Get Out, This Damn Money!

Chapter 11 – The Evil Girl

The room was quiet as Li Linlin picked up Chen Yiran’s phone call under the watchful eyes of everyone: “Brother Yiran?”

“Mm.” Chen Yiran’s voice came through the receiver, “Are you going to sleep?”

“Not yet.” Li Linlin didn’t even dare to take a breath, afraid that she might reveal something, “Is there something up, Brother Yiran?”

“No, I just wanted to say happy birthday to you in time for twelve o’clock.”

“Oh ….” Li Linlin laughed twice nervously. “Thank you brother Yiran.”


Chen Yiran laughed in a low voice, then spoke to her, “All right, go to bed early if you have nothing to do, staying up late is not good for your health.”

“Okay, you should rest early too.”


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“R’zz bydt wr dso, vbld?”



Only after the phone hung up did Li Linlin let out a big breath, and the others in the booth followed suit when they saw her put the phone down.

“Wu Hui’er, why do you always drop the ball at critical moments?!” As soon as Li Linlin put down her phone, she approached Wu Hui, raising her voice..

Wu Hui stammered in defense, “I didn’t mean to do it either, how can I control something like sneezing!”

“Okay, okay.” Chen Xi patted Li Linlin’s shoulder. “Since brother Yiran didn’t notice, I’ll continue singing! Wu Hui, play the music!”

Linlin: “……”

How had she not realised before that Xixi’s heart was so strong.

The room soon resumed its heated intensity, and Li Linlin sat to the side with a happy heart.

Master Chang Xin’s calculations were really accurate ah, she just spread the news that she was going to play Ou Jiaxu today on a black hot search. Brother Yiran took the initiative to call her, when the drama aired, the confession was just around the corner!

Singing at the KTV until the early hours of the morning, Li Linlin  dragged Chen Xi, who was still not satisfied, back home. Chen Xi seemed to have fallen in love with the place, and every now and then she wanted to find Li Linlin and Wu Hui to go singing, but she had no choice but to shelve the idea for the time being as the end of the school year approached.


The news of Li Linlin’s upcoming role as Ou Jiaxu has also been rumoured on the internet, only that no official statement had come out to admit or dispel the rumours. Li Linlin didn’t bother about it anymore, but Wu Hui had to check on Weibo every day, after all, she was the one who gets called a loser every day. 🙂

In late December, the preparatory work for the production had been completed and the start date had been set. The filmmakers were ready to start. The film studio was ready to go into the publicity and distribution process, and had arranged for the actors to take their final photos.


During this period of time, Li Linlin read the script while reviewing it. The script was adjusted a few times and Ou Jiaxu’s part was changed.

“In the original, Ou Jiaxu is a villainous woman who is a 2-d character, and we definitely can’t play it that way in our drama, so we had many script meetings during this time and discussed the character a lot.” Wang Xin, the chief scriptwriter of the play, sat with Li Linlin and spoke to her with a smile.

Wang Xin was a well-known scriptwriter in China and had written many big-bang drama scripts. This time, Fatal Heartbeat, was not the first adaptation she had taken on. Her famous work was a far more dogged and vulgar romance novel, but after going into her hand, it could be said to have been turned into something magical and became the top ratings winner that year.

This time, Huan Yu had hired her to be the chief scriptwriter because of her skills in adaptation. After all, if the original novel was acted according to Fatal Heartbeat, it would be a second-rate drama at best.

“Ou Jiaxu is still positioned as a wicked girl, but we’ve taken out the stupid parts of her appropriately and tried to make her ‘evil’ as logical and advanced as possible when it comes to ‘evil’.” Since they were taking the final photo of Ou Jiaxu today, Wang Xin came over to talk to Li Linlin about the character, “We have also talked to the stylist about the costume look, and we hope to restore the image of the character in our minds as much as possible. We will also be watching from the side when we do the make-up later, so if you have any ideas about the characters, you can also take this opportunity to bring them up.”

“Okay, thank you, Mr. Wang Xin.”

“You’re welcome, have you read the latest version of the script we sent you?”

“I did. The character is indeed much more three-dimensional after the changes.”

Wang Xin nodded: “Ou Jiaxu has to be interpreted mainly through her eyes and aura, the kind of woman who is an evil woman but looks very strong. Can you understand if I put it this way?”

Li Linlin thought about it and told her, “I’ll try to show it later, if you think something is wrong, you can tell me.”

“Good, then I’ll go and talk to the other actors again.” The main actors were all here today, and the male and female leads had the heaviest parts, so she still had to take more care of them.

After she left, Linlin put on her make-up while immersing herself into Ou Jiaxu’s state.


Like many romance novels’ female counterparts, Ou Jiaxu was a rich lady with a good birth, good looks and good studies, but the male lead didn’t love the female counterpart, he just loved the young white flower female lead who looked simple, kind and good without any fuss.

