Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 36: Brother, Calm Down

“Boyfriend?” Li Jia was stunned and shook her head in a rush. “He’s really my brother.”


“That’s a difficult question.” Li Jia had no choice but to answer it. “We’re not related…”

Lu Yichen smiled and lowered his head to give her a kiss on her white cheek, declaring ownership.

The men and women across them had expressions of being struck by lightning, and the veins at the corners of Han Dongyan’s forehead moved as he looked at Lu Yichen with a grim gaze for a few moments.


When the girls behind him saw this, their original displeased gaze at Li Jia faded. The girl in front of them, a famous flower, seemed to be in a relationship.

Adopted, not-related by blood and with different surnames were legally allowed to marry. In the modern world, no one would make a fuss as long as they could withstand the gossip of the old codgers and the old aunts.

Li Jia touched her cheek, so shocked that she stepped two steps away, looking warily at his brother, embarrassed.

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“Lu Yichen…”


His instincts told him that Lu Yichen would be a strong opponent. Didn’t Lu Yichen like Xia Yuxuan from T University?

He even sent that woman to a noble university, what does this possessive look towards Jia’er mean now?

Was he provoking him by deliberately kissing Jia’er in front of him?

“They don’t look like brother and sister, they seem like lovers.” A girl beside Han Dongyan giggled, meaning something.

Han Dongyan gave her a cold, stern gaze, and the girl choked, dropping her head.

“Brother?” Li Jia was pulled into the taxi and looked out the window at the receding street scene, poking Lu Yichen cautiously. “The car is still at school.”

“It’s okay, let the family driver come and drive it away later.” Lu Yichen held Jiajia tightly in his arms. “Jia jia, let brother hold you for a while, okay?”

Li Jia raised her hands slightly and hesitantly patted her brother’s back gently. “What’s wrong with you?”

“How did Jia jia meet Han Dongyan?” Lu Yichen lifted her onto his lap, his handsome face buried in her neck, his thin, moist lips rubbing against her soft neck.

Li Jia pursed her lips. “He’s due to graduate this year, I don’t know how he’s still participating in exchange student activities. We met a year ago when the exchange students of the two schools participated in the winter break camp. He will be a fresh graduate of T City Military Academy.”

In other words, Jia’er and Han Dongyan had known each other for a long time in their previous lives?

Lu Yichen’s mind reeled as he remembered the events of his previous life, and a vague, horrifying suspicion made him stop clutching Li Jia as if she would leave him the next moment.


“Jia Jia, don’t ever leave brother, okay? Baby…”

“Brother, calm down.”

Li Jia noticed his eyes turned red. Her heart thumped, and she hurriedly nodded her head. “Okay!”


  • Han Dongyan is in the house, baby. He’s different to what Yichen remembered from his past life. I’m excited!!!

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