Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 46- 47

Chapter 46: The Hidden Truth 

Ruthlessly smacking the previously edited video issued by Tianheng Entertainment, the comparison between the two was unwatchable and completely subversive. Not only was the full video was broadcasted, but even the voice over was released with unparalleled clarity.

The old headmaster of the University of A jokingly said that he had another name as the leader of the Beggar’s gang, and so this news spread to the military and police circles really fast. 

Countless graduates from the University of A were followers of the old headmaster, and with this news posted by the headmaster, countless followers berated Mother Qiao to the core. 

How dare this woman call their school uniform a beggar’s outfit!

“This little sister has a lot of personality and is quite protective. Listen to this proud words ‘Our University of A’s school uniform is not something that anyone is qualified to wear!'”

“She’s the Missy of the Lu family, even the woman from the Qiao family has the face to say she’s climbing high using the Qiao family?”

Inside the military compound, a circle of young men and women sat on the sofa in the Han family’s living room, several of them were waiting for Han Dongyan to go out together and had nothing better to do than to gather while reading the news.

“The news these days is all about this Li Jia person. This is a type of woman who loves to be in the limelight.” Discordant, sarcastic voices emerged.

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“It’s really a lowly woman who wanted to climb high up the ladder.” Han Rui looked down on Li Jia more and more.

“You’re a lady, how can you move your mouth and speak like a shrew?” A cold male voice came from the first floor, Han Dongyan was dressed in a straight black suit, his eyes full of warning.

“Brother.” Fearful of this half-brother, Han Rui pouted her pink lips and retorted in a small voice, “It’s not like I said anything wrong.”

“Young Master Han.”


“Dongyan.” Xia Yuxuan stood up, a smile clear and elegant at the corners of her mouth.

When Han Dongyan saw her, his harsh gaze softened a little bit. “I heard that Lu Yichen was the one who sent Xia Yuxuan to the University of T? He really does treat Xia Yuxuan differently.” 

His mouth held a playful smile at the corners.

“Yichen is very nice.” Sweetness floated under Xia Yuxuan’s eyes. “He was very considerate of me.”

“Is that so?” Han Dongyan’s dark pupils stared intently at Xia Yuxuan, speaking in a higher tone as if there was a hint of jealousy. “As good as I am?”

Xia Yuxuan’s white teeth nibbled on her pink lips as she tugged delicately at his sleeve. “Dongyan.”

All the others ignored the flirting between these two as if no one was watching, reading their newspapers and continuing to pretend to be cabbages.

The headline on the newspaper was a striking color picture of Lu Yichen half-hugging Li Jia, holding her in his arms and hiding her from the reporters.

He would never forget the day when Lu Yichen deliberately kissed Jia jia in front of him.

Stealing the girl he liked? Did Lu Yichen really believe that he could do anything to stop him?

Han Dongyan’s deep gaze was fixed on Xia Yuxuan for an instant, causing Xia Yuxuan to blush, glaring at him in pique. 


Chapter 47: The Female Companion 1 

Lu Yichen had liked Xia Yuxuan for so many years, he couldn’t just fall in love with another person in the twinkling of an eye.

With pretty women, who didn’t like them? Lu Yichen was also a normal man.

Recently, Jia’er was attacked by the media, and Lu Yichen had been by her side as a good brother to protect her, but he was the only heir of the Lu family, so he couldn’t stay with her all the time. There were many things that he needed to take care of in the Genesis consortium, and he needed to handle them personally. 

The stiff expression on Han Donyan’s face softened. “Xuan xuan, in a few days, the Han’s will be having a ball in the Sky Hotel, I would be happier if you could come.”  

Xia Yuxuan’s sparkling eyes flashed with surprise, and she pursed her pink lips as she suppressed the ecstasy in her heart. Being able to attend such a high society ball would do her absolutely no harm. 

However, she didn’t want to be too eager and have the Han family look down on her.

She nodded her head reservedly and smiled, revealing a few moments of doubt and anticipation. “Is Dongyan attending too?”

“Of course.” Han Dongyan smiled. How could he not attend a ball that celebrated his takeover of Han’s and also one that Lu Yichen had to attend?

“Is it the ball for the purpose of celebrating Lu’s partnership with us?” Han Rui raised an eyebrow when she heard this. “I wonder if I’ll see that bitch…  surnamed Li.”  

Han Dongyan’s sharp gaze swept over her, and Han Rui temporarily changed her tone.

Han Dongyan coldly said, “She won’t come.”

University of A was involved in an operation to apprehend drug lords in the city, and Jia’er, who was deeply harassed by the media, had simply signed up for logistics to avoid the media and was not at school for the time being.

He really didn’t expect her to be chosen, though.

It was probably partly because the school didn’t want to be harassed by the paparazzi all day, but Jia’er had just entered her sophomore year and without a few tricks up her sleeve, the University of A wouldn’t let her take part in such a dangerous operation.

Lu Yichen had just finished his routine meeting when Mi Xue stepped closer on her high heels and twisted her snake-like waist to hand over a document. “Mr. Lu, I wonder what your plans are for your female companion at Han’s ball?”

Recently her boss’s attitude had been much colder towards her, Mi Xue had a sense of crisis in her heart and did not act as blatantly as before.

Lu Yichen frowned, he did not want to attend this ball, but it was about Han Dongyan, he knew best how difficult his enemy was to deal with in his previous life. How could he let Han Dongyan get what he wanted in this life?

The best choice of date he had in mind was Jia Jia, but Jia Jia had refused two days ago. There was no such ball in his previous life, and with his rebirth, many things were changing.

 The Han’s had been involved in investing in several projects that were not favored by other companies in the past month or two, and these projects, with the subsequent change in policy, had amazing profits and development prospects, gradually pushing Han to the top and this was achieved by Han Dongyan.

It made him the most capable and driven President of the Han’s.

After Han Shichang took office as the new mayor, he drastically made a number of adjustments to the capital’s economic circle, and many of the projects needed time to prove their results. So, the initial results weren’t good, and not a lot of people accepted the projects. 

In just half a year, all the companies that had invested in the project were left with no money. Han Dongyan took advantage of his grandfather’s family’s military and political circle to learn of the country’s upcoming new policies and gave Han Shichang a boost at his most difficult time by taking over the project he proposed.

Predictably, the aftermath made Han Shichang look at Han Dongyan differently. Then, the former’s position as the mayor lent a lot of convenience to Han Dongyan. 

In his previous life, he was too busy trying to please Xia Yuxuan to care.

The situation was different now as the Lu’s had taken over the Han’s investment in the project, becoming the largest shareholder and cutting off Han Dongyan’s ladder to the top of the pyramid.  



  • Han Dongyan is only playing Xia Yuxuan??! What??!

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