The main character, Zhou Rong Rong, was the long-lost youngest daughter of the Ou family. When they found her, she was doted upon by her parents, which made Ou Jiaxu even more jealous of her and thus, used every means to sabotage her relationship with the male lead and her family.

Because Ou Jiaxu was older than Li Linlin, the make-up artist deliberately painted her in a more mature manner, and also focused on her eyebrows to give her a more imposing appearance.

Li Linlin originally had black hair, having had a sweet wavy perm and fringes. The stylist straightened her hair, combed it together with her bangs to the back of her head, and tied it in a high ponytail.

This ponytail was both imposing and retained a sense of teenage spunk, balancing the temperament well.

After all, Linlin was only 20 years old this year and Ou Jiaxu had only recently entered society.

“Shall I take this earring off for you first?” Li Linlin was wearing the earrings that Chen Yiran had given her on her ears, and the stylist’s side had prepared earrings to change them for her.

“Ah, I’ll do it myself.” Li Linlin carefully took the earrings off and put them away in her bag, then put on the earrings the stylist had prepared for her.

“There, done.”

Linlin wore a black dress and stood up in front of the mirror. It was the first time she had tried this look. She looked at herself in the mirror with considerable novelty. “This looks pretty good too, eh.”

She said, happily tossing her ponytail.

The stylist was laughing next to her, and the scriptwriter also came over to take a look at her, and felt that the image was still quite flattering, so she didn’t make any further changes.


When the photos were taken, Li Linlin stood in front of the camera and put away her playfulness from earlier, as if she had changed from a little girl to that vicious female match of Ou Jiaxu in a second. Many actors like to glare hard when they show anger and rage, but not Li Linlin, she just changed the look in her eyes and made the whole aura she exuded shift along with her.

“Very good, that’s it, look this way.” The photographer frantically pressed the shutter, trying to capture every hint of Li Linlin’s changing emotions. “Change your pose again, you can smile a little, yes just like that. Good, don’t move!”

Wang Xin stood with the producer, looking at Li Linlin under the spotlight and nodding frequently and said, “She’s so expressive, better than many professional actors.”

The producer said, “She’s also a member of the drama club at Imperial University, and the teachers in the drama club are all genuine people. She has a great eye. I said at first that she was more suitable for the female lead, so it seems I was still too conservative.”

“She can do it.” Wang Xin said, “Maybe the role of Ou Jiaxu will be the biggest highlight of the drama.”

The cast was very happy with the final photo shoot today, and after Li Linlin finished, she met some of the other actors on set. The cast was all relatively young, but Linlin, who had just turned 20, was the youngest.

The cast included newcomers as well as those who had already made a name for themselves, but basically they were all well recognized for their acting skills. The male and female leads were lovebirds who were trying to make the transition, so it seemed the company was putting all its money on this drama.

After the final photos were taken, Li Linlin went straight back to school and the studio prepared everything and sent the final photos on Christmas Day. The male and female leads were already lovebirds, and there was nothing to pick about their appearance, and the photos were taken beautifully, but no one expected that after the final photos were released, it would be Li Linlin who would cause a lot of buzz.

She was the “honey of the world” to her fans and was the most beautiful girl with the most beautiful profile in a million years.

From the time she came into the public eye, she has been associated with the word ‘beauty’.

When she first decided to take on Ou Jiaxu, Wu Hui was particularly worried, not to mention that the role was unlikable, but that it did not fit her “persona” from the inside out, and that it would be extremely risky for her to take on the role. The fact that she was later featured in the black search also confirmed that she was right in thinking that people would not be able to accept such an image.

But today the final photos came out and the wind suddenly changed.

Wu Hui almost thought that she had bought a water army when she was dreaming. 🙂

“The public website even wrote an article with the title, “Breaking through the shell of a beautiful girl, there will be infinite possibilities.”

Wu Hui read the article carefully, and it contained a very profound analysis of Li Linlin’s role as Ou Jiaxu. In the article, it was mentioned that this was a very smart move by Linlin . Looking back at the history of the industry, how many actresses were trapped in the shell of a “beautiful girl” and could only play sweet and innocent roles, and even as they got older, they had difficulties in transitioning. But after they dared to break out of this shell and stop being a “beauty”, their acting career had widened significantly and their future possibilities were endless.

Wu Hui: “?”

Wait, did Linlin think so much when she took this role? Did she misunderstand her?

“Linlin, you’re in the hot seat again, and there’s a public website writing a little article for you!”

Li Linlin was sitting in her dorm room reading a book, when she saw Wu Hui enter, she answered calmly and vaguely expectantly, “Oh? Why, they scold me again?”

Wu Hui said excitedly, “They didn’t scold you! You were even praised for your courage to break your own shell and leave a new memory for the outside world! From now on, you are no longer just an empty ‘beautiful girl’, but an interesting soul!”

Linlin: “……”


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