Downstairs 249, Upstairs 251

Chapter 12. Reunion (2)

Shu Shu tensed up and her back straightened stiff.

“Shu Shu……”

Cheng Duanyi called out to her gently and softly, as if a lot of passionate feelings had been brewed into his words.

Shu Shu became more tense. She could tell him off through the phone, but when she saw him face-to-face, it was difficult to berate him.

“Shu Shu, who’s this?” Yu Yu pulled her into his embrace and slapped her stiff shoulders.

Shu Shu quickly came to her senses. She coughed and rested in his arms, smiling as she said, “My university classmate, our class monitor!”

Cheng Duanyi was astonished. Classmate? Class monitor? Seeing how she leaned into someone else’s arms, he felt hurt. He adjusted his shirt and tried to suppress his feelings.

“Will you listen to my explanation?”

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“Why are you calling so late at night?” Shu Shu rubbed her eyes and asked, confused.

Cheng Duanyi’s repressed voice came from the phone, 

“Shu Shu, I love you, I will only love you forever!”

Shu Shu felt embarrassed. Cheng Duanyi wasn’t someone who liked to sweet talk her, so she suddenly felt a little embarrassed and didn’t say anything in response.

“Get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow morning I’ll get you the steamed bun from Hu Ji1TN: restaurant name!”

“No need, just go to work. Or else you’ll have to line up for that.”

“It’s fine, I’ll keep you company tomorrow. Let’s go watch a movie together!”

“Okay.” After hanging up the phone, Shu Shu went off to sleep sweetly. Around 3-4am, someone knocked on the door of her house.

Looking through the peephole, it was Liu Xuyan?

“What’s wrong?” Shu Shu looked at her. She considered Liu Xuyan her friend and they would occasionally talk to each other.

“Shu Shu! Shu Shu!” Liu Xuyan looked panicked and her face was covered in tears.

“What’s wrong?” Shu Shu frowned.

“Please let me have Cheng Duanyi!” Liu Xuyan burst out in tears, her face twisted in pain.

Shu Shu was stunned, “What?”

“He doesn’t want me! Cheng Duanyi doesn’t want me anymore!”

Shu Shu didn’t really remember what happened later. Her brain was shattering as Liu Xuyan bent over the sofa, incessantly begging her. She even saw the love bites on her neck.

She didn’t know what time it was when Cheng Duanyi ran to her in panic, hugging her as he kicked Liu Xuyan who tried to grab him.

“Get lost!”

Shu Shu pushed him away and told him, “Both of you, get lost!”

“Shu Shu!” He was about to hug her but Shu Shu avoided him with trembling legs, “Dirty!”


“Both of you just get lost, far away from me!”


“Hey, Shu Shu, are you hungry yet? Everyone is here, let’s eat!”

Yu Yu shook Shu Shu who seemed to be out of it. He gave her a glare behind everyone else, and told her in a low voice,

“Hey, you’re here to find your place! Not to forgive an asshole!”

Shu Shu heard him and stood up with a smile. “Okay then, let’s start eating! My boyfriend and I are doing well now, so please don’t disturb us!”

Yu Yu also stood up with a smile, “Sir, this is a reunion and this is my girlfriend. So please take your girlfriend away from us!”

Cheng Duanyi looked at him with a darkened face and walked up to him tardily. Both stood tall, looking equally frightening with that serious face.

Cheng Duanyi emphasized each and every word, “I won’t give up on Shu Shu!”

Yu Yu lifted an eyebrow, smiling like he was picking a fight, “I won’t give you a chance!”

The two guys glared at each other deeply.

“Shu Shu is beyond blessed. These two guys are outstanding!”

“Right? If you’re pretty, you have guys flocking around you!”


Standing near them, Shu Shu could hear them talking in a low voice. She inwardly sneered. Among these two, one was a person who had betrayed her in the past, and the other, was simply a fake!

“Come, sit down, Shu Shu!” Yu Yu treated her well, pulling the chair out for her.

