Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 37: Retaliation

After getting home without any further mishaps, Li Jia could barely stand it anymore.   

She’s successfully managed to cover her face, right? She  could just pay her school fees three days later after school officially started, right? It wasn’t as if she was a freshman. 

To Lu Yichen, Han Dongyan’s early appearance was completely unexpected.

At this time, Han Dongyan had not yet grown to the extent that he would later. Han’s military-business partnership was superior to Yun’s, and Han Dongyan took over Han’s at the age of 23, just in time for this year.

In his previous life, he bet on the Lu family successfully destroying the Han’s. He was just one step away from completely destroying Han’s group, but unfortunately, he ended up dying. The Han’s had definitely risen again.  


“Crap-! Ah! How did this happen!!!”

Upstairs, an alarming shriek came from Li Jia’s study room

Lu Yichen raised his eyebrows. “Jia Jia?”

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Hurrying, she opened the website and scrolled through it. Then she found out that several famous websites featured her prominently, and she also saw the previous headlines with Qiao Nan. They identified her as the same person.   


She casually scrolled through the comments and her face turned blue with anger, with all sorts of nasty comments full of sh*t below.

Some even mentioned that she kidnapped Qiao Nan to be famous. The first thing she wanted to do was to smash the screen as she grabbed her cup.

“I’m fine, I didn’t think there were reporters present when I jumped down.” Li Jia read through a few hilarious comments about her being a female Spider-Man and couldn’t help but laugh.

In truth, the teacher’s offices in their school building had staggered air conditioners installed, and the windows had anti-theft nets installed. It wasn’t that difficult to climb down if you paid attention to them.  

Li Jia was about to close the webpage when she saw a picture next to a video with a prominent sign recommending Qiao Nan’s new movie. She felt uncomfortable.

Apart from the first video, the banners next to the other few news items about her were all promoting the film, taking advantage of the heat of her popularity. 

She frowned and didn’t say anything.

When Lu Yichen saw the movie recommendation at the end of the video his eyes flickered slightly, and seeing his sister’s tight frown, he secretly gave a nod to the site’s resourcefulness.

When Lu Yichen came out of Jia Jia’s study, a phone call arrived. All the videos about Li Jia were removed from the internet. 

Lu Yichen was dressed in an expensive suit, his handsome, picturesque eyebrows were cold and serious as he talked on the phone.  

The group of reporters at the school was deliberately arranged by him. He had planned that Jia jia would run down to find him when she escaped from the reporters, so that he would have the chance to save the beauty and brushed up on her disgust towards. But to his surprise, Jia jia jumped out of the window in order not to drag him down.

“Mr. Lu, what do you want me to do next? Do you want to withdraw your investment from the Qiao’s?”


“No need.” Lu Yichen’s tone was cool and soft. “Find out what Madam Qiao has been doing lately, in detail.”


Lu Yichen hung up the phone and looked up to see Master Lu looking at him.

“You’ve been making a lot of moves against Qiao recently, what are you doing checking up on the Qiao family?”

“I heard that Madam Qiao is still charming at over forty, I just don’t know if she can withstand a five-person group.”

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