EBPW Chapter 27.5

Chapter 27.5 Harmonious censorship (5)

The night life of Jing City was livelier than during the day, especially because the school was located near. University students would wander around everywhere in boredom and because school had just started, it was extremely common to see dorm mates who hadn’t seen each other for an entire summer to come out for a good time.

The originally quiet and peaceful night market came to a spontaneous stop due to a loud shriek.

The shriek didn’t come from too far away and what followed was the hordes of many people screaming and fleeing. He Zhou’s godly sense probed over with a knit in his brows. Why did a group of cultivators who had gone into qi deviation appear again? It was almost similar to the situation of the cultivator that appeared last time in the public square.

People scattered in all directions. As dorm leader, although Ding Zhi was alarmed, he still maintained calmness. He was about to tell the three people to escape with the crowd but when he turned around, He Zhou had already ran towards the opposite direction.

“Darn it!” He stamped his foot and waved his arms to Qi Shen and Ye Xiao, signalling them. “You guys head back to school first. I’ll go and look for He Zhou!” He said before turning to He Zhou’s direction and ran in pursuit.

“What brave souls.” Qi Shen sighed before looking towards the unmoving Ye Xiao. “I’m also going over to take a look.”

Ye Xiao had already gotten used to his manner of speaking. A peculiar ray of light flashed through his eyes hidden behind his lenses. “I’m going with you.”

Qi Shen replied without much care. “As you wish.”

He Zhou had just approached the mad cultivator when a cry came from behind. “He Zhou!”

Ding Zhi flew over. “What are you still standing around there for! Run!” The deranged person looked extremely dangerous. Didn’t he see that he was even holding a blood-stained knife in his hand?

He Zhou was about to subdue that person before he was suddenly pushed by Ding Zhi. That person’s knife was directly going towards Ding Zhi’s chest when He Zhou reacted in god speed. He reached his hand out to obstruct the knife. The knife collided with his palm and fell down with a “Clang” like it had pierced a piece of metal.

He Zhou took the opportunity while Ding Zhi was in a daze to act in lightning speed. He contained that person and threw him to the floor.

Qi Shen and Ye Xiao who had hurried over, only saw the scene of He Zhou restraining the cultivator and didn’t catch the part where he blocked a knife with his bare hands. Qi Shen saw Ding Zhi standing at the side with a dumbfounded expression and couldn’t help but reach a finger out to poke him. “Have you been scared silly?”

Ding Zhi recollected his senses and only felt continuous thumping of his heart. It was not because of fear but because of shock. He wasn’t stupid. He knew that what had happened was not a figment of his imagination. He was certain that a scene from a wuxia novel had just happened in front of him. The hand that block the sharp knife was very close to his own chest. 

If it he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he definitely wouldn’t have believed it. 

“He Zhou, are you alright?” When he said this, his gaze fell onto He Zhou’s completely unharmed palm.

He Zhou shook his head and took his phone out. “I’m going to report this to the police first.”

Very quickly, Zheng Weiming brought Xu Lin over. When he saw He Zhou, he sighed to himself once again that it was such a lucky coincidence and began to handle official business. He checked the people who suffered casualties as Zheng Weiming looked over at the immobile cultivator on the ground. He let Xu Lin bring him back first before turning to guide He Zhou at the side and sighed. “Recently, there’s been many cultivators who’ve been experiencing qi deviation. Moreover, it’s not only at Jing City.” 

He Zhou frowned. “Are you saying, this has gone national?”

Zheng Weiming’s entire face turned solemn. “The cultivator who was previously taken away by Feng Lan who caused chaos at the public square was diagnosed by the Li Family’s doctor who was specially invited by the higher ups. There’s already been results but it hasn’t been officially announced yet. According to my knowledge, these cultivators seemed to have ingested a special kind of drug that led them to go through qi deviation.”

He Zhou also felt that his words were somewhat reliable. After all, the chances of every cultivator in the entire country going into qi deviation at the same time was extremely minimal.

“But what drug is it? And where did this drug come from?”

Wei Zhengming shook his head. “I’m not too sure about this.” He pinched his brows. His original heroic face appeared more and more terrifying. “The Li Family is still following up on the investigation.”

He Zhou nodded. “I understand.”

Zheng Weiming suddenly had a bit of hesitation. “That, when the cultivators go mad, their powers would also dramatically rise at the same time. Can you help me warn the Captain to be a little more careful the next few days. If those assassins were to also start going crazy, his bodyguards may not be able to support him.” He said before he started explaining once again. “I’m not doubting the captain’s ability, I’m just….”

He Zhou looked at him and laughed. “I understand. I’ll carry your words over to him.”

Zheng Weiming nodded his head violently. “Then, I’ll be taking my leave first.”

The cops had already controlled current situation so He Zhou walked towards Ding Zhi who was lost in his thoughts. “Classmate Ding Zhi. It’s time to head back to school.”

Ding Zhi woke up from his reverie and his gaze towards He Zhou was a bit complicated. He looked like he wanted to say something but he stopped. Qi Shen patted him on the shoulder. “If you have anything to say, do it after we get back to school.”

Ding Zhi could only hang his head as they returned together back to the dorms.

When they arrived, He Zhou asked Ye Xiao without even waiting for Ding Zhi to speak. “Can you come out for a walk with me?”

Ye Xiao nodded his head very minutely as he followed He Zhou out the dorm, leaving behind a lonely Ding Zhi and Qi Shen who already held a poem book in his hands.

He Zhou brought Ye Xiao over to the corridor and casually set up a boundary. Ye Xiao lowered his head, not daring to face him.

“Have you ever learned ocular enchantments?”  He Zhou got right to the point.

Ye Xiao was silent for a period before he threw a question back. “What do you want me to do?”

“Make Ding Zhi forget about what happened tonight. Can you do that?” He Zhou saw that Ye Xiao had no reaction and paused for a while before adding another sentence. “Or just make blur his memories”

Ye Xiao finally lifted his head. His pupils behind his lenses seemed to be slightly red. “On what basis do you need to do this?”

He Zhou was stunned.

Ye Xiao braved himself and questioned once more. “Just because you’re a senior cultivator?”

Young Master He was in between laughter and tears as he looked at the thin and weak little fellow looking at him with a wronged face. “He’s an ordinary person. If he comes to know of these things, it would disturb his life. I’m doing this for his good.”

Ye Xiao snorted. “How would you know if this is something he wants?”

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