Falling In Love in an Escape Game

Chapter 12: Impulse

The question is: Where is this family of three now? What happened after they were found by the owner of the manor?

Combined with what He Lina said, that each of the masters who became the owners of the manor died, Zhang Man vaguely made a guess in his heart.

Unfortunately, it’s too early to come up with a conclusion with these little clues. But it was only the first day. There were still six days left, enough time for him to finish the game so he wasn’t really in a hurry.

The only problem now was that it’s already late at night, and he badly needed a place to rest. The hut he’s staying in was too shabby. The bed has long been hollowed out by ants, it wasn’t suitable for sleeping anymore. 

Though he had a tent inside his game storage, he could not simply take it out in front of He Lina and her two assistants. 


Sleeping had become such a dilemma. 

It was the same for Xia Nuo. 

After the crisis passed, his spirit slackened. The belated tiredness occupied his whole mind and he began to yawn incessantly. 

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However, none of the people present, except Li Charlie, were real human beings. They naturally did not realize how much this remark would garner hatred.


Li Charlie was also a strange person as he would often stay up all day and night to rehearse so he didn’t react much to it.

His attention was in the black wood in his hand. He said with regret, “Since he’s sleepy, come back to me tomorrow night. The collar will be ready by then. However, I think this would be better used to create a puppet…” 

Kan Chen snickered at the mention of this, “And have people easily take over the body again?” 

“That’s different,” Li Charlie explained weakly, “There was something wrong with the material I used on that puppet. I added Ye Qiang’s hair so that’s why this happened. However, this incident did give me a reminder.”

Later, he turned his gaze to Xiao Yi who was beside him. 

Xiao Yi said helplessly, “Don’t look at me like that, we won’t have this kind of problem.”

The materials used on Xiao Yi and Xiao Er were one fetus that Ye Qiang aborted, and a baby that she strangled to death at birth. So there won’t be an incident where their body will be snatched, right? 

“Right,” Li Charlie showed a look of sudden enlightenment. 

Xia Nuo could no longer resist drowsiness and no longer heard their conversation. As soon as he closed his eyes and leaned forward, he fell into a cold embrace. Kan Chen reached out to wrap his arms around him and made a gesture to ask the people around to shut up. 

Xiao Er opened his eyes wide and asked quietly, “Where are you taking older brother to sleep?” 

Most of the ‘people’ living in the manor were non-human beings, and they all demarcated their own territory. Although Kan Chen is the owner of the manor, he won’t encroach on other’s territory. 

The only free space in the manor apart from the vestibule occupied by Kate, the black cat, is… 


“To the place you’re thinking of.”

Kan Chen picked up Xia Nuo. The young man seemed to have noticed something. He buried his face in his chest and rubbed it gently. After feeling a familiar scent, he instantly put his guard down, sinking into a deeper sleep. 

The man’s heart felt itchy like it was being tickled. He looked at the young man’s sleepy rosy face and felt a strange impulse in his heart. He suddenly wanted to touch and kiss his soft cheeks. He even wanted to take a bite and have a taste to check if it’s as tasty as he imagined. 

His steps almost paused imperceptibly.

As he walked past the little puppets, Xiao Yi heard a low murmur that sounded like a sigh, “Be patient, you won’t be able to give it up if you eat it.”

Xiao Yi: “…?”

The puppet stared at the man’s distant back for a long time, until Xiao Er approached him and asked him shyly, “Brother, can I go play with that older brother when he wakes up?”

Even though Xia Nuo who had that ability can be considered their natural enemy as puppets, he unknowingly wanted to be friends with Xia Nuo, maybe out of admiration, or because of Xia Nuo’s looks.

Xiao Yi looked at his younger brother’s longing eyes, groaned for a while, and said, “It’s okay, but you must remember to stay away from Kan Chen. Here, he’s…”

Xiao Yi pointed his head and said with a heavy face, “…broken.”

Xiao Er: “…”

Xiao Yi stroked Xiao Er’s head.


“Be obedient, you’re already stupid enough. There’s no telling what you’ll become if you come into contact with him again.”

