Downstairs 249, Upstairs 251

Chapter 11. Reunion (1)

Yu Yu held her hand as they walked towards the few people who stood by the entrance. It had been years since they last met, so Shu Shu could not recognize most of them.

“Shu Shu?” One of the women looked familiar but Shu Shu really couldn’t remember her name, so she could only smile politely. Scrutinizing them closely, she saw that everyone was wearing quite ‘grandiose’ garments!

“Is this your boyfriend?” She widened her eyes and grinned at Yu Yu. He returned her smile politely.

Shu Shu just smiled as well. This was not where she wanted to find her place, and she didn’t have the heart to “show off”.

“You’re so good looking! Handsome guy, what’s your name?”

Yu Yu smiled softly, “Yu Yu.”

“I’m Zhang Na, Shu Shu’s classmate. And this is…” She introduced herself and the others to him warmly like an old friend.

“I’m late!” It was a female voice. Shu Shu’s expression turned stiff. Liu Xuyan.

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“Fbw Fbw, vbkp kp…”

“Yu nzyppxyvl, Nkw Dwuyd!”

“Xb~ Fbl’p vbl sdl…” Tkp pxkzl bke y ellrla nsddsvyvksd yp bl zssjle yp kq bl qkdyzzu alyzkgle obs pbl oyp.

Liu Xuyan frowned as her eyes turned red, “You’re still not willing to forgive me?”


“It doesn’t matter if Shu Shu forgives you or not, since this is between you and someone else, and it has nothing to do with Shu Shu!”

Yu Yu held Shu Shu’s waist lightly with a soft smile. He ignored Liu Xuyan and turned his attention to Shu Shu,

“Are you tired? Do you want to find someplace to sit?” His gentle voice sent goosebumps all over her body. Shu Shu shuddered and pinched him.

“Yes, let’s go in everyone, our class monitor had booked us a hall!” The class monitor was… Cheng Duanyi.

Yu Yu held her waist lightly as they walked inside. In others’ eyes, they were whispering to each other with happy smiles on their faces, looking like a match made in heaven. But in reality…

“Damn you! I’m helping you out, why did you pinch me?”

“I loathe your smile!”

“Broken book(Shu)! I warn you, you better give me some respect! I’ll walk away anytime!”

“Just walk away if you dare!” She glared at him coldly, shocking Yu Yu.

“I don’t dare, I’m cowardly…”

Shu Shu beamed happily. The wrath of meeting Liu Xuyan again dissipated in an instant. This man beside her was exceptionally reliable today.

“Here, sit down!” Yu Yu pulled the stool out lightly and served Shu Shu with a small smile. The others began to tease them.

“In my opinion, Shu Shu always has lucky stars around her! Last time at school, she had our class monitor to take care of her. After they broke up, she has another guardian angel! Shu Shu is just blessed like that. Handsome guy, you’d better be careful. Our class monitor hasn’t forgotten Shu Shu yet!”

Liu Xuyan’s face turned dark when she heard that. Shu Shu smiled. Zhang Na’s comment made Shu Shu think better of her.

“Then it seems I’ll have to treat Shu Shu better! I won’t give other people a chance!”

“Heya, everyone’s already here?” Ma Yan came in with her arm around her husband’s. Noticing that both Shu Shu and Liu Xuyan were around, she was thrilled and went up to them,

“Xuyan, our class monitor Cheng didn’t come with you?”

Liu Xuyan forced a laugh, “He, he has something else to do…”

“Haiz, our class monitor must be so busy with his big company! Look at my husband, he’s already busy like a bee managing a small company like ‘Guang Li’!”

“Nonsense. Wei Wei, ‘Guang Li’ is such a big company, it’s not small!”

Ma Yan’s husband fixed his tie, looking proud. Ma Yan looked at Shu Shu arrogantly. She would never forget that time when Shu Shu ridiculed her husband!

Shu Shu smiled lightly, “If my memory serves me right, Ma Yan your husband is a vice-CEO right?”

“Right, Guang Li’s vice-CEO!” Guang Li was truly a large company. Although Shu Shu was disgusted by this woman who would do anything for money, she had to admit she’s got some skills to get the man to marry her.

“Ohh~ Is that so, you’re Guang Li’s vice-CEO! No wonder Yan Zi1Ma Yan’s nickname chose to leave Liu Jianan for you! He still missed you and even asked me about you! But people do want to seek higher status, so it’s understandable why Yan Zi made the better choice!”

