EBPW Chapter 27.4

Chapter 27.4 Harmonious Censorship (4)

Ding Zhi’s personality was very bright as he started speaking first. “He Zhou. We already met in the morning. We’ve cleaned up your bed for you. First, let me introduce the members to you, this is the second oldest member of the dorm, Qi Shen from the Literature department. The third oldest, is called Ye Xiao from the history department. I’m the same as you, coming from the finance department.”

“Nice to meet you all.” He Zhou nodded before he bent down to start unpacking. Ding Zhi was very cordial and assisted He Zhou to lay the bedding. 

Qi Shen greeted him before running off to the balcony to recite verses. He Zhou then suddenly recalled that when he previously went to Feng City, Liu Chong had mentioned that he had a friend studying in the literature department who would read poems everyday. It wouldn’t be Qi Shen right? They had too much fate.

And there was also Ye Xiao, who kept his head down this whole time. He originally thought he was a swindler and didn’t think that he would also be a student of Jing University. This fate was also not too shallow.

“He Zhou, to celebrate your move into the dorm, I will be treating everyone to dinner tonight. Are you available for it?” After Ding Zhi lent a helping hand to He Zhou, he asked this question to him while playing on his computer.

He Zhou thought for a moment and replied. “Alright.”

Ding Zhi once again looked over to Qi Shen who was at the balcony and as if he had grew eyes on his back, Qi Shen slowly replied. “I cannot bear to brush away such magnificent hospitality.”

Ding Zhi understood this and his gaze turned towards Ye Xiao who was nested in his bed. Before waiting for him to even speak, he waved his hand aside and said. “Don’t even think about refusing. You won’t be giving face to He Zhou if you refuse. We’ll all go together!”

Ye Xiao carefully sent a glance to He Zhou. Seeing his unchanging complexion, he could only press down his feelings of apprehensiveness and nodded towards Ding Zhi.

“Then it’s decided!” Ding Zhi clapped his hands. “We’ll be setting out at 5pm!”

5pm arrived and the four people set off from their dorm on time. Ding Zhi took the lead and because of He Zhou’s presence, the number of heads turning to look at the four people was extremely high, causing Ding Zhi to be extremely excited throughout the entire journey.

Ding Zhi brought them to a food stall near the school as he secretly observed He Zhou. Seeing that he didn’t reveal any unhappy expression, he joyfully took a seat. “ I don’t want to slap my face to make it swell and look imposing (1). My parents are quite strict so I don’t have much living allowances and I still need to save some up. I hope the brothers don’t mind that we didn’t go to a high quality restaurant.”

  1. To seek to impress by feigning more than one’s abilities 

Qi Shen nodded and said. “How down-to-earth. Not bad.”

Ding Zhi joked. “So are you now renouncing your elegant poems?”

He Zhou laughed and said. “I’ve never tried these before and trying something new isn’t entirely bad.”

Ding Zhi then finally let go of his nervousness the next second and directly ordered many dishes over. “Please order as much as you like, brother! Ye Xiao, stop standing foolishly there and come over and eat!”

The fragrance that He Zhou smelled was different from the ones he usually ate. This smell was very captivating so he couldn’t help but take a bite. He felt that it was more appetizing than the dishes he had at home. After all, regardless of whether it was at the He Residence or at the villa, their eating habits had always leaned towards light and healthy food. It was the first time for He Zhou to have come into contact with this taste which he felt was fantastic.

“Can I just ask, brother. Are you one of those second generation rich kids in the legends who wore brands, drove luxury cars and would never eat in a vendor’s stall?” Ding Zhi ate with keen interest as he couldn’t help but be curious towards He Zhou’s identity.

Qi Shen slowly cast a glance towards Ding Zhi before lightly speaking. “You really haven’t heard of He Zhou from the finance department before?”

Ding Zhi was dumbfounded for a moment before suddenly knocking his own head. “I really almost forgot! So you’re that Young Master He!” His gaze towards He Zhou suddenly became different. Because this was a big respected Buddha right before his very eyes!

“But you don’t seem to be the same as described by the rumors.” Ding Zhi rubbed his chin, measuring He Zhou many times.

Ye Xiao listened to them helplessly and couldn’t understand the incredulity that He Zhou’s real identity brought to his dorm mates.

He Zhou paused and asked a completely irrelevant question. “Ding Zhi, what do you think of classmate Ye Xiao?”

When his name was mentioned, Ye Xiao immediately lowered his head like a quail in surprise.

Ding Zhi and Ye Xiao had been dorm mates for a whole year so who could understand Ye Xiao’s character better than him? So he immediately answered. “Ye Xiao is just too reserved. He always has his head down all day and keeps to himself like a little enigma. Moreover, his hair is too long and I’ve told him many times to go get it cut but he never listens.”

He Zhou chuckled. His long hair was to cover his face and his glasses were to cover his eyes. He reckoned that Ye Xiao wasn’t able to control the ability of his eyes and so to prevent people from being enchanted, he could only wear glasses.

The only thing that eluded him was that he didn’t know what Ye Xiao was planning when he encountered him at Feng City.

Ding Zhi saw He Zhou keep silent and asked in suspicion. “Why did you suddenly ask me about Ye Xiao?”

“It’s nothing.” He Zhou used a napkin to wipe the stains on his hand. “As the proverb says, seeing once is better than hearing it a hundred times(2), rumors can only be rumors.”

2. Seeing is believing.

Ding Zhi noted this very seriously as he nodded. “That’s right. I apologize for believing the previous rumors about you.”

After going through a brief interaction with him, He Zhou felt that Ding Zhi was a good and upright youth, Qi shen’s character was quite unique and unpredictable and with regards to Ye Xiao, he would still need to be observed a bit longer.

Ding Zhi was especially entertaining. He could liven up the conversation by himself while He Zhou and the other two played as listeners. The dorm mates interactions were considered harmonious and this elicited a slight expectation inside He Zhou towards the campus life he would be living from today on forwards.

He previously had no friends so perhaps, now would be a good time to make some.

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