Yu Yu and Shu Shu sat at the table in the center. Cheng Duanyi took the seat opposite Shu Shu while Liu Xuyan sat next to him. Beside Shu Shu was Ma Yan and her husband, as well as Zhang Na and a few others.

The other two tables were also fully seated. It did seem like a merry reunion at one glance.

“Don’t just sit down, let’s start eating!” Ma Yan began serving them as her husband stood up to pour Yu Yu a glass of alcohol.

“Mr. Yu, let me give you a toast. Wei Wei and Miss Shu are classmates, so we are naturally friends! Cheers!”

“That’s right, Shu Shu, come, let me give you a toast too!”

Ma Yan gave her a flattering smile, treating Shu Shu with a completely different face.

Shu Shu returned her smile, and said, “Thanks, but I don’t drink!”

Yu Yu nodded, “Our Shu Shu don’t drink, so I’m afraid I won’t drink too!”

He paused, then he added, “Oh yeah, are you the one who said our Shu Shu is a mistress?”

Ma Yan was surprised, then she laughed awkwardly, “No, no, I’m just joking!”

Yu Yu straightened his face, looking serious as he said, “You better not go joking around! If not because Shu Shu didn’t respond to my proposal, she’d be Mrs. Yu by now!”

Looking at his solemn expression, Ma Yan laughed awkwardly. Huang Lin quickly replied, “Yes, Wei Wei is the one at fault that time. Quickly apologize to Miss Shu!”

“Shu Shu, I’m so sorry. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t think before I speak. I’m just trying to make a joke!”

Shu Shu smiled on the surface, “It’s okay, I’ll let it pass this time, but don’t speak nonsense next time! Since your mouth might get you into trouble~”

Ma Yan saw her sharp glance and swiftly nodded. Her other classmates were also looking this way as well. It made her face grow red in embarrassment. She was losing face thoroughly! Before this, she told the whole world that Shu Shu was working as a mistress, but now look at herself slapping her own face! But what else could she do, she had to adapt to the circumstances.

Huang Lin began to mediate the atmosphere, encouraging interaction around the table and maintaining the peace.

Shu Shu’s heart was not as peaceful as what was shown on the surface. All kinds of swear words ran inside her. This dead fish (Yu) was truly putting on a good act, playing the role of a second-generation rich kid! But then, he was an actor after all!

Acting really suited him!

“Here, eat this, Shu Shu!” Yu Yu picked a piece of meat for her. Shu Shu glowered at him.

He was smiling wickedly.

You dead fish (Yu), I ** you!

“She doesn’t like to eat meat…” Cheng Duanyi’s words made the jolly atmosphere turn unpleasant again.

Yu Yu gave her a glare behind their back, as he spoke gently,

“Come, open wide!”

Shu Shu gritted her teeth, then opened her mouth slightly and ate it up. Yu Yu passed her a cup of water, and slowly said,

“Of course I know she doesn’t like to eat meat, but how could someone not eat meat? After being with her for such a long time, she could finally eat some meat!”

Cheng Duanyi’s face turned dark and gloomy. He tried to make her eat before, but it made his heart ache when he saw how agonizing she looked. He couldn’t help himself and ended up going vegan with her.

But now, you are willing to eat something you don’t like for another guy?

Shu Shu smiled widely and cooperatively with a face full of happiness.

Liu Xuyan’s eyes dimmed. Yu Yu? She took out her phone and quietly opened a browser under the table, typing in the name ‘Yu Yu’.

She wanted to see where he hailed from. She didn’t believe Shu Shu could find someone better in such a short time! If he was really a second-generation rich, there must be some news about him!

The search result gave her a shock, “An extra”?

Very well, Shu Shu, you really have the guts!

She put her phone down and took a light sip of the alcohol.

“Mr. Yu looks familiar, I think I’ve seen you in the top searches before?”

After she spoke, the table turned quiet and all eyes were on her.

She frowned lightly as if she was recalling where she’d seen Yu Yu before. Shu Shu tensed up.

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