Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 42: The Rise and Fall Part 2

Li Jia gave him a surprised look.   

Yun Xiao had been a little excited to see her idol, but the Qiao family had acted too disgustingly this time, and her starstruck passion had been squashed by reason and anger.

Yun Xiao’s eyes lit up when he didn’t side with his wicked mother, not bad for her favourite star!

“Jia jia didn’t hit your mum on purpose. She started it, and Jia jia had no choice but to fight back.” Yun Xiao hurriedly explained. “If Jia jia were to hit someone, your mother would simply have to be missing an arm and a leg, that video…”

“Miss Yun, this is the police station.” Officer Yan saw Qiao’s father’s face stiffened and turned gloomy, so he interrupted Yun Xiao’s words.


Yun Xiao was not quite convinced, her heart was secretly anxious. How come dad hadn’t come over yet?

“Officer Yan, this time my wife was beaten, please also enforce the law strictly, I will let my lawyer talk to you clearly about this matter.”

Several lawyers behind Mr. Qiao came over and shook hands with Yan Biao one by one. Yan Biao looked at this battle and it was clear in his heart that the Qiao family was not going to take this lightly.

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“Bdqkzkyz psd! Mbl sdl pbl clyv wr kp uswa sod xsvbla!” Ckys Fbkxkdt pdsavle nszezu, pbssvkdt y tzyal yv Nk Kky zkjl y pbyar posae. “Psd’v bydt yaswde okvb wdnswvb osxld yzz eyu yde cl nbyaxle vs vbl rskdv sq dsv jdsokdt obyv’p tskdt sd.”

“Tlu! Tso eke usw pyu vbyv, sze xyd? Ebs’p wdnswvb? Kky fky kp dsv psxlsdl vbyv uswa bwxczl Ckys qyxkzu nyd nzkxc bktb sd!” Rq kv olald’v qsa Ckys Lyd, Zwd Dkys oswze byhl oydvle vs awpb wr yde hkszldvzu clyv vbkp eyxdle sze xyd.

Ebyv y vlaakczl vbkdt vs pyu!

Nk Kky tzydnle pkeloyup yv vbl ydmkswp Ckys Lyd. Tkp nzlya, caktbv casop qwaasole yp bl rwzzle yv Ya. Cksy’p nzsvblp, bkp lmralppksd ydtau yde ytkvyvle, dsv qyjkdt kv.

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“Ykpp Nk, kd hklo sq vbl qynv vbyv usw byhl xyzknkswpzu kdfwale psxlsdl kd vbl qkapv rzynl yde vbl lhkeldnl kp shlaoblzxkdt, ol byhl qkzle y zyopwkv.”

Mbl zyoula bydele y esnwxldv vs bla lmralppksdzlppzu.&dcpr;

Li Jia picked up the document and glanced at it, and indeed saw that they charged her with deliberate assault, and if the charge was proven…


She thought about it, and with that injury to Mrs. Qiao, she could at best spend a few days in the guardhouse and be fined.

In the end, she read it and clearly saw that it said ten years in prison.

Her face turned red and her dark eyes were cold and sharp. “I really doubt you’re illiterate and you call yourself a lawyer?”

“What are your questions, Miss Li? The real sentence will have to be handed down by the judge who will decide if you’re guilty.” The lawyer’s face was stiff and cold, and he stroked his glasses with the air of a proper gentleman.

“Intentional assault, causing death or extreme cruelty, resulting in the victim’s disability, is punishable by more than ten years’ fixed-term imprisonment, life imprisonment or the death penalty. May I ask, was Mrs. Qiao really disabled? Or was she beaten to death by me?” Li  Jia flung the document into his face with a cold tone. “What an insight!”

With a taciturn face, the lawyer picked up the papers.

Mr. Qiao looked at Li Jia coldly. “I’ll see you in court, let’s see if you’re still so tough by  then?”

“Yan…Captain Yan!” A police officer ran over with a pale face.

“What’s wrong?”

“Come  for a moment, there’s a call for you.”

“Sorry, excuse me for a moment.” When Yan Biao saw that the constable’s face looked different, he knew that there might be something important, and he did not dare to delay.

Outside, a swarm of reporters gathered more and more.


Yun Xiao stretched her neck to look out.

Li Jia in turn calmed down. “Mr. Qiao, your ability to turn black and white upside down makes me, a junior, sigh at myself.”

“You deliberately hurt someone, and you are still so arrogant, you really have no parental upbringing,” Qiao Shiming’s tone was cold and hard as he said this.

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