“Pfftt” Yu Yu couldn’t help but chuckle. This woman was usually so lazy that there was almost no expression on her face! But once she was triggered, she was like a tigress. She spoke those ‘mean’ words in such a joking manner, but she probably hated this woman to the bones!

Of course, he was laughing at Shu Shu, but in others’ eyes, he looked like he was laughing at Ma Yan and her husband!

Shu Shu stretched out her hand to pinch him hard. They were talking about jobs, about companies! You are just an extra, so you should know better to keep a low profile! Are you afraid that others won’t notice your presence if you don’t speak up?!

Shu Shu was about to explode from anger!

Ma Yan scoffed, “So is this Shu Shu’s boyfriend? Where do you work at?”

Smiling, Yu Yu poured Shu Shu a cup of water. He gave her a vicious glare behind their back.

Damn, are you a female warrior! It hurts!

He then turned back around with a smile, “I’m unemployed!”

Everyone was stunned. He was dressed to the nines, looking classy, yet he was unemployed?

Shu Shu kicked him mercilessly under the table, making Yu Yu’s veins on his forehead twitch. He felt her kicking at him again, so he quickly crossed his legs together and locked her leg between them.

Shu Shu struggled but she didn’t manage to pull her leg out. She calmed down as she didn’t want to risk making a scene.

Then she heard Yu Yu say, “In the past, I went around many places eating and drinking with my friends. But now that I have Shu Shu, I accompany her most of the time!”

Everyone was astounded. Shu Shu tried to pull her leg out but to no avail, beginning to feel ominous. This 250 better don’t spout nonsense!

“Talking about my friends, I remember my playmate who is also a good friend of mine. You should know him, he’s Liu Ju’an, from Guang Li!”

“Crown prince?!” Ma Yan’s husband, Huang Lin was triggered and blurted out the nickname they gave Liu Ju’an! He then asked Yu Yu carefully,

“You know our small president?”

“Fondly! Last we drank, he was brought home by Uncle Liu and got locked up at home. He began working for his company after that! It had been such a long time since I last saw him, and now that I have Shu Shu, I don’t see him much anymore! Is he still doing fine?” Pui, he just met him recently. Uncle Liu could lock him up however he wanted, but once Yu Yu spoke up, he would just let him out anyways.

Huang Lin’s eyes widened; he’d only got to know about Liu Ju’an affairs from the other members of the board. There seemed to be some kind of ruckus going on when the second-generation rich kids drank together. Among them, their clan had the weaker authority. Their president was afraid he would cause problems, so he took him back to the company discreetly.

Could this person… be a second-generation rich kid?

Looking at his proud face with an arm hanging down loosely, he asked him respectfully, “May I know how to address you?”

Yu Yu lifted his chin up slightly. “Just call me Yu Yu is enough, since we are all Shu Shu’s classmates!”

The hall was silent for a moment. Shu Shu sat there, as stiff as a statue as she received lots of envious looks from others!

The bluff was too much, she was scared…

“Don’t just look at me everyone, chat!” The second-generation rich kid’s act looked believable. Huang Lin went along with him, while Ma Yan didn’t say a single word. How could she say anything when her husband didn’t even dare to offend him!

After a while, everyone finally began talking to each other. Of course there were some glances directed to Yu Yu, wanting to make a conversation, but seeing how they both were whispering so close to each other, they knew better than to bother them!

“Tell me, what you said just now was real or just lies?!” Shu Shu gritted her teeth. She just wanted to find her place back, but she didn’t tell him to make such a big bluff! He even asked about someone the other person knew! If they went on to clarify things with that person, wasn’t it obvious that he was busted?!

Yu Yu grinned widely, as he went near her ear and said, “I bluffed!”

Shu Shu’s veins on her forehead began to twitch as well. “Then, how did you know, the other person’s affair, so well!” She emphasized each word that came out of her mouth.

“I read it on the internet, so I thought I’d take a gamble!” He spoke casually like he had nothing to do with it. Shu Shu’s face became darker, as she put her hand to his back and squeezed him hard.

She wouldn’t dare to make a bluff that big! At the very most, she could lie that he owned a few houses near the city center. But look at this stupid fish (Yu), he dared say that he was friends with a group of second-generation rich kids?!

“Class monitor, he’s here!” Everyone began to speak at once to greet him. Cheng Duanyi’s importance in everyone’s heart was indisputable. Even Ma Yan, who received a slap from him, acted like it never happened and still spoke sweetly to him.

Liu Xuyan, who had been sitting quietly at one side, widened her eyes as she moved forward in excitement, putting her hands out. Cheng Duanyi waved her hands away and walked straight to Shu Shu.

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