xi smiled and nodded towards him. “Open the largest private room for me.”

“Okay, wait a moment.” Manager Deng had the receptionist open the private room for them and personally led them over, “The neighboring supermarket next to us has snacks and drinks for purchase, the few of you can ask the waiter to bring you whatever you want, just report the private room number.”

All three of them nodded, and Manager Deng smiled and said, “Then I will leave you all alone.”

Next to him, Chen Xi froze, wait, this was different from what was said!

“Manager Deng.” Chen Xi spoke up and called out to him, “You’re just…going to leave like this?”

Manager Deng turned back around, still with the same smiling look. “Is there anything else you need help with? The equipment is tuned, just order the songs straight away.”

“No.” Chen Xi coughed lightly and winked at him, “Just, that…”

“Which one?” Manager Deng pretended not to understand.

Chen Xi coughed again and said softly, “The little brother who has to accompany us.”

Manager Deng: “……”

If he was not mistaken, this little girl was Mr. Chen’s own cousin. 🙂

Last time when Li Linlin came here alone, he had already been warned by Mr.Chen, and this time with his cousin, they wouldn’t close down the clubhouse, right?

Li Linlin and Wu Hui were both standing by with blank faces. They couldn’t imagine that Chen Xi, who was usually such a serious person, was full of these thoughts.

Chen Xi looked at Manager Deng expectantly, who asked stiffly, “I wonder if there is anyone you know well?”

Chen Xi turned her head to look at Li Linlin, whose eyelids fluttered as she said tentatively, “Ann?”

She had only been here once, and the only people she knew were Ann and Nick, and considering that Nick was probably on a business trip with Mrs Qiu, she only gave Ann’s name.

Chen Xi waited for a while, and when she stopped talking, she said, “Anyone else?”

“Not available.”

“……” Chen Xi showed an expression of “Grandma is disappointed in you” and turned to speak to Manager Deng, “How about this, you call all the little brothers who are currently  free now, we will pick them.”

Manager Deng: “……”

“Okay, just a moment.” He went out with a head full of sweat. Not long after, Manager Deng walked in with six young handsome guys, pushing open the door of the private room.

“Excuse me.”

A group of tall, handsome young brothers walked in, and Chen Xi’s eyes instantly lit up for a few moments.

She turned her head and quietly said to Li Linlin, “I’ve finally experienced the joy of the emperor flipping his cards in ancient times.”

Li Linlin: “……”

Manager Deng smiled and asked, “Who do the few of you like better?”

Chen Xi looked at the six little brothers in front of her and said to Manager Deng, “If you’ve come, you can all stay, how disrespectful it is to let people go out again.”

Li Linlin: “…………”

The sweat on manager Deng’s head was trailed, luckily he kept an eye out and picked a few of the most proper youngsters to come over.

“Don’t persuade them to drink, okay?” Manager Deng whispered in Ann’s ear.

In their line of work, their commission mainly depended on the guests’ drinks, and if the guests didn’t drink, the commission they could get was actually very little. But Ann still nodded his head, signalling that he knew.

After Manager Deng exited, Li Linlin ordered a few songs to avoid embarrassment and sang with Wu Hui. Chen Xi called the supermarket and ordered a lot of food and drinks, all picking the most expensive kind.

“Is it true that the more we spend, the higher your commission will be?” Chen Xi asked the little brother beside her.

The little brother smiled, his voice particularly magnetic,, “Even if you don’t consume, I’ll be happy to accompany you.”

“Welp…” Chen Xi cupped her face and said, “Lin Lin, they have such sweet mouths!”

Li Linlin: “……”

She didn’t want to pay attention to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi went back to ask the little brother beside her, “Is it more expensive to order wine?”

Although she wasn’t going to drink it, she could order it to give the little brother a little extra income.

Ann said next to her, “Henry has recently had a stomach problem and can’t drink.”

The little brother next to Chen Xi gave him a look and said, “Ann has also had a stomach problem recently and can’t drink.”

“…Ah, then you guys should take care of your health in general.” Chen Xi dismissed the idea of ordering some alcohol.

After Linlinand Wu Hui finished singing a song, Ann took the initiative to pick up the microphone and ordered a Happy Birthday song to Linlin. The little brother in the booth sang along with him in chorus, wishing Li Linlin a happy birthday together.

Linlin’s heart thumped, she was truly happy!

“Linlin, your phone is ringing.” Chen Xi handed Linlin’s bag over. She  took out her phone and took a look at it, and immediately shouted.

“Silence, everyone!”

“……” The various sounds in the booth stopped abruptly, even the music was paused by Wu Hui.

“What?” Wu Hui’s nerves were a little weakened because she was startled.

Li Linlin said, “Brother Yiran is calling!”

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