EBPW Chapter 27.3

Chapter 27.3 Harmonious censorship (3)

As they stepped into the house, they noticed a black haired youth sitting on the sofa raising his head to look over. The youth looked refined and reserved, his temperament cold and aloof. His eyes were ink black before immediately reflecting He Zhou’s figure. The youth then quickly stood up in a daze without making a peep.

“Xiao Feng, you’ve come.” He Zhou pulled Wen Renyi to sit on the sofa and turned to look at He Feng’s ink eyes. He didn’t know why but for some reason, a peculiar feeling suddenly arose in him.

He Feng sat down once again and bashfully smiled. His gaze fell on Wen Renyi’s face. “Mr. Wen Ren.”

Wen Renyi nodded in reply. “How are you?”

Zhao Jing and Wei Mingzhu were busying themselves in the kitchen and He Shaoning had just brought He Ye downstairs. Seeing He Zhou and Wen Renyi, he spoke. “You’ve returned.”

He Zhou and Wen Renyi greeted him in return.

He Shaoning sat down on the sofa and got right to the point. “Ah Zhou. you’ve already been married to Ah Yi for some time now so you can’t act as reckless as before playing with cars and such. Since Ah Yi has retired, you can relax during this period of time and Ah Zhou can spend more time with Ah Yi.”

He Zhou naturally nodded his head in acknowledgement.

“Xiao Feng has also gotten into Jing University. It’s a good coincidence that he has become your department junior. You need to take good care of him in school.”

The original owner barely spoke with He Shaoning and Zhao Jing when he was young so now, whenever He Shaoning saw him, he could only speak these kind of words. However, Young Master He didn’t mind;after all, as long as He Shaoning never harmed him, it wasn’t really a significant matter at all.

He Feng’s eyes curved slightly. “ Uncle. Brother Zhou also has his own things to attend to. I can take good care of myself.”

While they talked, Zhao Jing and Wei Mingzhu came out of the kitchen. He Zhou looked over and beside Zhao Jing stood a gorgeous married woman. When she saw He Zhou, she smiled. “Ah Zhou’s come back. Xiao Feng was previously abroad keeping me company. When he heard you woke up a few days ago, he started urging me to return home. Now that we’ve finally seen each other, we feel relieved to see that you’re doing fine.”

He Zhou replied. “Thank you for your concern, second aunt.”

Zhao Jing smiled as she greeted them. “Come sit down and eat.”

On the dining table, He Zhou had always been helping Wen Renyi pick out the dishes while Wen Renyi quietly ate them. Wei Mingzhu observed all of this and couldn’t help but smile. “It seems like Ah Zhou hasn’t organized a wedding ceremony all this while with Mister Wen Ren, is that right? Do you have any plans to hold one right now?”

All the other people heard this and was unable to restrain themselves from looking towards He Zhou. Wen Renyi’s hands also paused.

Young Master He really hadn’t thought of this question before. After all, they had already received their certificate. Ceremonies and whatnot didn’t seem to be too necessary. However, this would also have to depend on Ah Yi’s thoughts.

“I’ll listen to whatever Ah Zhou wants.” Wen Renyi smiled lightly, seizing the first chance to speak.

And so, everybody turned to look towards He Zhou again.

Young Master He could only answer. “I’ll head back and discuss this over with Ah Yi.”

Because he had to go back and organize his luggage, He Zhou quickly finished his meal and was planning to return to school. He Feng was coincidentally also heading to school and since Wen Renyi had no choice but to go to work, He Zhou sat with He Feng in the family car together.

The clean, elegant youth sat beside He Zhou hanging his head. After a good while, he turned to He Zhou and asked. “Brother Zhou, are you an array master now?”

He Zhou stared into his eyes and felt like he was gazing into still black water. “En.”

He Feng’s eyes slightly drooped down as he smiled. “You haven’t mentioned this before to me.”

He Zhou could feel that he was seemingly probing something out so he replied. “I didn’t know I could learn it before so I could only practice it in secret and didn’t dare to let other people know.”

He Feng heard this and expressed understanding. “It must have been hard for Brother Zhou to have suffered all these years. Now, it’s finally changing for the better. I remember one time, Brother Zhou was hiding in the corner of the school playground crying and even telling me not to let other people know.”

He Zhou rapidly went through his memories and didn’t seem to have found a similar memory so he told him. “I remember no such thing.”

He Feng appeared to have let out a breath of relief. “Then I may have remembered it wrong.”

A moment of silence invaded the car once again.

The car stopped at the doors of Jing University, He Feng and He Zhou stepped into the school grounds shoulder to shoulder. He Feng had already finished the formalities of registering as a new students in the morning. His dorm building was also located beside He Zhou’s so the two people coincidentally walked the same road.

“Brother Zhou, do you really like Wen Renyi?” He Feng suddenly asked in a low tone.

He Feng was stunned for a moment before nodding his head. “Ah Yi’s very nice.”

“Then that’s good.” He Feng smiled gently. His elegant face appeared more charming because of this hint of smile. “Looks like time really does change everything. You previously hated Wen Renyi very much.”

“It’s not hate.” He Zhou stopped in his tracks and solemnly said. “That was only my self-reject, in sight but unattainable.”

Young Master He grew up accompanying the original owner so he naturally understood that the original owner previously loathed Wen Renyi but this loathing wasn’t really hate for Wen Renyi but was a kind of jealousy towards a genius and self-denial.

He was the He Family’s waste whereas Wen Renyi was the genius of the clan. Such a clear and obvious difference made the original owner live in the shadows. Later on, when Wen Renyi fell from his godly pedestal, the original owner’s thoughts also slowly became insipid. To him, Wen Renyi still remained far from reach until, he was informed that he was to be married to Wen Renyi.

This news was akin to having thunder striking on a clear day as it ruthlessly crackled beside the original owner’s ears. A faint joy arose in his heart which was followed by resistance. The previous genius was actually reduced to the point of getting married to him. At one point, he was filled with endless grief.

“So it’s like that, then it must’ve been my misunderstanding all long.” He Feng’s clean face still had a hint of smile hanging from it. “Brother Zhou, I’m here”

He Zhou nodded. “Good bye.”

He Feng turned around and He Zhou’s gaze suddenly caught sight of a small red mark on the back of his nape. He couldn’t help but feel somewhat puzzled. With He Feng’s current living conditions, he shouldn’t have any mosquito bites. Besides, He Feng was a cultivator, it shouldn’t have been easy for mosquitoes to even get near him.

He Zhou couldn’t understand nor did he want to think about this any longer. He arrived at his dorm and opened the doors and saw the entire dorm looking completely new. The original bed that was filled with junk was wiped spic and span. The other three members of the dorm also stood in a line, staring at him and standing in attention.

He Zhou’s gaze swept over them. Ding Zhi who was the head smiled brightly. Standing in the middle was a tall and skinny boy. He appeared very gentle and quiet, his body filled with the smell of his books and even held one in his hand. It would appear that he was a literary type. Seeing He Zhou, he nodded his head slightly.

The rightmost one was a slightly more petite boy. His hair was slightly long and his face was very small. His black framed glasses almost covered his entire face. He also seemed extremely shy. Ever since He Zhou entered the doors, he kept his head to the floor after taking one look at He Zhou.

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