Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 48

The Female Companion 2

Han Dongyan turned his head to the Lu’s, throwing an olive branch, specifically using the chance of him taking over the Han’s to hold a grand ball to show his sincerity for the cooperation between the Han’s and the Lu’s.  

Lu Yichen accepted the invitation, wondering what other sinister event Han Dongyan had in store for him.

In the meantime, he was able to say that he did not have a female companion and asked Jia jia to accompany him.

As a result, he didn’t expect Jia jia to balk, and the old man even called specifically to tell him not to harass Jia jia and disturb her studies.

When Lu Yichen thought of this, his handsome face darkened, he couldn’t cry or laugh. The old man at home still spoiled Jia jia as much as he did in his previous life, and sometimes he really doubted who the biological grandchild was.

But he could understand, the old man had only Jia jia by his side, so many years of affection shared between the two, his own grandson couldn’t even catch up.

“Mr. Lu?” Mi Xue asked again in a soft voice when she saw that he didn’t say anything.

Hearing that this ball was not only full of business tycoons, but also pivotal figures in the military and political circles, she had a hint of excitement and wondered if she could go as Mr. Lu’s female partner…

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Even if she already had an invitation to the ball, she definitely wouldn’t want Mi Xue to have the chance to take the opportunity to climb the ladder in the form of his date, and would surely do so reluctantly talk over the phone with Mi Xue, and she would call him after to cry that someone had already invited her.


Before Mi Xue could come in and explain the situation, the phone on Lu Yichen’s desk vibrated.

Lu Yichen almost laughed out loud, suddenly feeling sad for his once stupid self. How on earth had he fallen for Xia Yuxuan? He couldn’t even remember!

“Yichen?” The warm and sweet voice carried a taste of joy, Xia Yuxuan was very proud in her heart, for such a high level ball, which woman could receive two invitations like she did?

“Yuxuan, did Mi Xue tell you about the ball?” Lu Yichen absently read the documents on his desk, but his voice was magnetic and gentle.

“Well, it’s just…,” she reluctantly said, her tone growing more and more delicate as she tried to speak.

“Hmm?” The end of his tone was slightly teasing with a seductive charm.

Xia Yuxuan was so hooked that her heart trembled and she almost couldn’t speak.

She steadied her disturbed heartbeat and spoke in a gentle voice, “It’s just that I’ve already promised Dongyan. If Yichen had said it earlier, I wouldn’t have promised him so early.”

She said with a hint of coquettishness. 

Lu Yichen’s eyes were indifferent without a hint of emotion fluctuating, and he followed her intention to show a few moments of regret and jealousy. “Dongyan?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry, Yichen.” Xia Yuxuan gently comforted him.

Men, what you couldn’t get would fuel your heart’s desire. Yichen still couldn’t let her go, could he?



  • This Xia Yuxuan is so… ugh, her self-confidence is off the charts! She deserves whatever retribution will come her way. 

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