Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 44-45

Chapter 44: Rise and Fall 4 

The police station outside was like the vegetable market.    

The lawyer solemnly said to Qiao Shiming, “Mr. Qiao, I am sorry, our law firm does not accept your request for a lawsuit, you will have to hire another one, as for the contractual compensation, we are willing to implement it according to the above terms…”

Qiao Shiming didn’t understand what was going on, and he was about to shout when Qiao Nan broke away from the bodyguard and pulled Li Jia out of the police station with quick steps.  

“Qiao Nan?” Li Jia frowned, what did he want to do?

He held Li Jia’s wrist tightly and shouted in front of the crowd of reporters and fans, “Jia’er! I’m sorry! Please forgive my mother!”


The black Maybach was parked outside the police station, and Lu Yichen crushed his mobile phone as he listened to Yan Biao’s trembling voice and smashed it fiercely into the ground.

The reporters at the scene were stunned, and the camera flashed like crazy. They asked question after question, desperately pushing forward for Qiao Nan to explain his words clearly. 

Lu Yichen took a deep breath to calm himself down, his long, slender phoenix-shaped eyes shut tightly, his fingers squeezed blue and white.

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“I’m sorry, Qiao Nan. You’re a good person, but it’s long over between us.” Li Jia shook off Qiao Nan’s hand, turned her head and walked away.


“Jia’er.” Qiaonan didn’t want to let go of this opportunity, he sensed that Jia’er must have some misunderstanding about him.

“Mr. Qiao, please don’t pester our Missy anymore.” As Li Jia entered the police station, Yu Qing politely stepped in front of him.

“Your Missy?” Qiao Nan didn’t know Yu Qing. “Who are you? What Missy?”

Li Jia’s mind was in turmoil, and Yun Xiao covered her mouth in surprise and stared in awe as her idol confessed her love for Jia Jia in public.

Unfortunately, it was rejected heartlessly. She didn’t expect Qiao Nan, the national God, to confess his feelings in public and was rejected mercilessly.  

If Jia jia wasn’t the dream girl of her brother, she would have wished she could say yes for Jia jia. Qiao Nan was too pitiful.

“Jia Jia.” Lu Yichen’s slender figure appeared beside her, stretching out his arms, sweeping his sister to his chest. “Why didn’t you call me, your brother?”

She had refused! She had refused Qiao Nan!

Lu Yichen’s originally gloomy mood cheered, his eyebrows were all gentle  and he was smiling. His slender and perfect fingertips traced his sister’s snow-white soft cheeks, and he lowered his head to rub against her cheek. “Jia Jia…my little baby…”


How did he suddenly appear here? Obviously he hadn’t had time to inform him.

“Why didn’t you call me?”


“I didn’t have my phone with me.” Li Jia pushed him away. “Don’t be like that, there are a lot of people here.”

Lu Yichen smiled faintly, hugged his sister tightly and said to Yan Biao who came out, “My lawyer will come over later to deal with this matter, now, can I take my sister away?”

The moment Qiao Shiming saw Lu Yichen, his face was already ashen.

Others didn’t know Lu Yichen, but how could he not?

Chapter 45: Business Connections

“Mr. Lu Yichen.” Yan Biao’s face turned white and he nodded stiffly. “Of course, Miss Lu has finished saying her statement.”

“You-you-you-!” Qiao Shiming was on the verge of breaking down and suffering from cerebral hemorrhage..

No wonder everyone suddenly changed their mind! Li Jia was actually Lu Yichen’s sister!

The Genesis Consortium under the Lu’s was the only conglomerate with a single family in control in the whole world and ranks alongside the western powerhouse founded in the last century—Light-Born. 

The Light-Born Dawn and Genesis were both powerful business empires. But unlike the Light-Born conglomerate, the Genesis consortium had only the Lu family in power behind it. He also heard that Lu Yichen’s father, who was living abroad, married to one of the families behind  Light-Born. Lu Yichen was of mixed blood.   

Lu Yichen was handsome and elegant, clearly the well-groomed son of Lu family. He was more of an oriental man with delicate features, except for his overly pale complexion, he stood coldly in place. Lu Yichen had this intimidating aura that was hard to ignore.  

He held his sister, his arms half-around her and the other half shielding her as they calmly walked out of the police station. Lu Yichen had left the country for two years, but his identity had destined him to be the centre of attention wherever he went. 


The reporters may not remember him immediately, but now that he appeared in a high profile manner to bail out his sister, he was hard to ignore.  

“Young master Lu, may I ask if Li Jia is really your sister? Why is her surname Li?”

“May I ask if you know what the relationship between Miss Li and Qiao Nan is?”

“What do you have to say about Qiao Nan’s confession of love to your sister?”

“According to Qiao Nan, the video was edited. Is it true? Or this pressure from Lu’s?”

The reporters asked one sharp question after another, and Li Jia’s face darkened as she listened.

Lu Yichen rubbed her head, and the bodyguards who followed her were like a human wall between the reporters and Lu siblings, escorting them away.

Yu Qing handed all the relevant documents to Yan Biao and shook hands with him. “Later on, our young master’s legal team will come over to handle Missy’s matter and what’s the truth of the matter…”

“Soon, Tianheng Entertainment will know.” He looked at Qiao Shiming and a bewildered Qiao Nan. “Mr. Qiao, regarding Tianheng’s manipulation behind the scenes to slander and defame our Missy, we have filed a lawsuit, see you in court.”

Qiao Shiming would have collapsed had he not been supported by Qiao Nan.

As Yu Qing exited the police station with papers in his arms, Lu’s legal team had already driven over, nodded to him and walked into the police station.

The flashing lights outside the door were constant, and Yu Qing was mobbed as he came out. “Please ask one by one, I will explain in detail.”


Finally someone would answer their questions positively and the reporters excitedly threw out one question after another.

Yu Qing was very calm and handled this scene with ease. “First of all, our Missy’s ID card, account number and all relevant identification documents are all surnamed Lu, our Missy was kidnapped at a young age and the Lu family had to take some measures.”

Yu Qing did not directly say Li Jia’s identity, but stated the answer that Missy Lu’s surname was indeed Lu, even intentionally leading people to think in another direction.

“As for Missy and Mr. Qiao’s affair one has to ask Mr. Qiao, Missy made it very clear that they are over.”

“Whether the online video has been tampered with, many of you reporters present are experts in video post-processing, I believe such questions do not need our explanation, soon the full video content will be available to you.”

Yu Qing finished and politely made another presentation without continuing to spill any more content.

And everything was just as he said, and in less than two hours, the full video of what happened in the cinema, led by Shenghao Media and reproduced by countless media, began to spread online.

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