“Brother is the one who’s stupid!” Xiao Er stomped his foot, turned around and ran out.

Xiao Er ran out the door of the opera house and saw He Yun dragging He Zheng Wei’s corpse towards the forest with hazel trees.

Seeing the puppet running out with an annoyed expression, she called him out. “Yo, Xiao Er. Quarreling with your brother again?”

“Sister He Yun!” Xiao Er stopped and shouted.

At this time, He Yun did not have the pampered girl persona she had when she was with Ye Qiang and others before, rather she was never a pampered girl.

She originally came from a wealthy family. She was pretty and had a good personality. She had a well-matched boyfriend and was ready to get married after she graduated from college. Her life could’ve gone smoothly, she could’ve been married then had children, and spent her life in peace.

Unfortunately, one day, an accident happened.

She was robbed when she came home late. The robber took away her belongings and her…

Somehow the story got out, and her fiance broke off the engagement. Rumors started to spread and seemingly became like swords cutting all over her body.

That was when Liang Zheng Wei appeared. He said he had always loved He Yun, did not mind her past, and was even willing to change his surname to join the He family to be their son-in-law.

He Yun was really moved by him. Although she did not love him, she felt very touched to meet such a man who was willing to tolerate her and accept her unbearable past. If it was before, she would never have looked at a man like Liang Zheng Wei.


After their marriage, the two lived a harmonious life of mutual respect. Liang Zheng Wei, no, He Zheng Wei used the resources of He Yun’s parents to do business. Everything seemed to be developing for the better.

Until one day, He Yun inadvertently discovered the truth. The robber who hurt her back then was actually her husband, the one who sleeps next to her in bed, Liang Zheng Wei. Back then, he knew he couldn’t be with He Yun, so he planned the robbery, destroyed He Yun, and then took advantage of the situation…

He Yun, who found out the truth, could not bear the blow and chose to commit suicide on the spur of the moment. She, later on, regretted it after death. She did not take revenge, did not uncover the ugly face of this man, and did not let him be punished! How could she be willing to die like this?!

So she came to the manor and planned this revenge with her own hands. She felt nothing as she watched the man kneel on the ground and beg for her mercy. The man could no longer arouse the slightest emotion in her. 

“You’re leaving the manor in seven days, right?” Xiao Yi1Huh, where’s Xiao Er. Is this a typo? Maybe not. Author only knows… asked.

He knew that He Yun still wanted to see her parents again.

The manor would take in evil spirits full of hatred and help them take revenge but it wouldn’t restrict their freedom. After seven days the gates of the manor will open again, evil spirits who want to leave can do so. It will be very difficult to come back once one decides to leave though.

Unless they have an invitation to the manor.

Unlike those invitations that force guests to come, a real invitation is when one gets recognized by the owner and gets invited to look for the location of the manor in the endless time and space to open the doors of the manor.

It’s more appropriate to say that it is a pass than it is an invitation letter.

“If sister He needs one invitation, I can get you one!” Xiao Er liked this young lady who always pets his head gently and gives him candy. 

Although my brother warned me not to go near Kan Chen, it should be okay if I just ask him for an invitation, right?

Xia Nuo, who didn’t know that he had already obtained a ‘pass’ that allowed him to travel to and from the manor freely, was now being held by a man, walking slowly to the main mansion of the manor.

If anyone were present to see this, they would be very surprised because the figure of the man has become a mass of black fog in the night. Every step he took made it look like crossing space, with heavy shadows at his feet.

Li Charlie’s opera house was very far away from the main mansion but it only took three minutes for Kan Chen to reach his destination. He glanced up at the main mansion, which looked particularly gloomy in the night. His eyes darkened.

The young man was sleeping unconscious in his arms, and made a regular breathing sound.

Kan Chen’s heart trembled, and the strange impulse struck him again, making his throat extremely thirsty.

He quickly tried to regain his composure and walked inside.

The author has something to say:

Kan Chen, who wants to eat Nuo Nuo: Calm down. If you eat it, you won’t be able to give it up.

Xiao Yi, who see through everything: …well, I guess his head’s still okay.

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